Papori (1986) – Assamese Film

Papori is an Assamese language feature film. Papori was directed and written by Jahnu Barua. The film was produced by Sailadhar Baruah. Assamese movie Papori stars Biju Phukan, Sushil Goswami, Chetana Das, Gopi Desai and Dulal Roy. The film Papori was released in the year 1986.

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Papori Movie Story:

Assamese film Papori is set in the Assam agitation during the 1983. An young married lady named Papori (Gopi Desai) lives in a village with her husband Binod (Sushil Goswami). Then political tense began to grip the state. Papori’s daughter dies of paralysis after a fall from bed. Meanwhile, Papori’s husband got arrested in a false charge of murder.

Papori Movie Information:

Movie: Papori
Director: Jahnu Barua
Writer: Jahnu Barua
Cast: Biju Phukan, Chetana Das, Gopi Desai, Sushil Goswami, Abdul Majid, Dulal Roi
Music: Satya Baruah
Producer: Jahnu Barua
Country: India
Year: 1986
Language: Assamese
Genre: Drama

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  • Dr Chandan Siam on

    Request to all
    I enjoyed the film papori in my early age, and I found it was the best film among Assamese film. Now I am always searching the film in market, internet, but I can’t find it.
    is there anybody who can give me the film Papori ??????????????????????????????????????

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