What is GMDA?


GMDA is the acronym for Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority. GMDA is responsible for planning and development of Guwahati metropolitan area. It was formed in 1992 as per Guwahati Development Authority Act 1958 (amended). It replaced the former Guwahati Development Authority (GDA). The jurisdiction of GMDA covers an area of 328 sq. km. Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority includes Guwahati Municipal Corporation area, North Guwahati Town Committee area and some revenue villages such as Beltola Mouza, Silasundari Ghopa Mouza, Pub Barsar Mouza, Dakhin Rani Mouza and Ramcharani Mouza.

The Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority give permission for construction of building and sale of land in Guwahati area. GMDA recently published new Building Bye Laws for the metropolitan city.

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