Petrified Horror Novels of Ranju Hazarika

The very prolific Ranju Hazarika can be regarded as one of the beloved authors of the very popular suspense genre, has been terrifying and delighting generations of readers with his work. Started from the thriller novel ‘Bahurupi’, he has over 750 published books ranging from detective, thriller, science fiction, children’s literature, comedy, horror stories to mysteries and social romance, are nearly all best sellers. Mr. Hazarika has been attracting readers with his suspenseful literature on the pages of his popular magazines like Bismoi, Rahashya among others for the last four decades. His truly unique and astonishing output even prompted Sahitya Akademi Award winner and President of Asam Sahitya Sabha Dr. Dhrubajyoti Bora to remark that there isn’t any household left today in the entire nook and corner of Assam that doesn’t possess a copy of his work.

The Gothic tradition blossomed into the genre called the horror literature in the 19th century. Influential works and characters that continue resonating with film and cinema today saw their genesis in such works as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818), the works of Edgar Allan Poe, the works of Sheridan Le Fanu, Robert Louis Stevenson’s Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886), Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890), and Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897). Each of these novels and novellas created an enduring icon of horror seen in modern re-imaginings on the stage and screen. Ranju Hazarika can be recognized as the undisputable and pioneer of Horror Fiction writers in Assamese literature. Started with the Horror novel named Sesh Rajani, published in 1983, he has written over 50 novels in the Horror genre. All of his novels have a different concept, that even after feeling such terrifying sensations, the reader is unable to close the book.

As mentioned in his autobiography ‘Jibonor Ful aru Kaint’, Mr. Hazarika has several experiences of facing paranormal activities in his real life. In 1976, during his service in Balipara Tea Garden, he witnessed a lacerate female hand floating in the air approaching him in the night. Initially he was confused, but later the matter was confirmed by his butler. The incident later inspired him to write his first Horror story Rahashyamayee Haat, published in Bismoi. Gradually he started publishing few other horror stories in Bismoi like Shitar Enisha, Khudhatur, Hingshra Nakhar. That was the beginning. The foreshadowing, fear, anxiety, surprise, imagination, suspense are the few extraordinary core elements that Mr. Hazarika maintains in his horror stories, has upgraded his legacy as one of the best horror writers of all time.

List of Ranju Hazarika’s Horror Novels

Sl. No.
Name of The Book Year of Publication
1. Sesh Rajani 1983
2. Jiwanta Mritak 1985
3. Nirab Himachal 1985
4. Mrityur Sangeet 1985
5. Nishith Trishna 1985
6. Aakrukh 1985
7. Raktakta Aatangka 1986
8. Botahot Moronor Faand 1986
9. Mrityu Bixorpil 1986
10. Aatangka Aadim 1986
11. Nagna Jighrankha 1986
12. Maajnikhar Aartonad 1987
13. Juk 1987
14. Ripu Sanhaar 1987
15. Bibhatshwa 1987
16. Roti Bilap 1987
17. Kuhok 1988
18. Aahat Bismoy 1989
19. Sesh Praharar Khela 1990
20. Mrityur Nirjon Porok 1991
21. Tejar Andhakar 1992
22. Nixobde Mrityur Prabekh 1993
23. Bipanna Manab 1993
24. Bixakta Tej 1993
25. Dorponot Kaar Mukh 1993
26. Sunali Kait 1994
27. Niyat Bipanna Mrtiyu 1996
28. Sangi Mritadeh 1996
29. Aashnna Mrityur Ghran 1996
30. Dohonot Mrityu Bhoyongkor 2000
31. Adrishyar Aartonaad 2001
32. Saptarshir Abhishaap 2001
33. Khubdha Keet 2001
34. Ashariri Astitwa 2001
35. Aashanna Nishar Abhishap 2001
36. Mrityur Trishna Andhakar 2002
37. Nihat Praharar Aartanad 2002
38. Pretatmar Shiharan 2002
39. Trasta Haatot Aparahna 2003
40. Abhisapta Nikhasor 2003
41. Nishabda Praharar Aakrukh 2003
42. Raktakta Astitwa 2003
43. Adrishya Mrityur Anneshwan 2003
44. Andhakarat Adrishya Saah 2003
45. Abhishapta Jeewanar Aartanad 2003
46. Phoolat Tejar Gundha 2004
47. Shankita Pratidhwani 2004
48. Pretarta Shiharan 2004
49. Aparthiba Andhakar 2010
50. Dagdha Sandhyar Aartanaad 2011
51. Adham Keetor Dangshan 2013
53. Duhatot Tejar Sekura 2013
54 Horror Trilogy 2015

This article was written by Pranoy Jyoti Sarmah.

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  • ranjana tulip on

    very NYC article sir! amazing and overwhelming….

  • Very nice article sir! I always wondered if there will be any Assamese writer just like my favourite Jules Verne. I was delighted when I read his some of the series of Jason in Mouchak in childhood. Then I chanced upon some of his books from my friends as time passed. But not all of his books are available and I want to grasp each and every book of him specially his autobiographies. Now I want to say that Hazarika Sir will be my all time favourite writer and obviously not a soul can surpass him, the way he touches his reader’s heart! Thank you so much Pranay Sir for listing his books and touching some aspects of his life and experiences. All of his books should be made available online for the Assamese people.

  • superb articles!!! so delighted to see

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    A great job by Mr Pranay….realy Hazarika sir is assam pride…

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    We read stephen king and watch alfred hitchcock movies, but we should also know and read books written by our assamese authors. these books should be made available online.

  • Really very bold writer we have in our state as a pride of Assam. Thanks Mr. Pranoy for your great contributions to make us aware about Hazarika sir.

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