Which Ahom King was known as Bhaga Raja?


Swargadeo Jayaditya Singha or Suramphaa was known as Bhaga Raja or Bhoga Roja. But why such a name? According to historians, Jayaditya Singha earned the nickname because he was deposed from the throne. The word “Bhaga” in Assamese means “broken or to end something”. But that was after his death. Another view is that Surampha once ran away from the battle. So, he earned the title “Bhaga Raja” meaning “King that ran away”.

Jayaditya Singha was the son of Swargadeo Pratap Singha. His Ahom name was Surampha. He ascended the throne in 1641. It is said that Jayaditya Singha lived a scandalous life. He first lived with one of his father’s wives and later fell in love with a married woman. Surampha was childless. So, he adopted a nephew of that woman’s husband and declared him as heir. Before his accession, Surampha had promised his younger brother Sutyinpha to make him heir. So, he didn’t kept his promise. In the meantime Ahom nobles started to plot against the King. So, they removed Surampha and arranged to place Sutyinphaa on the throne. Suramphaa was deposed and killed in a remote place.

Source: Gait, Edward Albert, Sir. A history of Assam.

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  • এজনৰ বাদে সকলো confound, including written (.?) , ভগাৰজা আৰু ভগনীয়া ৰজা দুয়োজন বেলেগ বেলেগ।
    ভগাৰজা হল চুৰামফা (Suramphaa) 1641-44 (প্ৰতাপ সিংহৰ বৰপুত্ৰ। অত্যাচাৰী আছিল বাবে সময়ৰ পূৰ্বে এওঁক ৰজা ভঙা হৈছিল, পিছত মৃত্যুদণ্ড।
    ভগনীয়া ৰজা হল চুতাম্লা বা ফুতুণ্‌ফা( Sutamla) 1648-63।
    অশুদ্ধ information নিদিব, নাজানিলে লিখিব নালাগে।

  • Surampha is bhaga roja
    Sutamla aka jayadhwaj singha is bhaganiya roja

  • Itz Jayadhvaj singha not jayaditya singha….

  • Roshan gurung on

    Sutamala is Bhoga raja not Surampha

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