What is Apong?


Apong is a rice beer, which is traditionally prepared by some tribes of North-East India. Apong is an integral part of the life of the Mising (or Mishing) people of Assam. It is brewed in every Mising household. Adi people of Arunachal Pradesh also prepares Apong.

Apong is prepared by fermenting rice. The Mishing Apong comes in two types – Nogin Apong and Poro Apong. The Nogin Apong is whitish in colour, while Poro Apong has a dark greenish colour. The method of preparation is different. So, the two apongs also differ in their taste and colour.

Source: Pegu, Nomal Chandra (1981). The Mishings of the Brahmaputra Valley.

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