Mamata (1973) – Assamese Film

Mamata (Mamta) is a 1973 Assamese language feature film. It was the first film of cinematographer Nalin Dowerah. The producers of the film were: Prafulla Dutta, Shiba Thakur and Nalin Dowerah. In the 21st National Film Awards, Assamese film Mamata had won Best Feature Film (Assamese) award.

Mamata Movie Story:


Mamata Movie Information:

Movie: Mamata (Mamta)
Director: Nalin Dowerah
Cast: Eva Achaw, Rudra Baruah
Producer: Nalin Dowerah, Prafulla Dutta, Shiba Thakur
Country: India
Year: 1973
Language: Assamese
Genre: Drama

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