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Assam Chief Minister’s Special Award Scheme – 2013

Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi has launched a special scheme for students securing 50% marks in HSLC and other equivalent Class 10 examinations conducted by a state board. The scheme is named “Chief Minister’s Special Award Scheme“. Under the scheme, a Netbook computer and a certificate will be provided to all eligible students in Assam. Cash option in lieu of the Netbook is also available. Note that Chief Minister’s Special Award Scheme is different from Anundoram Borooah Award Scheme. This is a special award scheme for those who scored 50% marks in HSLC/AHM or similar class X exam. Find below more details and instructions on how to apply.

The award:

  • A citation signed by Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi.
  • A Netbook computer and accessories. Cash option in lieu of the netbook.


Students who secured at least 50% mark in following:

  • HSLC/High Madrassa examination conducted by SEBA, Assam
  • FM examination conducted by State Madrassa Education Board, Assam
  • Class 10 examination conducted by State Sanskrit Board, Assam

Chief Minister’s Special Award Scheme Netbook Configuration:

Display: 10.1 inch (diagonal)
Processor: Intel Atom D2500 1.5GHz or more
Hard disk: 160 GB
Memory: 1 GB DDR3
Graphics: Integrated Intel GMA 3600
Ethernet port: Realtek PCle Fe Family 1000Mbps
Wireless port: 802.1n
Operating system: Ubuntuand NOVA Cloud OS
Weight: 1.1 kg
Other features: Webcam, HD audio, 2 USB ports, 1 VGA port, rJ45 port, headphone socket, microphone socket, touchpad, mini keyboard etc.

How to apply:

If a student opts for the computer (Netbook), formal application is not required.

But if a student decided to accept cash, he/she formal application is required. Copies of mark sheet and admit card must be attached with the application. The marksheet and admit card copies must be attested and countersigned by the Head of the Institution from which the student appeared and passed the respective examination. The application should reach the designated office (look below for address) on or before January 6, 2014. Application can be sent via post or in person.


Managing Director
Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (AMTRON)
Industrial Estate, Bamunimaidan,
Guwahati – 781021

Following is the actual newspaper ad (released by Gov of Assam) related to Assam Chief Minister’s Special Award Scheme.
Assam Chief Ministers Special Award Scheme

Update:According to a recent news release, the Kamrup (Metro) awards will be distributed on January 16, 2014. Venue is Sarusajai Sports Complex, Guwahati. Invitation cards are being sent to respective educational institutions. Eligible students may contact their high school / high-madrassa for the invitation card.

Following is the original advertisement. It says “Attention 2nd Division holders with 50% and above marks in Kamrup (Metro) district“.
HSLC 2nd Div Netbook Guwahati

Postponed till January 25, 2014 February 5, 2014.
Assam CM Special Award Notice

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444 comments in “Assam Chief Minister’s Special Award Scheme – 2013

  1. rajib Kumar nath on said:

    the 2nd division holder candidates of hslc seba 2012 will get this award or wat ???? plzz rply sir …plz plz

  2. Yes. Candidates scoring second division with 50% or more marks are eligible for the award.

  3. rajib kumar nath on said:

    but I heard that this award is only for the students who passed hslc in 2013 with 2nd div ….plz rply …am I right ??? I am totally confused

  4. Tondonsana Heikrujam on said:

    I had already filled up the application form along with the copies of mark sheet and admit card after duly attested and countersigned by the Head of my Institution and dropped in a Box kept for it by the Managing Director, Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (AMTRON), Industrial Estate, Bamunimaidan,
    Guwahati – 781021 during October 2013. Please let me know whether re-submission of a fresh application is required now or not.

  5. Mayank Kayal on said:

    When this award will be distribute in HOJAI ? Is any form required to be filled ? What are the documents required to receive this award ?

  6. Abdul Kayum on said:

    yahuuuu……thank u sir(CM) thank you very much, i am very happy with this award…….

  7. Sorry for confusion. We didn’t noticed 2012 in you earlier comment. But as per our information, only students who passed in 2013 are eligible. For confirmation, you should contact your respective institution or AMTRON.

  8. We think re-submission is not required. But you should contact AMTRON for confirmation.

  9. Rajib Kumar on said:

    Sir one of my friend secured 49.97% n another 49.5% . Will be eligible to receive this award ?

  10. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Plz reply when the award will be distributed in Hojai ?

  11. rajib kumar nath on said:

    when it will be distributed in cachar

  12. rajib kumar nath on said:

    the students of hslc 2012 will not get this award right ????

  13. biswajit das on said:

    Sir when the netbook will distributed in kamrup rural?

  14. Sikha Nath on said:

    Sir, when will the netbook distributed in kamrup rural? Pllzzz reply me sir.

  15. Tell me ryt nw when will the awards be givenAnkit Roy on said:

    Give it fast

  16. Sikha Nath on said:

    Sir when will the netbook distributed in kamrup rural?

  17. Sir 2nd division sobok dibo lage on said:

    Sir 2nd div sob holders pabo lage note book kele 45% pora pabo lage beleg 2nd div bht hurt hol 1st div hole sobo 1st divok diya hoi 2nd div sobok kele diya nohoi

  18. Piya Roy on said:

    Himanta sir plz sob 2nd divok diyok plz sir be kind with us amar phale okomam sabo 45% pora diyok plz sir plz

  19. Anjali Roy on said:

    Thanxz a lot sir 1st div holdersok HP laptop diyar karone

  20. himanshu on said:

    Whic date notbook distributor morigaon district?

  21. Garima Nath on said:

    Sir what amount of cash will be given in lieu of netbook? please sir reply us in details..all students are waiting for your reply who has secured 50% or above..please sir reply us. Its a request to you.

  22. Sandeep Madheshia on said:

    sir,when distrubute netbook in jorhat distic.

  23. Sandeep Madheshia on said:

    sir thanks for this award i m very happy .

  24. Sn Sarfraj Ahmed on said:

    hah, ,,i dnt like this award, pura thogise ,,.iman horu netbook2 diat koi desktop dia2 ai val hol heten sir,,..

    Bhute vabise j 10.1 inche r 2 bhut dangor mangor buli, ki2 asolote ai2 bhut horu Netbook,komse kom 14 inch hole ata ktha asile,,..
    we dont like your award,
    dbo lage buli dse aru,

  25. Rakesh brahma on said:

    sir jodo dibo olpo kom som damor laptop to dibo sir netbook to bisi horu hoi sir dibo jodi 12,13 inch dibo sir its a request sir my prcntge is 57 sir moi bohut apsus asu sir its a request reply me

  26. jasper Brahma on said:

    sir when will be distribute laptop in kokrajhar of 50% marks

  27. jasper Brahma on said:

    sir jodi dibo laptop to dile vhal hoi netbook to sir vesi horu hoi,

  28. jasper Brahma on said:

    sir plse give the first this award plse

  29. niresh sharma on said:

    sir im very happy this award but sir moi bohut duki paisu je amak je horu netbook disa olpo 13,14 inch man dile vhal asil sir moi 10.1 inch netbook to vhal poanai sir…,,

  30. niresh sharma on said:

    Sir We are all to request you jodi dibo tanehole olpo13,14 inch aro dvd rom optical disk takatu dibo nahole kunu kam no solibo sar we are request to u sir we hope the this award sir plse plse13,14 inch aru optical disk takatu diok sir plse its a request to u sir may god bless u sir moi bohut akhat asu sir bye

  31. karabi on said:

    Sir hunkale notbook diyok ami bohut aasare dibo buli bat sai asu

  32. bishal basfor on said:

    Sir katiya debo khal kantay delay bhal asil

  33. anil kumar rai on said:

    Sir ketia paam netbook in sonitpur dist

  34. Padmadhar taotau on said:

    Sir olop potapot dile val hobo

  35. Ravi Gupta on said:

    Kindly inform me sir that what are the formalities to take netbook
    sir plz inform us soon and netbook in details

  36. Ashesh Choudhury on said:

    I already received the ARBAS award this year. inspite of this , will i be eligible to get this new award??

  37. sir,i heard that the cash prize is 5000,is it true?

