Which Ahom King planned to invade Bengal?


Swargadeo Rudra Singha or Sukhrungphaa

In early 18th century, Ahom King Swargadeo Rudra Singha prepared an elaborate plan to invade Bengal. The exact reason is not known, but previous Mughal attacks could have been one of the reasons. According to some historians, Rudra Singha wanted to restore the ancient boundaries of Assam, which extended from Sadiya in East to Karatoya river in West.

Rudra Singha’s Bengal invasion plan was very elaborate. He was supported by several neighbouring kingdoms. The Kacharis, Jayantias and Daflas got involved directly. A large army, containing around four lakh (4,00,000) soldiers, gathered near Guwahati. Rudra Singha’s Bengal invasion force was comprised of both infantry and artillery units. A powerful Ahom naval fleet was also ready. But, the invasion never happened. In 1714, Rudra Singha fell ill and died at Guwahati.


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  • Chao khonkham Xiaophrongmuong on

    His plan was to expand western boundaries as far as ayodhya. But he died prior to invasion.

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