When was the Assam Legislative Assembly formed?


The Assam Legislative Assembly came into existence on April 7, 1937. It was formed under the Government of India Act, 1935. It was a bicameral assembly, meaning there were both Upper and Lower house. The first sitting of the Assam Assembly took place April 7, 1937 in the Assembly Chamber at Shillong. At that time, Shillong was the Capital of the composite State of Assam. The tenure of Assam Assembly was 5 years and there were 108 members.

After partition of India, Sylhet district of Assam got included in East Pakistan and the membership of Assam Assembly became 71. After Independence of India, the Assam Legislative Council got abolished and total membership of the assembly became 108. Today, the strength of Assam Legislative Assembly (Bidhan Sabha) is 126.

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  • Mirza Rafikul Islam on

    Maolana Bhasani was minority leader of lower Assam part and he was a member of Assam Legislative Assemly in 1937. His home district was Dhubri and has pivotal role in minority politics before independence of country in Assam. Maolana Bhasani wad suporter of creation of Pakistan and after division of country gone to East Pakistan, the present Bangladesh and settle there. He also taken active part in freedom movement of India undet Muslim League leadership.
    Bhasani was desatisfied with Pakistani rulers’s exploitaion in Bangadesh and take important role in Bagladesh liberation war in 1972 with Sheikh Mujibar Rahman.



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