  38. susmitatbhowmick on said:

    sir is there dvd drive in th netbok
    sir please give the netbok which have dvd drive
    and when the award will be given in karbianglong and when will be started giving

  39. Minhajul aktar on said:

    Thnx sir i am very happy netbook ketia dibo honkale diok plz plz sir,Dis-Goalpara

  40. Bishnu on said:

    Ane sengai ase naki kotu diya xunai nai just xunisu netbook dibo,diyar xamota ase janu jodi ase xunkale diok sir

  41. Bishnu on said:

    Nagaon distc’t kiteya dibo plz tell us we are wtng for ur answer sir plz xunkale diok

  42. md akhlak on said:

    sir second div or kiman poisa diba sir reply plz im waiting

  43. abid hussain on said:

    sir dibo judi aponi titia olop dangor dia 10 inch dile kihobo sir amak anekua hesab ot dia j amar bhosiyat kaam ahibo ahile ami apunar naam lom plzzzzzzzzzzz sir its a request all our the student iget 58 percnt sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxz reply diba

  44. Arif ahmed on said:

    Sir from where shall i get the form. Plzzzzzzz reply meeeeee

  45. Upakul Sarania on said:

    Sir ,
    honkale deyok na net bok . . . Ai january mahote pale vl hoy ‘ aru . .

  46. Looks like today is the last date. Contact your school or directly in touch with Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd (AMTRON), Bamunimaidan, Guwahati.

  47. Mwnha baruah on said:

    If u given then not given the netbook given the laptop because netbook is not presentation for student laptop is presentation for student so sir given the past sir hoo hoorah,yahoo sir im very happy sir to this award sir bye see once again….

  48. raushan pandey on said:

    laptop khini ketia dibo please mail me at raushan.pandey********* (email removed)

  49. montu on said:

    sir ki dibo ne nidibo sure koi diyok plzz….

  50. montu pandey on said:

    sir…plz koi diyok na sure dibo ne nidibo

  51. Sir hunkale notbook tu diyok plz.

  52. Ramesh Bhagat on said:

    Sir, netbook karbi anglong jilat ketia dibo?plzz….. reply…

  53. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Is it necessary to submit any aapplication for accepting netbook ?

  54. NO. As per the official notice, only those who wanted cash were instructed to apply.

  55. Minhajul aktar on said:

    Goalpara, dst Netbook ketia dibo sir,plz rpy me plz sir.?

  56. prasanta on said:

    Sir, netbook North Lakhimpur dist ketia dbo ?. .

  57. prasanta on said:

    Sir award 2 ketia dbo bihur agt ne pst. . .

  58. Anand yadav on said:

    Sir, Please reply me when netbook will be distributed in Tinsukia district.
    Sir, I am a candidate of second division having 56.17%.

  59. Anand yadav on said:

    Sir, Please reply me when netbook will be distributed in Tinsukia district.
    Sir, I am a candidate of second division.

  60. girdhari vyas on said:

    sir what was the prise of netbook… for whome who are willng 2acpt cash insted of netbook…

  61. sir when will we recived the netbook in dhemaji district? Sir plz do reply. on said:

    Sir when will we recived the netbook in dhemaji district? Sir please do reply….!

  62. manjil gogoi on said:

    ghyss eigela misa misa kota ta bad de nade netbook ene misa misa khota diya thake kitsu nai nade igla jodi de tenehole tetiyai dile hoi akon toh 7 january hol exam hobo ki hobo bad de eigula forgot this

  63. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir its a request , if you u not award this then why the reply comment and why annoced if award then past given that not the time people are have some exam why u long time taken all students are hope this award if u not award then you all of student hope broken bye

  64. prasanta on said:

    Sir, ketia dbo netbook . . .plz rly me . . .

  65. MOFID-UR RAHMAN on said:


  66. biki on said:

    Sir hunkala dila diyok
    natbook nohole nidubuli reply diyok?

  67. Arjun on said:

    sir, when this prize is providing to us? plzzz reply me sir

  68. Bittu Sah on said:

    Sir when the award be given and sir please give 15000 those who r taking cash


    Sir my percatage is 52% plzz give me destop

  70. karuna on said:

    when this award will be given i just want to know the date.

  71. mitali nath on said:

    Sir,when will be the netbook distributed in karbianlong?who secured 50% and above?…….plzzz reply me sir……;(

  72. Mrin moy on said:

    when gives on barpeta??im very exited.

  73. Rikidul on said:

    sir when distribute netbook in nogaon dist.

  74. Bishal on said:

    When is dis gona b distributed in Bongaigaon …. or do we have to go to guwahati to have it?
    please reply its important

  75. pranab pachani on said:

    sir, Dibrugarh distric t kati debo?
    Please reply ????

  76. Niraj sharma on said:

    Sir mini laptop dengke k nhi,na ap nrndra modi ko suna rhe aur hume lolcha rhe he???

  77. Nitul Mahanta on said:

    laptop samuh district mote dibo ne? Na sakalw 50% holder guwhati goi lobo lagibo?? sir jodi district mote diya Tezpurt katiya Dibo sir confarm kori dibo.. Laptop samuho nuluwa sokolok kiman poisa diya hobo sai2 u amr student sokolok confarm kori dibo………

  78. Himansu on said:

    thank you sir for giving us netbook ……but when will we get please gave us as soon as possible …..
    honkale dile val hobo…… aponar upharor upekha kori assu…….dhanyabad

  79. Ambar boro on said:

    When we will get the money?


    Sir. Dhubri dst ot kathia net book computer dibo. Dibo ayto confirm plss reply me. Now

  81. Piku on said:

    Netbook2 eku kam’ot nahe…ene misate lora suwali burok thogise…..tar holoni laptop ba desktop diyok..jodi hei2 nuware Mobile 1ta 1ta diyok….mur eku nai, already laptop palu 2011′ot….:D

  82. Ambar boro on said:

    Sir,those students who have applied for money,they will also have to attend the function or what….sir please reply….

  83. Biswajit saha on said:

    sir,ame school t admit card and marksheet joma korelu. Pls apuna luka callact korebo.

  84. amar on said:

    Sir notebook bur district mote dibo na ami guwahati jabo lagibo? Plz reply its very importain

  85. aditya sharma on said:

    Sir…..barpeta district wil get na…plz reply sir

  86. Manoj kumar kalita on said:

    SIR….1)what is d price of netbook?
    2)when n where will be d award is given in kamrup(R) district(Rangia division)?
    Now,we can apply for d cash?

  87. girdhari vyas on said:

    at the end of this month can we all ill get netbook…and where it was distributed till which dist

  88. girdhari vyas on said:

    reply to our quaries …as possible

  89. Hirock jyoti Dass urf Robinhood Hirock on said:

    Hirock Dass : 15.1.14
    sir apunaloke jodi net book die plyzz…vaal sai dibo…obiahey moy 55% paisu moy olop 2 vaal paboi laage…Hoi ne nohoy…saw de sun ki diye
    kaali dekha jabo…..

  90. kishor kumar medhi on said:

    Thankyou;sir moi ei award2r kotha huni bohut khukhi vabu ei award2e hokolu student oke khiksar khetrot unnotir dikhe aguai nibo.

  91. biswajit saha on said:

    sir golaghat t katia debo? And kot debo pls pls pls reply

  92. narayan on said:

    dear sir
    i live in bongaiogaon, as it is declare in assam tribune newspaper that, centrally the award is given on 16 january in ghy, so if i have to go to ghy to receive the award on that day from bongaigaon or it is given in district wise later. please confirm?

    thank u.

  93. arif on said:

    Nagaon dist t ktia dibo… Ghy jbo lagbo nki 16 jan

  94. Dipak Agarwal on said:

    sir will every student have to go to guwahati for this award……

  95. Guwahati award ceremony is just for Kamrup (Metro) area students. So, students from other area are not required to visit Guwahati. Looks like awards will be distributed separately in all districts. For more information and further clarification, students are requested to contact their respective school/institution (from which they passed Class 10 exam).

  96. Abdul Khalique on said:

    Sir When the Award will give in Karbianglon g district?

  97. Abdul Khalique on said:

    Sir i m very very happy that i will get the Award.
    When will give the Award in Hojai?

  98. Ramesh Bhagat on said:

    sir,karbi anglong jilat kun tarikhe netbook computer dibo pzz…reply….

  99. Ankit Singh on said:

    sir when will it be distributed in dibrugarh district…..??????

  100. Dipak Agarwal on said:

    Sir when did the students of Bongaigaon will get their award??????

  101. Ankit Singh on said:

    Is the distribution of netbook in dibrugarh district will b held on 25th jan. ??/……….sir pls reply I m eagarly waiting 4 your answér………n 4 this I will b thankfull 2 u……!!!!!!!!

