Who lead the First Revolt against British in Assam?


Gomdhar Konwar. When British occupied Assam, Ahom Kingdom was already starting to disintegrate. That’s why British received virtually zero resistance from Ahom when they occupied Assam. Not all, but many Ahom nobles were dissatisfied with British system of collecting tax and other methods of exploitation. It lead to a revolt, lead by Ahom prince Gomdhar Konwar.

Gomdhar Konwar tried to organise Ahom and re-establish Ahom authority in Assam. He was supported by Ahom nobles like Dhanjoy Bargohain, Madharam Bargohain, Jairam Khargharia Phukan, Piyali Pukhan etc. In October of 1828, the rebels assembled near Jorhat and formally enthroned Gomdhar Konwar. The new King planned to capture the British base at Rangpur. He started recruiting men and collecting arms. He also ordered his men to stop paying tax to British.

In November, 1828, Ahom rebels started marching towards Rangpur. But British got the news and caught the rebels unprepared near Mariani. Many rebels surrendered and others fled. Gomdhar and his associates fled to Naga Hills. Later he surrendered himself and others got arrested. All of them were tried in a Panchayat, found guilty of treason and sentenced to death. David Scott, the agent of British Governor General, lowered his punishment to seven years of exile.


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  • Jeuram dualia baruah and piyoli barphukan were hanged to death in 1830. And a sadiya khowa gohain informed the british about their plan because he wanted to prove his loyalty to british..

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    more information should be added

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    Due to burmese invasion resulted in wide drop of assamese population. The census taken during Chaopha sukhrungpha in 1711 was 45 lakhs whereas in 1835 census our population decreases to 799,588.
    The population in 1835 districtwise as follows.
    Upper Assam(native ahom, muttak, khamti, singphow) 220,000
    Kamrup 300,000,
    Darrang 10,000,
    Nagaon 69,588,
    Goalpara 150,000,
    Cachar 50,000.
    N d ahom population was 50% prior to burmese invasion n it was decreases to 10%.

  • The Anglo Burmese war in 1826 was a very expensive war of British East India company. Initially british did not wanted to occupy the ahom kingdom. But to incur the loss they imposed heavy tax on Ahom kingdom. But then independent Mattack kingdom was not imposed tax. Mattack kingdom was not affected by burmese invasion. Britished annexed mattock kingdom in 1893. The whole assam was under british.

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    Along with gomdhar konwar, dhonanjoy buragohain n jiuram dulia borua also revolted against british n were hanged to death in 1830.

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    it is a very nice and simple answer

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    who was Gomdhar Konwar’s parents ?

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