Jiyo Parsi Scheme

Jiyo Parsi is a Government of India scheme for containing population decline of Parsis in India. Launched during the year 2013-14, the objective of the Jiyo Parsi scheme is to reverse the declining trend of Parsi population through medical intervention and advocacy programmes. The scheme is being implemented by Ministry of Minority Affairs with assistance from the Parzor Foundation, New Delhi and Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP), the apex administrative body of the Parsi Irani Zoroastrian community in India.


Parsis (Zoroastrians) are one of the six minority communities in India. There is a rapid decline in Parsi population in India. Late marriage, no marriage and infertility are the key factors contributing to the decline. About 30% of the Parsi population has never married. The fertility rate of the community has reached 0.8 and annual birth to death ratio is 200 births to 800 deaths. This alarming decline needs systematic and scientific intervention.

That’s why, the Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt. of India, has launched an ambitious programme to arrest the decline of Parsi population in India. The programme or scheme was named ‘Jiyo Parsi‘, which literally means ‘Live Parsi’. It was launched on September 23, 2013 with the involvement of Parsi community and on their demand. Jiyo Parsi is a 100% Central sector scheme.


The objective of the Jiyo Parsi scheme is to arrest the decline in Parsi population by treating childless couples and also by changing the mindset of young generation towards early marriage, parenthood at right age and having more than one child.

The target groups of Jiyo Parsi scheme include Parsi married couples of child bearing age who require assistance, young adults, adolescent boys/girls and parents or legal guardians.


The Jiyo Parsi scheme comprises of two components a) Advocacy programme and b) Medical intervention. The advocacy programme aims to influence the current mind-set of the community, while the medical component provides support for detection and treatment of fertility issues.

a) Advocacy Programme: Jiyo Parsi scheme includes advocacy through counseling of adult boys and/or girls and their family members. It would cover topics such as early marriage, parenthood at right time, treatment of medical issues from early age, and seeking assistance as soon as the infertility problem is detected. The scheme also covers publicity and awareness through print media, lectures and workshops.

b) Medical Intervention: The cost of treatment of infertility is high. So, Government will provide financial assistance upto Rs. 5 lakh for detection and treatment of fertility issues. Financial assistance would be cover fertility treatment, cost of medicines and post- medical assistance to couples. The treatment may also include assisted reproductive technologies like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and other similar procedures. The financial assistance will vary for different income group. Example: 100% for income below Rs. 10 lakh; 75% for income between Rs. 10-15 lakh and 50% for income between Rs. 15-20 lakh.


Ministry of Minority Affairs, Govt of India.

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