  102. Mahidul on said:

    Sir darrang jilat netbook kun tarikhe dibo
    plsssssss reply me…………

  103. Md. Mehfooj Ahmed on said:

    Respected Sir, on which date netbooks will be distributed in Dibrugarh district. Thank you.

  104. Rimsha Aman on said:

    When the students of Dibrugarh Districts will be awarded?…please reply

  105. Joydeep Roy on said:

    Can you tell me the date of distribution in Dibrugarh district??????????

  106. sourav on said:

    Sir, when will distribute in goalpara. Plz rply

  107. blaize on said:

    dear respected Sir/(CM) ,
    netbook dxe taaku 50% or above pua bilakok he je?2nd div. pua bilakok oo dle kinu hol heten??olop aamar babeu voba heten.kio iman beyake hurt koril :((

  108. Prayash Borkotoky on said:

    Thank you for giving mini laptop. Please give it as early as possible in Dibrugarh.

  109. uddipan bhatta on said:

    when distrubute netbook in nalbari distic.

  110. kamal on said:

    Sir, this award really given to us or the date of distributing the award will only postpone from one date to another and at last this special scheme will be cancelled. …!!

  111. kamal on said:

    When will be netbook distributed in karbi anglone district. ..?

  112. karuna on said:

    will the computers distributed in district wise or at all have to come in ghy sarusajai stadium?????
    please give your response..

  113. Guwahati netbook distribution event is for students in Kamrup (Metro) area only. It is clearly started in the official advertisement (refer the last two images in this page).

  114. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir,are u really given this award i dont understand why take the long time sir plse give the past not time .. Sir we are all go to guwahati or no and this award really given or no why so lazy the feel give the past sir…..

  115. Bitupan Borah on said:

    With due respect i like to ask u that when will the netbook given in jorhat district.

    Sir pleaae give me rply i beg u…..n i also thank you for giving us this award….

  116. Aftab shah Markaz hojai on said:

    at hojai when it will give i want to know advancely as i m frm manipur that why i have cm long sir plz give imformation

  117. Saurav ray on said:

    SIR ….I am so much xcited to know when will the netbook distributed in the district of bongaigaon for the students who secured above 50% in hslc.sir please i kindly request u to reply me ,i am waiting for ur lovely reply …..!

  118. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir in 16 date programme why cancceled sir

  119. Saurav ray on said:


  120. TENJEN BRAHMA on said:

    SIR ….plz tl us whn wil gt d netbuk in bngagaon who had securd abov 50% in hslc 2013

  121. Saurav roy on said:

    SIR….Please i am so much confused and i do not have any idea so please let me know when we are going to get our netbook in district of bongaigaon ,assam ,the students who secured above 50% in hslc 2013.but i am alxo not sure wheather we will netbook or laptop or desktop sir please clearly me understand i hope you will help me .

  122. manjil gogoi on said:

    Sir, i dont hope this award because not given the this award so one date to another date changing sir why r doing this my feeling is broken bye

  123. shad Ahmed on said:

    sir, when the award will distribute in cachar (silchar) district__???
    please mention the date____??

  124. Ronak Porja on said:

    Sir, Sonitpur me kab dega……

  125. talented boy chuceng...... on said:

    Manyy manyy thnx to honourable chief minister TARUN GOGOI thanx 4 d inspiration………to all of us……
    Really u r grt……

  126. Imran hussain on said:

    sir….ketiya dbo h amak????

  127. Imran hussain on said:

    O Sir Nalbari Distict kun dina Dbo Netbook????? nd Thnxxxx for give us this Award….. u r the Best in the world Sir really .. …Apunar dore CM lage Assam’t. ..

  128. Imran hussain on said:

    ???? Apuni bohut val Sir really?????? Apuni ru next time o CM hobo kin2 plzzzzzzz sir…….

  129. Abdul Kayum on said:

    sir when it will be distribute in Kamrup Rural ??

  130. Abhay Singh on said:

    Sir, when it will be peovided on udalguri district….or it is rumour of giving netbook to us……sir firstly,is it really that anetbook will be given ti us?

  131. Azizur rohman on said:

    Sir when it will be distribute in tezpur(assam). I have been weating for this information

  132. Markaz academy hojai on said:

    when will destribute at hojai city.

  133. Ramesh bhagat on said:

    Respected sir, karbi anglong jilat netbook computer ketia pradan karib pzz…. inform tostudent apuni date pospond kari kari aei award cancel kari dibo pare.

  134. sahil akhtar on said:

    Sir, when we wiil get our award in golaghat district

  135. sazed wazed ali on said:

    Sir,when distrubule netbook computer in Barpeta distic.sir plz plz plz plz plz plz reply.wet for barpeta distic 50%mark student plz reply sir..i requested

  136. Priyash yadav on said:

    Sirr,,when lappy will be distrubtd in metro (kamrup)..sirr..must reply plzz waitin fo ua asnsw .. :-) :-)

  137. Imran hussain on said:

    hello… sir..,Netbook dbo ne nai Amak..?????????Ako dekhun khbr ye apunalokr…..Jodi nediye Breaking News’t koi dewk nedew buli…….

  138. Imran hussain on said:

    SIR ……..MiSate AsHa DsE LoRa-SuWaLi bOr hOi nE???????????•••••••

  139. m.alom on said:

    Sir, when will the netbook be distributed in dhubri district?

  140. Hirakjyoti Nath on said:

    Sir, when will distribute netbook at Margherita ?
    Please reply me sir..

  141. Ankit kai on said:

    Sir I have heard that the netbook will not be given in few districts of assam …….sir is this information real or fake…..???

  142. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Sir is student from nagaon district who secured above 50% in HSLC exam of 2013 will be given in Guwahati or not ?

  143. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir , we are all request to you in coming january 24,25 all district distribute or only for kamrup (metro) area sir plse reply we are waiting for u r answer plse sir

  144. manjil gogoi on said:

    And sir attentionif u given then give the past not time we are have exam sir this is request in jan all district distribute sir not give in february in february have a exam

  145. manjil gogoi on said:

    and sir why my state is very violent and very poor sir make the japan ,london type country

  146. Bhargavjyoti Kashyap on said:

    Sir, most respectfully, I first of all wish you a very very happy new year, sir, my question is that it is declared that the Second Division holders securing at least 50% will be given a NETBOOK.It is declared that it would be given on 16th of January, but for whatever reasons it didn’t happen. Sir, please make us clear about it that when it will be given. It will be great if you report it to the News Channels or Papers. Thank you sir, hope you will pay due attention to my above mentioned request.

  147. Bhargavjyoti Kashyap on said:

    Okay, sir, I’m now clear about that it would be given on 25th. My question is that the students from all over Assam will have to Report at Sarusajai Sports Complex or it would be delivered to the respective districts?

  148. Hari Prashad Boruah on said:

    ThankYou for this special award for Mr. Tarun Gogoi sir and Dr. Himanta Biswa Sharma…. Sir..
    Sivsagar distric ot katea db baru plze…rply

  149. Prasanta Bhuyan on said:

    Kindly let me know when distribution of special award at LAKHIMPUR District.

  150. priyom saha on said:

    sir 25 tarikhe xokolake dibo ne kamrup (rual) dibo ne………xei dina

  151. priyom saha on said:

    sir when distribution of assam cief ministar special award at kamruap (rual) ,,,,,,,,,,,,

  152. BishnuBd on said:

    Sir Nagaon dist’t ketiya dibo

  153. BishnuBd on said:

    Sir kot ketiya dibo akhon list bonai dile val hobo naki borring nalagebo

  154. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir,in 25 jan all distr distribute or only for kamrup sir give the past not time

  155. kangkan jyoti baruah on said:

    sir….on 25 January the awards are only giving to kamrup metro students or both kamrup metro or rural?????plzz reply Sir….

  156. Bhargavjyoti Kashyap on said:

    Sir, will you please kindly let me know when will the NETBOOKS be given at Sonitpur District?

  157. jeet on said:

    sir, kali la jode netbook nedeya tanahola nalaga debo, ke bara bara date change kore thaka, ako 5 fab t dem buli ja koisa , sir pls date change kore nathakok.

