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The land of natural beauty and rich heritage!

Welcome to Assam, the one of the eight North Eastern states of India. Often called as the "Gateway to North East India", Assam is famous in the World for it's scenic beauty, rich biodiversity and culture. To know more about Assam, continue reading our articles and news on Assam and Assamese people.

The state of Assam is a land of myths and mystery. "The land of red rivers and blue hills" as it is described, has a unique landscape with sprawling tea gardens and unending stretches of paddy fields interspersed with groves of coconut, areca nuts, and banana trees. Assam is famous in the World, for it's unique "Assam Tea" and "Assam Silk". Assam is also proud to be a safe home of the "One-horned Rhino". Its population is a confluence of streams of different races and tribes like the Austrics, the Aryans, Negroid, Indo-Burmese, Indo-Tibetans, and Mongoloid. They have enriched each other and have evolved to give a distinctive identity to the Assamese people.

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