Who founded the Barpeta Satra?


Sri Sri Madhabdeva. A Satra is a religious institution, unique to Vaishnavism in Assam. In 1505, Sri Sri Madhabdev founded the Barpeta Satra. Madhabdeva stayed at Barpeta Satra for 8 long years. Before leaving to take responsibilities as Chief disciple of Srimanta Sankardeva, he handed over the responsibilities to Sri Mathura Das Burha Aata. Thus Burha Ata became the first Satradhikar of the Barpeta Satra. Burha Ata organized the administration of the Satra and developed it as one of the greatest institutions of Vaishnavite culture in Assam. The Aksaya- Banti (eternal lamp) lit by Madhabdev is still kept burning in the Barpeta Satra.

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