  158. mozahidul islam on said:

    dhubrit….netbook computer ….ketiya..dibo…

  159. Ronak Porja on said:

    sir, after giving this award in Kamrup then pls give it in tezpur….thank u.,

  160. Ganesh paul on said:

    sir, sir plz plz rply,,,sir aameg netbook r kotha tu bare bare eiman micha kotha kiyo koi jodhi ne diye tenehole nai koirok,,r jodhi diye tene hole emergency diyok,,plz plz plz plz plz sir

  161. SUBHAM DAS on said:

    Sir, when will the Dhemaji District students be given netbook…..

  162. Subham jyoti Borah on said:

    sir, what amount of money will be given in place of da netbook.

  163. anil kumar rai on said:

    sir dibo mon nai jodi nalage …koi dile hol nidu poisa nai…

  164. anil kumar rai on said:


  165. abdul jalil khan on said:

    sir..when will given dhubri distric…….

  166. nabajita devi on said:

    sir. sure dibo naki..?

  167. mozaìdul islam on said:

    sir.25 tarik par hoi…gol ketiya dibo…

  168. montu pandey on said:

    i..knw sir that this award will be not given….plzz…dnt disturb us……by giving….such false news…..

  169. muzakir hussain on said:

    Sir when will destribute at dibrugarh district???

  170. arif uddin on said:

    sir 2012 ji keita 50% marks tulise hei keitak nidi ye neki plz rply today

  171. Rahul on said:

    sir plzzzz distribute d awards as soon as possible plz dnt postpone d dates …

  172. vineet khakhlary on said:

    when will be the netbooks given in Karbi Anglong Districts ?

  173. on said:

    sir 5th februarit hosaka dibo na………….

  174. hojai on said:

    at kamrup district mini loptop given on date 25 or not yet given.sir i requested to post when at my place it will give.

  175. Shabaz Ansari on said:

    Sir, when will it be distributed in Guwahati. And when will it be at Dhemaji district or it is just an joke.

  176. manjil gogoi on said:

    ghyss, plse oi bilag acha kori lab nai nade oitu aene misa misa kotha assam sorkar kali togai student hokolok ghss exam ase ki ase bhal ke foriba bad de oigula nahole aponar logor oito acha kori takile kitaab fora no hobo by may god bless you

  177. manjil gogoi on said:

    netbook setbook kam nai eigula nade aru dibao nalage bad de kali togai

  178. MahaNanda Hajong on said:

    Respected C.M. Sir,
    5 februarit gutei assamote netbook dibo ne district wise date nirdharit kora hoise?
    Tinsukia dist.ot ketia dibo..,
    moi bor hepah puhi rakhisu netbookor babe. Sir, ati hunkale amak netbook bitoron koribo…..!

  179. Khaobla khungur das on said:

    E billag bastu bhal nohoire, kiman damar dibo vabse baddi ebillag mor nalge ja thuit burbok

  180. Shyam prasad on said:

    Sir, hm Tsk district k rahane wala hai. Aur hm Hindi English High School se 2nd division(56%) Pas kiye hai. Sir hame notebook kab dia jayega, Sir jald se jald reply de

  181. Deeapk Kumar Manjhi on said:

    Sir, I am a student of Hindi English High School from Tinsukia. Sir plz tell me when we get notebook. Sir plz reply

  182. karan karmakar on said:

    Sir, when will the CM’S special award will be given to the student.. Holding 2nd position with and above 50% or its a fake news spread by the media
    we heard its a netbook will be awarded of 10 inch (diagonal)
    sir, we request you either you give us a desktop or a laptop of 14 inch
    we don’t need netbook it has no any facilities… ANd the internal memory we get 1 GB that is not good..
    If you want to award us than kindly don’t award us via netbook.. Thats all
    thank you

  183. kamal on said:

    Guyss I told you earlier that they will not give anything , they will only postpone the distribution date and at last the CHIEF MINISTER’S SPECIAL AWARD SCHEME will be cancelled….!! Jai ho C.M ji…!!@!!@!!

  184. Lakhiram Phangcho on said:

    sir, 5 february2 okol ghy(metro)bilakok dibo neki?

  185. madan malo on said:

    sir, 5th feb kamrup metro t diya hobo ne aaru beleg dist t diya hobo plz replay me

  186. sultan mahmud on said:

    Sir,when the award will be distributed in Karimganj

  187. sujoy das on said:

    sir, this award will be given on febuary 5,2014? plz reply me. . sir. .plz

  188. Gulshan Grover on said:

    Heth ketiya netbook dbo.. Leptop pam buli Desktop khon bikilu atya pam ne nai thikona nai oooooo….

  189. rohit singh on said:

    Sir pls 5feb ko kamrup district me ye awarddistribute kar dejeyega hm students sve bahut wait keye sir pls ……………

  190. dimpaldeka on said:

    sir, netbook nedilao ni timepass kari natha ki bo kio mesa mesa…kotha koi thake…..

  191. ruhul amin on said:

    Sir, we are asked to contact with the high school from where we passed the hslc exam but they are not able to give any information about this award even we don’t get the invitetion card yet…..sir,plz make us sure that we will get the award or not….(4m dhubri)

  192. Abdul Kayum on said:

    sir plzzzzz,,,joldi diyok…ami iman din wait korilu…..

  193. sandeep on said:

    sir apni kile conform kra nai 5 tarike dibo boli
    dibo man nai to kai diyk

  194. mozahidul khan on said:

    all assam akeloge dibo naki………….

  195. hojai on said:

    on hojai when it will distrube

  196. Ritu gogoi on said:

    Respected sir’
    Many dates had been passed,
    Sir but 3 days are left for 5th feb
    Sir u have time of three days ……
    so pls make some planning for distributing
    The netbook surely in 5th feb…….thank u sir

  197. MINHAJ on said:

    chief ministers special award scheme-2013
    when distribute in hailakandi?

  198. dimpaldeka on said:

    frnds ai 5 fab ot jodi nedie tanehole vabiba j amr sir a netbook nedi a r because matrick exam ahahi ase…

  199. Rahit on said:

    This award is only for kamrup metro distric
    It is not possible another distric

  200. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Hey this is not fair if you don’t want to provide then why have you told us and if kamrup metro will get then why not us we are also student

  201. Mayank Kayal on said:

    If it is not possible toto distribute in all district then plz distribute this award to all the eligible students in guwahati plz I request to you

  202. Sri Deepjyoti Gogoi. on said:

    sir, ame guwahati loi jua kalea ahelu amer ghor sivasagart.atea ame jode gharoloi hunda mokhara jabo logia hoi eat koi aru aku dukhor kotha nohoi bule moi vabu.haia sir ame anurudh koresu ja allow kore deok.
    moi dakhe boloi paiseluja jua kale bohutu jilar pora amer dora student ahesa.haia plz……plz………plz…………………………………………..

  203. The Assam govt advertisement clearly says that Guwahati award ceremony is for Kamrup (Metro) only. Why people ignore that? In case of other similar award, Assam govt follows same procedure. After a central ceremony in Guwahati, awards are distributed in other districts.

  204. Rahul Rajak on said:

    Sir,when the netbook will be distributed at tinsukia to 50% scoring students in hslc 2013

  205. mozahidul khan on said:

    other distric netbook nedibo naki……………

  206. manuj gogoi on said:


  207. Saurav rAY on said:


  208. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Sir is netbook to students who secured 58% in HSLC 2013 from nagaon will b distribute at Guwahati ?
    Plz reply sir as fast as possible
    I hope you will replyreply

  209. manjil gogoi on said:

    de sir vhale hol moi aponar birat veya bhaviselo sir sorry kintu sir honkale diba hw sir kintu posponed no koriba

  210. Bidit kumar hazarika on said:

    Sir, ami lakhimpur’r pora guwahati paluhi aji netbook dia2 hobone ? Sir ai2 2 kunu jila vartik dia nai na. Reply me sir.

  211. Biswajit on said:

    sir, golaghat t katia debo pls amak jonak and thank q sir eman din pasot holau netbook deyar karona.

  212. Navaneet gogoi on said:

    Sir, when will you distribute the netbook computer in dhemaji district…???? Plz plz sir rply us the date but don’t postpone it…thanks

  213. suraj on said:

    Aibur sob fokotiya kotha….com nidiye,aai burot akha kori lav nai……teu elctn’t vote pabole aneke amak holuke akha d nirakha krise….xo frndzzz aai bur’t lagi thaki lav ny….thanq gogoi sir agoloi kaku anekua akha nidiye jen

  214. jwngshar mochahary on said:

    Sir, today is the day to distribute netbook for all the student who have scored above 50%,
    sir plz can u rply me that, when and where the netbooks for udalguri’s student will be distribute by govment of assam

  215. This award ceremony is just for Kamrup (metro). We mentioned that several times. Govt of Assam also mentioned that in all advertisements.

