Answer Keys – APSC Prelims 2015 General Studies Paper

APSC Combined Competitive Examination 2015 (Preliminary) was held on January 3, 2016. Following are the answers of General Studies paper. Due to lack of time, we are providing only the answers. We hope our users and candidates who appeared in CCE 2015 will find this page useful. We tried our best to mark the correct answers. But there may be some mistakes. Please do point out if you find any. The General Studies paper is courtesy of user Normada. Answers are provided by Bhaskar.

APSC 2015 GS Paper

APSC 2015 Prelims GS Answers – Series C

1. c) Kamrup Metro (

2. a) 1973 (

3. b) Tapti

4. a) Kanchenjunga (This is controversial. We know that K2 is in India. But that is not accepted by everyone. Even govt of India states Kanchanjunga as tallest peak in India:

5. d) Faulting

6. d)

7. c) Idukki in Kerala

8. d) Antarctica

9. b) Leukoderma product Lukoskin was developed by DRDO (

10. b) Baikanur

11. d)

12. d) EDUSAT was launched in 2004 ( Thanks Peter north.

13. a) ICAR

14. d) Adoor Gopalkrishnan

15. b) Madhab Kandali

16. c) Amalendu Guha

17. c) Pratima Pandey

18. b) Miles Bronson (

19. b) Miri Jiyori (

20. c) RBI

21. a) Devolution of taxes by 42% (

22. d) Defence is not development expenditure.

23. b) Flower decoration

24. c) Lord Irwin

25. d) Shah Jahan

26. d) Civil Disobedience

27. b) Warren Hastings

28. b) Elizabeth I (

29. c) Govt of India Act 1858

30. d) Sher Shah Suri

31. c) 1449

32. d) Gauhati University

33. d) December, 1885

34. c) Viswa Bharti

35. b) Dadabhai Naoraji (

36. a) Swadeshi Movement

37. b) Lord Chelmsford

38. c) Partition of Bengal

39. a) Kanaklata ( Kushal Konwar was hanged in 1943. Kanaklata was the first martyr of 1942. Check Govt of India note:

40. c) Phulaguri (

41. c) Pushpalata Das

42. d) Fourteenth century

43. c) 500 meters

44. a) 28 and 22

45. b) North-East. Thanks Jhonny depp.
Question was: In a meeting, the map of a village was placed in such a manner that South-East becomes North, North-east becomes west and so on. What will South become? So, what you need to find is the current direction that is similar to South in the original map. What was originally South is now North-East. Please check the following pictorial explanation.
Solution to Directions Problem

46. d) South

47. d) 12


49. d) 3.20 pm

50. d) YQ

51. b) Fundamental Rights

52. c) Supreme Court. According to Article 71, all doubts and disputes related to election of a President or Vice-President shall be inquired and decided by Supreme Court.

53. b) 93 amendment, 2005 (

54. d) Passport

55. b) Any house (

56. c) Vice President

57. a) Rajasthan

58. d) Directive Principles of State Policy also aim to establish social and economic democracy through a welfare state.

59. c) Seventh schedule of Constitution of India contains the three lists.

60. b) Socialism

61. d) Department of Economic Affairs (

62. d) Nagaland hosts Hornbil festival.

63. c) Article 331 ( )

64. b) 4 states (

65. a) 552 is the max number of seats in Lok Sabha.

66. b) 6 months

67. c)

68. a) Polling was very poor

69. c) Japan

70. c) K. V. Kamath (

71. a) Durban

72. c) Vadakkunnatha Temple is situated in Thrissur city of Kerala. (

73. c) June 21 is International Yoga Day (

74. d) West Bengal. In 2015, Manobi Bandopadhyay joined as the Principal of Krishnagar Women’s College in West Bengal’s Nadia district and thus became India’s first transgender College principal. (Hindu article)

75. a) ICICI Bank (Source)

76. a) Wuhan

77. d) Sirocco
Questionable or doubtful! According to study materials of some Delhi coaching centres: Harmattan and Sirocco are both hot and dry winds. Sirocco covers North Africa, Italy, Sicily etc. Harmattan covers West Africa, Nigera, Ghana etc. And both carries dust. According to TMGH General Studies For Civil Services: Sirocco is a hot dust laden wind that blows eastwards from Sahara across the Mediterranean and raises the temp of the areas. Harmattan is a relatively cool dry wind blowing over Sahara in winter season. According to Pearsons General Studies Manual: Sirocco is a hot moist wind that blows from Sahara. Sometimes Sirocco carries Sahara dust. Harmattan is a cool, extremely dry wind that forms over Sahara. It is relatively cool because Sahara is cool during the dry season from December to Feb.

According to NASA: Winter and spring dust storms are common in Western Africa when the sirocco winds, hot, dry, dust-laden winds, blow north and northwest out of the Sahara desert. Harmattan is a strong trade wind which arises in Sahara and blows south across West Africa in the winter (November to March). Heavy dust storms are common in the region during this time.

78. a) Gulden Turktan

79. b) Agriculture

80. c) RBI

81. d) Income tax b) Excise duty

82. a) Beijing

83. d) Petroleum (

84. c) Ship of Theseus (

85. b) IIM, Shillong

86. a) R. K. Laxman

87. c) Bharatiya Mahila Bank

88. c) Virat Kohli (Source)

89. a) National Institution for Transforming India

90. a) Jan Dhaaan – Aadhaar – Mobile (

91. d) Nineth Plan (

92. c) direct benefit transfer for LPG (

93. c) Wheat is a Rabi crop, not Kharif crop

94. b) Uttar Pradesh with 12 smart cities selected from 13.(

95. c) 12 digit number (

96. d) 2045 (

97. b) Indian Ocean ( )

98. a) and d) Baksa district was curved out of a part of Nalbari, Barpeta, Kamrup and portion of Darrang district.

99. d) 82.5 degree east

100. b) 7 position

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