Dr. Bezbarua (1969) – Assamese Film

Dr. Bezbaruah is a 1969 Assamese movie. It was the first thriller movie in Assamese. Directed by Brojen Baruah, this film featured Assamese actor Nipon Goswami. Other roles were played by Tara, Tarun Dowrah, Brojen Baruah, Ranjana Bordoloi and more. The music director of Dr. Bezbarua was Ramen Baruah. This Assamese film was released in 1969. In 17th National Film Awards, Dr. Bezbaruah was awarded with Silver Medal for Best Feature Film in Assamese.

Dr. Bezbarua Movie Story:

A thriller movie.

Dr. Bezbarua Movie Information:

Movie: Dr. Bezbaruah
Director: Brojen Baruah
Cast: Nipon Goswami, Brojen Barua, Tara, Tarun Dowrah, Ranjana Bordoloi
Music: Ramen Baruah
Producer: Rangghar Cine Productions
Country: India
Year: 1969
Language: Assamese
Genre: Thriller

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