  216. pallab jyoti on said:

    sir when are you give the net book computer in Morigaon district

    please give a list on this page

  217. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Sir when will it be distributed in nagaon ?

  218. pallab jyoti on said:

    sir amar morigaon r studentok kio khadai derikoi awared bur die

    morigaon r student khokolok kot dibo- distrivt library or Hi secondrey

  219. MIZ NaNDE on said:


  220. manuj gogoi on said:

    sir aji guwahatit dise ne ! axa kori asu pam buli … lakhimpurt ketia dibo., plz rply

  221. Shyam Dulal on said:

    Sir, has the award been distributed in guwahati. If yes when will it be distributed in Dhemaji districts or other just post the details for the award being distributed in other districts.

  222. Kalyan Dutta on said:

    Sir….. aaji kamrup mohanagarot diyar kotha aasile….! disene baru…….? nitshoi dise sage…… aamar dhemaji t ketiyake dibo baru…….. PlZzzzzzz reply……

  223. Shyam Dulal on said:

    Sir, is the award being distributed in guwahati and if so when it will be distributed in Dhemaji and other districts.

  224. Rahul Jain on said:

    Sir, when we will receive the award in dhemaji district.

  225. Ronak Porja on said:

    sir, netbook tu ki sob district ot ekeloge dibo………??????

  226. Rohman ali on said:

    Sir,amar schoolot atia loike marksheet and admit card lua nai

  227. hriday on said:

    sir, barpeta dristick ot katiya dibo…???????plz…plz…..plz….reply….me…..

  228. siuli das on said:

    if the award distributed in ghy today ?

  229. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Sir please reply when it will be distributed in nagaon district or plz publish the date on Assam Tribune English Newspaper ?

  230. Rohit Borah on said:

    Lokhimpurot ketiya dibo?

  231. M.Arish Kumar Singha on said:

    when the netbook will be distributed?

  232. Rupjyoti Sarma on said:

    sir what is the amount given to the students not taking computer?

  233. hemanta kumar on said:

    Sir which date is finel for jorhat district ? How do get information about it all ? Plz rply sir

  234. rohit singh on said:

    Sir thanks aapne ye award dena start kar deye but sir kamrup district ke bad 2nd kon sa district ko melega or dhubri district ko kb tak ye award melega sir pls hme reply kejey pls pls…………

  235. bishal subba on said:

    sir,when will we get netbook in kokrajhar district……plz relpy the date……im very happy n eager to recieve this award as soon as possible…….

  236. Mozahidul islam on said:

    Dhubrit ketiya dibo….

  237. Ankit singh on said:

    Thank you sir for starting this ceremony……..sir I want to know that what is the cost price of the netbook and how many total students
    Are there who will receive this netbook in whole Assam……sir because I want
    To know your total expenditure on this ceremony…….! I m a boy of dibrugarh district securing 54% marks and for this I will be thank ful of you…..sir please reply….!!!!!

  238. Mwnhasar brahma on said:

    sir,we may know exact date when will be distribute in kokrajhar district but sir real,realy ,realy small ha ha ha Nothing sir bye

  239. Mwnhasar brahma on said:

    sir we are all thanks to you hoorah,yahoo we are very happy tarun gogoi and others minister long live we need this type minister sir

  240. calina brahma on said:

    sir when will be distribute in kokrajhar district sir oao what the prize so sweety im a preaty girl very hope girl very beauty

  241. suresh modi on said:

    Pls let me know, when n where the computers will be given to the students of metric 2nd div holder of gohpur dist. Sonitpur.i visited two times to guwahati n now at present i am in guwahati

  242. sahid anwar on said:

    Sir, cachar dist which date

  243. Mayank Kayal on said:

    Sir please reply or publish the date on Assam Tribune English Newspaper when it will be distributed in Nagaon district ?

  244. Aldrin Kar on said:

    I was sick and was not able to go to the award distribution on 5th and 6th January. Does anyone know weather I will get the award afterwards. I am from Assam, Guwahati. anybody reading reading this comment please reply your answer it would be very much appreciated.

  245. kaushik on said:

    When you will distribute netbook in sonitpur district and at which place…

  246. Aldrin,
    You should contact AMTRON. Their contact number is 0361-2724222. Or send someone to visit their office in Bamunimaidan.

  247. Biswajit on said:

    sir pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls golaghat katia debo. Sob distickt katia debo list hesapa amak jonak . Nohola ame kanaka janem sir . Pls inform us.

  248. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir what i dont understand the award is already district distribute or we are contact and we are submit list for 50% marks or what sir what system distribute this award how sir hurry up give this award sir

  249. manjil gogoi on said:

    biswajit tok kenekoya kom jamba

  250. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir what we are office of last institution not submit list for 50% marks then you are not given award why very lazy kiyo honkale nidiye amar exam ase oi bustu acha koria exam ae vhal no hobo mor

  251. vineet khakhlary on said:

    when will be the netbook given in karbi anglong

  252. Mahidul on said:

    Respectly sir,sir amak kon tarikhe dibo koi dilei hol nohole ami keneke gom pam.apunalukor problem 2 ki amar examor karone poribo nalage neki.amar private collegor exam 13 tarikhor pora aro govtment clg 27 feb pora.examor majot dile amar distrub hobo.kiman tarikhor vitorot dibo amak koi diyok.nohole ami keneke gom amak kon tarikhe dibo.daily daily net pack vorai sabo lage amar pora nohoi.amar probleme buji paisene pls reply me

  253. Ronak Porja on said:

    Yes Sir this is right……!!!!

  254. Manjil gogoi on said:

    same 2 u mahidul…

  255. Rahul on said:

    Yes mahidul you are right….

  256. Mahidul & other eligible students,
    We can understand how you guys are feeling. But here we want to clear that this site is merely publishing information for the benefit of users and we are in no way related to Govt of Assam. So, we are unable to do anything even though we want to. All we can hope that Govt will distribute the award to all eligible candidates in convenient time, through a convenient process.

    Our suggestion to all – concentrate on your studies. No need to keeping checking the Internet. Govt has promised to award all eligible students (and already awarded few). So, rest of you will also get the award.

  257. Sanjay baruah love on said:

    Hello, sir. I want to know that when will the chief minister awards will be distributed in karbi anglong district of assam. I have secured second division with 56 percentage. So please kindly do reply that when will notebook computer will given to karbi anglong’s students.

  258. HEMANTA HAZARIKA on said:

    SIR, LAKHIMPUR’T ketia dibo aapunar hai award netbook ? ami bohut student wait kori asu. please sir reply diak ?

  259. Rohman ali on said:

    Sir’o atia aru 1ta matric ahe pale….saute saute 1bosor gol.amar hokolure akha bilak nirakha hobole loise.hodai hodai news, net ot saute amoni lagise.amaru scholot aji loike marksheet u lua ye nai.janu katia nu apuna luke amar reply bosor tu amar porikhya beya hobo jen paisu

  260. Rahit on said:

    Thank you sir about for says..

  261. BIDIT on said:

    Sir, lakhimpurt ketia dibo netbook ? plz reply me now.

  262. Navaneet gogoi on said:

    Sir,when will this award give in dhemaji…????
    . sir plz rply I m waiting for ur rply…….:(

  263. Manjeet Patgiri on said:

    Sir when laptops for 2nd division category 50% marks will be distributed in tezpur.

  264. Manjoy Dibragrde on said:

    Wat about the student of 2012.

  265. Subham Das on said:

    Sir, When will the Netbook be distributed in Dhemaji…..??????
    Sir, pls rply to my question……

  266. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir Dibrugarh jilat katia debo??
    Reply pls pls pls pls sir.???

  267. farid ali on said:

    When will give this award in darrang district ?

  268. Ronit singh. on said:

    sir i had heard that netbook had distributed on kamrup districh my question is that when the netbook will be distributed on sonitpur district ? Sir plz reply its my humble request.

