What is Singarigharutha?


Singarigharutha was the coronation ceremony of Ahom Kings. Swargadeo Sudangpha or Bamuni Raja introduced this system in 1397. It was only performed in Charaideo, the first Capital of Ahom Kingdom established by Sukapha. Singarigharutha or Ascending of Singarighar was a grand ceremony. It was believed that a king could attain the status of a real monarch only after performing the Singarigharutha ceremony. But due to involvement of huge expenses, many Ahom Kings avoided the ceremony. One of the key features of the ceremony was the ascending of Singarighar by the king. The Singarighar was a platform made of Singari tree. Thus the ceremony got the name Singarigharutha. King Rudra Singha ended the practice of sacrificing a human being during Singarigharutha ceremony. Instead he sacrificed a buffalo. Future Kings also followed his practice.

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