Which Ahom King was known as Gobar Raja?


Gobar Roja or Gobar Raja was a Ahom King. After the death of Swargadeo Suhung in 1675, Gobar Roja ascended the throne of Ahom Kingdom in Assam. Just like his predecessor, Gobar Roja was installed by Debera Borbarua. But within three weeks, he got deposed off and executed by Atanu Buragohain.

Gobar Roja was the first king of the Tungkhungia branch of Ahom dynasty. Gadadhar Singha, who became the King of Ahom Kingdom in 1681, was the son of Gobar Raja. Tungkhungia branch ruled Ahom kingdom till it’s end in 1826.

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  • Pallabi Gogoi on

    Abang konwar is known as Gobar Raja

  • Sorry for the stupid mistake. Updated with 1675. The real name of Gobar Raja is unknown. At least for us! Already referred to three books on Assam history.

  • Trishita Mazumder on

    I’m sure it can’t be 1975. Can you please provide the correct date and the real name of the Gobar Raja. Thanks

  • Haren Buragohain on

    The minister’s name was Atan Buragohain, not Atanu Buragohain.

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