  269. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir,, Dibrugarh jilat katia debo? jode dia hunkala diok ?? Pls reply reply reply sir….,

  270. Dr. L.j. kakati on said:

    Dear Admin plz take my heartiest greetings……As u can feel how these guys are feeling deprived of and the awardees are feeling deprived……….pls mek one thing very clear that when the awards will be distributed in the rest of the district (Except kamrup metro)…..Because eveyone egars to know about their netbook pc(award) by publishing thru newspapers…….And onething the 10+ exams are very near…and all are hoping to get the netbook pc…in other words wasting their time in vein…so plz mek it clear…although i am not a awardee (i have to thank amtron as well as Govt. coz long back i got a Desktop pc as a award for getting82% in matriculation) anticipating your kind response #Dr. L.j. kakati

  271. jarambong sangma on said:

    Rspctd sr,
    Sir mei apse yei puchna chahata hu ki jo avi naya exam dina wale lptop yea jo already pass hone wale ko

  272. jarambong sangma on said:

    Sr plze gve me reaply….

  273. Rahul khargharia on said:

    May i know,When it will give in sivsagar district?

  274. Anish Gupta on said:

    Sir, when this award will distribute on sonitpur district.plz rply…….

  275. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir hei sir when distribute netbook in kokrajhar or not distribute oh,i know other district not distribute only for kamrup na owh owh what the politics of assam sarkar

  276. manjil gogoi on said:

    oh sir matric exam is coming soon matric exam finish then assam govt not distribute in other district only for kamrup why,why,why we are request to you give the fast we have exam from today

  277. I think this award was only for kamrup of us will not get any netbook…so frnds now no need to check this side daily…they will never provide any awards to other district students…..

  278. priyom saha on said:

    sir. ….kot ketiya dibo koy diyak …….amr exm 17 feb r para…..exmr dina jodi date hy……so amk agote jony diyak ……tetiya hole ami.agote colegt applicition dibo parim sir…..

  279. HirocK DaSs on said:

    Hello Sir, 1st I want 2 say…when sir when …..ketiyaba koy 16 ,or ketiyaba koy 25 ,….noholE…6 siR ami kheidina…….golu….Bt Napalu…..amar sai thakuTe gol…..plyz sir EibaaR Right n Exect time kowk…..akha hoy aSe monot bt……Akha puron noholE bohut Beya Lage sir,,,….So, Reqest u..plyz
    olop khunkaaLe korok

  280. Rohman ali on said:

    Sar atia roi roi matric humai poril.sir aru kiman din lagibo.hunkale diyok.

  281. NAVAJIT BARUAH on said:


  282. benison gayary on said:

    Kokrajhar district tho katiya pabho

  283. harlongbi hanse on said:

    I think dis award will not give it to us guyss….
    Coz If they do then they will nt postpnd dates constantly .
    But they r goin on postpnding dates..
    Now i m hopeless…
    Guys…..dnt hope to get jst cncentrate on yr studies..
    They r jst distracting frm our studies….

  284. Parash Bordoloi on said:

    Rspctble sir,, whn ths award wil be given in Morigaon District?? wll u be hapy to respnse me sir??

  285. laisum basumatary on said:

    Sir!!!!!!. Amar dhemaji district ot notebook kketiya dibo Sir…. plz Sir kua… m waiting for ur answer..?????

  286. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir today distribute in baksa sir i will request to you when will be distribute netbook in kokrajhar district sir give the past not time matric exam is finising give the past sir

  287. manjil gogoi on said:

    Sir ,what you think you know student heart what type get sir somebody is hope this netbook for netbook not study in 2014 assam hs result to 50% get student not better in hs 1st year exam 2014 for netbook then sir what you think

  288. ganesh paul on said:

    sir….. barpeta district t ketiya dibo….kindly kindly kindly kindly ans diyok …kindly kindly

  289. Kaji Muddin on said:

    Sir ???? ??????? netbook computer ??? ? school ?? notice ?????
    Please news ??? ??????

  290. ayush pareek on said:

    dr sir.. when it was held at kokrajarh dist …

  291. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir i will request to you when will be distribute in kokrajhar sir some people and somebody said that in 19 or 20 that is correct or no i really confuesd sir tell me reply me now

  292. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir kokrajhar when distribute sir sir sir sir sir sir kokrajhar when distribute

  293. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir in dhubri 19 feb distribute then in kokrajhar when in dhubri far than kokrajhar then why not giv the past give up fast in kokrajhar sir please one time reply me sir i waith you are reply

  294. dadu on said:

    O sir namoskar sir mor apuni lal bati jolai disi khodai khodai net packer poisa ghoropa kajiye kori luwar kotha apuni ki bujibo.sir muru 2 zindagi ase moi u ash koribo lage netbook pale he koribo parim ketia sonitpurot dibo koi nidiye kio? What is ur problem!

  295. ganesh paul on said:

    sir… rply diyok barpeta distric t ketiya dibo?????????????????????????????.????????????

  296. SAFIK on said:

    Sir,when will netbook computer distribute in kamrup(R),please reply,reply sir.

  297. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir aponar problem to ki amar loge foriba nalage niki sir then why you honkale diyanai sir kokrajhar ketia dibo sir moi aru waith koriba napabo sir porai nohol mor sir netbook acha koria kokrajhart ketia dibooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookokrajhar ketia dibooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookokrajhart ketia dibooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookokrajhart ketia dibooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookokrajharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ketia diboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookokrajhar ketia dibooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  298. Pankaj gogoi on said:

    Sir lakhimpurot ketia dibo

  299. manjil gogoi on said:

    sir kokrajhart ketia dibo which date nahole ami morim

  300. Mahidul on said:

    please confrome sir amak note book computer nidiye neki dile ketia dibo
    ami aru wait koribo 2014 pass kora bilak dibo.pls sir amak jonai
    diyok.apuna lokar khobor ki kiman dur ag barise.sir atia netbook kiyo nidiye probleme 2 ki?sir aru amak jonai dile ki hoi.pls sir reply koribo.thanks

  301. rahit on said:


  302. tien on said:

    the promise were just for show it was just a big lie to us … if government is not going to give any award to 50% holder in 2013 hslc exam candidate they should anounced it …. while making some excusses

    Sorry if i had said anything wrong but we student can do … We all are waiting from long time … now the only question jumble in our mind that WHEN WHEN the government is going to give the award … plzzzz

  303. Kaji on said:

    20 feb t kot dibo gotei assam t dibo ne?

  304. priti raj on said:

    sir,when this award is distributed in chirang dist reply me plz…….

  305. pranab pachani on said:

    Dibrugarh jilat 20 tarekha deba nake???

  306. sabia chetry on said:

    hello !! sir… when will you distribute this award in dibrugarh ?? plz reply

  307. RackY on said:

    20 tarikhe dibo nki….saw de..sun…jdi nedeye…..Mor khong uthili…chin ta ta chita chita……..

  308. Ernest minz on said:

    sir, when the laptop will be distributed in dibrugarh district.

  309. Ratul on said:

    Khuni val lagil 20.02.2014 tarikhe amin gawot dibo
    Kamrup gamma ansalot

  310. ROONEY on said:


  311. Udit Borah on said:

    I’m from Tinsukia… I want to know that will we get netbooks or not…? Please reply of my question of this website holder if you know… I’m dying to know… Please Please Please…

  312. sazed wazed ali on said:

    Barpeta 21:02:2014 tarikht dibo

  313. Rohman ali on said:

    Sir,sivasagorot ketia dibo

  314. MUNU on said:


  315. RackY on said:

    Etiya Bartamaan….di ase…kamrup ot
    moy ahisu o…anibo…. Ha Ha…..
    ThnQ verry much sir….

  316. dipu medhi on said:

    when it will be distributed in morigaon?

  317. dipu medhi on said:

    morigaon.t ketiya dibo sir?

  318. SIDDIK CHOUDHURY on said:


  319. nabin aryal on said:

    sir i m frm tinsukia district and i want to know th whn ntebook will be distributed in tinsukia district on which date???????//

  320. Dipak Agarwal on said:

    We have heard that award will distribute in Bongaigaon tomorrow.
    Is this right? Please reply.

  321. hojai aftab from manipur on said:

    at hojai i hrd tht on date 23 it will distrubute it sure or what plz any know than conform by reply ……..

  322. ankit singh on said:

    yo sir thora jldi jldi kijiye na …….pls Dibrugarh dist me 15 march se pehle dedijiye na……pls…..!¡!@…#thank_u….!

  323. Pankaj gogoi on said:

    Sir lakhimpurt katiaka debo plz plz plz rly rly rly……………………….

