Madhabdev (1489–1596) was is an important preceptor of Sankardev’s Ekasarana Dharma. He was the closest and most devoted disciple of Srimanta Sankardev. He was converted to Ekasarana Dharma by the Sankardev. Madhavdev is best known as creator of Naam Ghoxa, as well as a large selection of  Borgeets.


Madhabdev was born in 1489 at Leteku Pukhuri of Lakhimpur District, Assam. Madhavdev got his early education at Narayanpur in Lakhimpur. His education continued in Banduka (in Rangpur District of present-day Bangladesh) under Rajendra Adhyapak. He studied Purans, Tantras, Tarka-shastra and other Saktism literature. At the age of 32, Madhabdev met Sankardev. After a four and half hour long debate, Madhabdev accepted Srimanta Sankardev as Guru. Sankardev regarded him as pranbandhu and later appointed him as his successor.

Madhabdev was a great poet and writer. His first literary creation was Janma Rahasya, which was about creation and destruction of the World. He authored Naam Ghosa, which is considered as equally imporant as Sankardev’s Kirtan Ghosa. His another great creation was Bhati Rantavali. He also wrote the last two chapters of Sankardev’s Kirtan Ghosa. Other important works of Madhabdev include Naam Maalikaa, Guru Bhatima. He also wrote several one-act plays (Jhumuras) and 191 Borgeets.

Madhabdev died in 1596 at Bhela Sattra near Koch Bihar.

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