How many times did Mahatma Gandhi visit Assam?


Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi visited Assam 4 (four) times. The first visit of Mahatma Gandhi took place in the year 1921. He was invited by APCC to propagate the message of non-cooperation in Assam. Gandhi’s second Assam visit was in 1926. He attended the 41st Congress session held at Pandu in Guwahati. His third visit was in 1934. Mahatma Gandhi visited Assam fourth time in the year 1946. It was his last visit, during which he inaugurated Assam branch of Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust and a Gram Sevikas Vidyalaya. He stayed at Sarania hill in Guwahati.


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  • Dr. Nilmoni Sikdar on

    Mahatma’s last visit to Assam was in 1946. I was then a 9 year old boy. Mr Gandhi set up Ashram in Sarania Hill, in Guwahati. I remember this great event very clearly. That was because my elder sister who was about 13 years old was an resident of the ashram for about 10 days. He sailed in a ship upstream in River Brahmaputra from then Bengal and landed in river port in Guwahati. He was received by Congress freedom fighters and Gandhians like Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi, Mr Bishnuram Medhi, Mr Siddinath Sarma and others. From the River port to Sarania he travelled in an Austin car. I still remember the Registration no of car which was ASK 205. There were few cars at that time. This car was owned by Mr Bishnuram Medhi, our maternal granduncle. It was through his encouragement that my sister got into ashram to learn about Gandhiji, the simple life he led, to lead by example and above all the dignity of labour.

  • Dibyaranjan hazarika on

    As a history student I want to tell that this site is solo help full for us I mean students

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