  324. kamal on said:


    1 Sri Pranab Talukdar Overall Co-ordinator of all districts 9954618324
    2 Sri Ganesh Murmu Kokrajhar, Bongaigaon & Chirang 9435115004
    3 J.P. Bora Jorhat & Golaghat 9864154211
    4 Sri Puspendra Sarma Nagaon & Morigaon 9435361311
    5 Sri Har Kr. Rabha Cachar, Karimganj & Hailakandi 9435309938
    6 Sri Nagen Teron N.C Hills & Karbi Anglong 9954013525
    7 Sri Naba Goswami Barpeta, Baska & Nalbari 9435583904
    8 Rajen Ch. Nath Kamrup( R), Udalguri & Darrang 9954065265
    9 Sri Tultul Sarma Tinsukia, Dibrugarh & Sivasagar 9954080708
    10 Sri Dimbeswar Saikia Goalpara & Dhubri 9954320236
    11 Sri Pabitra Bora Sonitpur, N. Lakhimpur & Dhemaji 9864218345

  325. montu pandey on said: excited…that today this award will be given at jorhat………

  326. ritish dutta on said:

    Sir moi delhi t ahesu and jorhat t netbook sunday dibo…moi sunday mame kaile thkbo plz 4 din pxt moi netbook to pam ne jorhat ba beleg jega r office r pora.plz inform kribo eyat e rply to dibo plz

  327. hasina begum on said:

    i am from tinsukia dstrt sir when this award is given to tsk dstr……………….i am vryyyy vryyyyy exicteddddd 4 dissssssssss awardddd sirrrr plzzzzzzzzz rplyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  328. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, Dibrugarh jilat katia debo?? Pls pls Reply …..,,

  329. Ramthakur saha on said:

    Sir, amar chirang dist 25/02/2014 ot bondho ase ami laptop anibo loi kene k khajalgaon jam.

  330. Bodo on said:

    kam nai. Bha kya kel kela hai gogoi. Itna chota aur useless netbook diya hai koi koi function acha se kam bhi nahi hota aur thora sa heat hone se apni aap shut down ho jata hai 0.1 /10 is netbook ke liye.

  331. Joydeep Roy on said:

    when will u give in dibrugarh??

  332. Joydeep Roy on said:

    Please give quickly in dibrugarh quickly. I am poor and I don’t even have a mobile. All my friends have big-big moblies, androids and windows phones. I am very poor. Give me my netbook. I want my Netbook as soon as possible #do_it_fast

  333. kamal on said:

    Anyone knows when it distributes in karbi anglone district. ……..??

  334. Rajdeep on said:

    when this netbook will be given at karimganj district……????

  335. Saroj Thakur on said:

    Sir, When will you give this award in Sonitpur district ?

  336. azharul islam on said:

    Sir, when the netbook will be provided to the student of Cachar district…Plz sir kindly inform me

  337. Abhijit Dutta on said:

    Sir, when the netbook will be provided to the student of Cachar district…Plz sir kindly inform me.

  338. JaMeS InFiMaTe.... on said:

    Respected Sir,
    whn u’ll be gven a netbook computer
    2 da studnt ov cachar who secure 50% N above plz inform me k Sir…….plz…………..N plz……N u plz snd N Sms in
    dis No 9577671864
    plz…………………………..plz Sir.

  339. Rohman ali on said:

    Sivasagorot bule 5 tarikhe dibo hoi naki????

  340. Abhijit Dutta on said:

    ???????????//////???????/// what what.the netbook ??????????

  341. anil kumar rai on said:

    ki faltu laptop dise operating syst 2 load lua nai ….falt2 sarkar fal2 laptop

  342. Anish Gupta on said:

    Ki laptop dise ake bare bhal nay.i don,t like the awards…

  343. Pankaj gogoi on said:

    O sir prai vur districkot dilai sun sobe netbook lole amar lakhimpurot ketia ka dibo……….

  344. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, Sivsagar jilar pesota Dibrugarh
    jilat debo hoi nai??? Pls pls reply….

  345. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, Sivsagar jilar pesota Dibrugarh jilat debo hoi nai??? Pls pls reply….

  346. sabia chetry on said:

    sir dibrugarh ot ktia debo?

  347. RUHINE on said:

    SIR, kiman tarikhe lakhimpur jilat dibo. please sir reply diak.

  348. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, Dibrugarh jilat katia debo?? pls pls Date to koi deok…….

  349. manuj on said:

    sir amar exm end hollll lakhimpurut ketia dibooooooo 5 tarike dibone pllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rplyyyyyyyy

  350. Rohman ali on said:

    Nidiye ne dibo confused hoi axu.

  351. Bdahal on said:

    Tinsukia’t ktiya dbo….?

  352. Ronak Porja on said:

    sir aitut windowsxp aru baki keta install koribo pare neki……..pls pls pls Sir…..rply korok..pls……pls….pls……pls…..pls…….pls……

  353. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, pls pls Reply.. Dibrugarh jilat kaktia debo ??

  354. Harlongbi Hanse on said:

    Dear sir,
    my exm wil start frm 11th of this mnth and it wil finish on
    21 of march……
    So i kindly reqxt u sir to gv this award after exm..
    If u do then i will nt able to recv my award frm u…
    I hope sir that u wil gv this award aftr exm..
    I m frm karbi anglong district….

  355. joy roy on said:

    sir my xam is end …plz gv my award ….plz plz plz

  356. joy roy on said:

    sir my hs 1st yr xam is end …plz plz

  357. Abdul Kayum Ansary on said:

    thank u sir,thank u vry much…apuni diya laptop tu di moi atiya apunak msg kori asu..mor val lagise apunar award tu..kin2 1GB RAM thakile aru besi val holehoi…kin2 tothapi,bhut val lagise mor…

  358. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, ke hol Dibrugarh t Nedia nake?? Pls pls Reply deok..,,,..

  359. Uncle chips on said:

    Akha kori labh nai?amak nidiye?comment reply u nidiye?ene ene net pack khoros koribo nalage.;-(

  360. mayuri sharma on said:

    i received my net book last week at mangaldoi….but the battery and speakers are not working……please give me a solution……

  361. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, Dibrugarh jila khon kot gol?? Nedia nake???? Pls pls pls Reply deok????

  362. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, Dibrugarh jila khon kot gol?? Netbook nedia nake???? Pls pls pls Reply deok????

  363. Gulshan Ahmed on said:

    sir, Karimganj kob dega

  364. manuj basumatary on said:

    Sir when the award for 2nd division student of HSLC will be distributed in karbi anglong

  365. Gulshan Ahmed on said:

    sir, Karimganj kob dega? pls respons news paper.


  366. kartik das on said:

    i am from rowta, udalguri. B.T.A.D
    why we dn’t have the netbook but others districts students already have tht award

  367. Anand on said:

    Ki netbook netbook friends plz don’t ask for free netbook .Netbook is very small and useless think.Read nicely and believe in ur success and try to acheve ur self.Not netbook buy laftoop.So friends buy. .

  368. Anil Roy on said:

    Sir, When Will Distribute The award In Sivasagar District???

  369. partha paul on said:

    Sir, na dela clear korok

  370. Ravi verma on said:

    Sir ketia netbook computer karbianglong district dibo? Sir please reply?

  371. Gulshan ahmed on said:

    sir, Karimganj kitya dibo? pls respons news paper .

  372. Uncle chips on said:

    Cash option kiman?kunubai kole val pam

  373. dipak Deka on said:

    sir,tinsukiat computerkhn ketia dibo.dile hunkale diok.

  374. shibam paul on said:

    Sir,when will distribute the award in cachar district…

  375. MUNU on said:

    SIR, Please lakhimpur’t ketia dibo date 2 kauk ?

  376. pranab pachani on said:

    Sir, Netbook desa na naidia koi deok??? Pls pls Reply??? Jode desa Dibrugarh jilat katia debo?????

  377. Ali Aktar Choudhury on said:

    Sir, I heard that 50%mark holder of Hslc 2013 will be award with netbook..But when in CACHAR distric we waiting from long time.please if you are willing to give than give earlier dont wait for election.please reply sir..

  378. manuj on said:

    amak nidiye kla lakhimpurut 6 tarikor pasot dim buli kole nai diya dakun sir lakhimpur jila kon iman pis pora ne nidile nidiu buli kowokkkkkk

  379. manuj on said:

    sir lakhimpurttt kai tarike dibo plzz kowkkk

  380. manuj on said:

    sir plzz plzzzz date 2 di diokkkkkkkkkkk

  381. manuj on said:

    sir lakhimpurur student xokole netbook pabo nai ????????????????

  382. manuj on said:

    nidile niduyou buli koukkk

  383. manuj on said:

    amar exm end hol amak award diok plzzzzz

  384. manuj on said:




  385. manuj on said:

    sir muthote kaikon jilat dile plz rplyyy

  386. manuj on said:

    sir fixced date 2 dok lakhimpurut ketia dibo………

  387. pranab pachani on said:

    sir, Netbook desa nai koi deok!? Pls pls Dibrugarh t katia debo kok na!!

  388. maraj rajkhowa on said:

    Sir ame ateaa class 12 palu. Ame ki 12 pass korar pasat ha amar award to pum ne. Sir election la bohut din asa. Tar aagota dela val hoi.

  389. gelakey on said:

    sir sivasagar,t kateaa debo

  390. STUDENT on said:

    Netbook only kamrup metrot he dise neki?
    Jodi ai2 hoi tenehole beleg dist.or studentor value nai neki???

  391. maraj rajkhowa on said:

    sir netbook u nedea coment r replai nede a. Amar net pack bur kala ena khoras korai sa. Ameha janu kanaka net pack vorou.

  392. maraj rajkhowa on said:

    Amar exam end hol amak award deok.
    replai sivasagar’t kateaa debo?

  393. student on said:

    sir cash lola keman desa?

  394. maraj on said:

    hi friend hokol comment debola are dela ne? 16tarekhor ataiu comment nai. Valakorisa ai dhoka baj sorkarkhona nat buk dear akha nai.

  395. krishna chetri on said:

    sir ,

    when date given notebook tinsukia district……!

    plz plz replay

  396. manish singha on said:

    sir when the award will be distributed at cachar …we are waiting for long time …..plzzz dont waiit for election give da award as soon as possible ….plzxx….

  397. Abhijit Dutta on said:

    its so late….

  398. maraj on said:

    sir plz give us for our award’s soon in sivasagar distick

  399. maraj on said:

    sir sivasagara,t debo na nedea koi deok. Ami aru keman roi thakim.

  400. SAFIK on said:

    Sir mur acer netbook 2 r hdd(hard drive) r problem,ear babe mi ki koribo lagibo,ear kiba waranty ase ne nai?

  401. maraj on said:

    SAFIK Tume kun distick,r. Replai comment,t deba.

  402. maraj on said:

    it,s so late

  403. maraj on said:

    it,s so late. When disturbit date f sivasagar

  404. Tuhin on said:

    Sir, jode dibo na tobe adverisement korle kan j all assam 50./. Above student a daiya hoibo

  405. maraj on said:

    sir it,s so late. We can’t wait for election. Sir plz give us for our award before election in sivasagar distick.

  406. Uncle chips on said:

    Hunkale diok sir

  407. manuj on said:

    ha ha lakhimpurut 6 tarike diye hanu kota 6 tarik par hoi gol

  408. manuj on said:

    sir lakhimpurut dibo nai plz rply

  409. manuj on said:

    misa kole kital hobo sir 6 tarikh ki ohai nai nki?

  410. manuj on said:

    sir kiman wait korim logorbure accer solai ase moi ki maki mari takim nki ? lakhimpurut nidiye nki?

  411. manuj on said:


    zz zz
    zz zz
    zz zz

  412. RUHINE on said:

    SIR, Lakhimpur’t ketia dibo ? election pabohi hol.

  413. Udit Borah on said:

    Dalal sob…
    Net book nidili…

  414. rujel rahman on said:

    sir, sivsagar t netbook katia debo rply piz……

  415. maraj on said:

    sir sivasagara,t netbook kateaa debo

  416. kamal on said:

    Karbi anglone district me kab dega netbook. ……??

  417. Biki on said:

    Kya karbi anglone me nahi dega kya…..??

  418. ankit on said:

    dibrugarh sibsagar tinsukia ye sab place me nhi denge kya …..agar dena hi h to jaldi dijiye

  419. RUHINE on said:

    ketiake dibo lakhimpur’t netbook ? dia jodi jaldi dia.

  420. Respected sir”
    R we going 2 get the netbook(award) or not …….
    Please rply pls dnt give we students so much of pressure ………. 4 thinking abt the award ……
    pls rply as soon as possible

  421. jeet khan on said:

    i prowed our moast sweet cm .i love your planing for laptop awards

  422. Ernest on said:

    dibrugarhot katya dibo. jodi diboase tena holee honkale korok.

  423. harlongbi hanse on said:

    Faltu kla hope krisilu j netbuk pam buli..
    Kio ad dbo lagisile nhole nediye jetia…
    Dim dim dim koi pilai ghanta dise set
    ..Apna netbuk apne pas hi rakho mokkel..
    nhi chahiye olready laptop kharid chukka hu…

  424. ankit on said:

    Govt changed but no news is there of netbook. …….. but after results of election (as the govt changed) a new hope is raised within me 4 getting the netbook award . ………..our new respected sir please do somthing for us . …… 4 that I will b thankful u …….sir pls do smthng as early as possible. ….pls sir

  425. Ramesh bhagat on said:

    karbi Anglong ketia dibo Net Book

  426. aditya saikia on said:

    Dear Sir,
    Sibsagar, Dibrugargh TInsukia Eibilak District or babe Apunar Ei Asoni tu Nasil Neki…dudin manor pasot 2014 ot pass kora Student hokoleo laptop pabo…kintu 2013 t pass kora hokolor ki hol…kiba ata result diyok…

  427. ankit on said:

    Yes u r ri8 bro . … >>Aaditya saikia. ……nice lines

  428. maraj on said:

    Aaditio 15 jun pasat debo buli hunesu.

  429. maraj on said:

    sir sivasagar distick/t jun,r last debo buli koisa. Aibar hosa na!

  430. Ganesh Sharma on said:

    when it will be distribute in dima hasao dist…

  431. kiean on said:

    will netbook be distributed to the hslc candidates securing 50% above this year I.e 2014 in tinsukia dist…. plz reply me sir

  432. akash dubey on said:

    respected sir,
    maine hslc exam 2013 me 53.67 percent se pass kiya tha,us samay ye news aa rahi thi ki,above 50 percent wale students ko netbook milne wala hai,main ye news sun kr bohot excited tha,bt avi main 2nd year me chala gaya lekin apka netbook avi tak nahi mila,main tinsukia me rehta hun,,lekin mujhe pata chala hai ki ap logo ne bohot se jagah par netbook ka distribution kiya hai,main ap se yahi puchna chahta hu ki agar apko netbook nahi dena tha toh hm students ko aise hi asha kyu dilaya,jis tarah ap logo ne newspaper me advertise diya tha usi tarah ye v add dijiye ki ap log ye netbook tinsuki district me kab distribute karenge..agar nahi krna hai toh v add dijiye,kyuki tab hame pata chale jayga aur hm log asha nahi karenge…


  433. maraj on said:

    sir sivasagarat 9july,t debo buli koisa. Aibar jata dat change nohoi.

  434. ravi verma on said:

    22july karbi anglong netbook dibo sir please reply

  435. FARHAN on said:

    When the netbook laptop will be distributed in the districts of Barak Valley.

  436. PutulKutum on said:

    When Laptop will be distributed for 1st div for HSLC 2014 of Dhemaji District…..???

  437. kamal on said:

    Sir I heard that on 23 July netbook will distributed in karbi anglong district. ……its true or what. ….??

  438. rabbani on said:

    When the laptop will be distributed in dhubri

  439. prasanjitbhowmick on said:

    Do any one know whe netbook will be distribute in karbianglong

  440. ravi verma on said:

    i am very happy because assam govt cm gave us netbook computer award given 22 july karbianlong district

  441. Nipu Sharma on said:

    Sir diphut dea laptop kaitar battery eman Bea keo….full charge dea pisotu matro 15 minute manha solabo pari…..

  442. Mujibur on said:

    When will distribute in cachar district plz reply it soon as soon as possible

  443. Himanta Das on said:

    Dear Sir,

    Himanta.Das.55@Gmail.Com plz plz sir .

  444. Himanta Das on said:

    Please Sir Apuni Online Hole Jonabo Sir Plz Plz. Barpetat ketia dibo 1st divisnr Notebook.

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