Gaurisagar, Assam

Gaurisagar is a development block in Sivasagar district of Assam. It is about 10km away from Sivsagar town. The small town area comprises mainly of business establishments around Gaurisagar Tiniali and few offices. National Highway 37 passes through Gaurisagar and connects it with other towns and cities of Assam. Gaurisagar Higher Secondary School, Gaurisagar H. S Industrial Institute, Sishu Sadan etc., are some of the key educational institutes in the area.

There are many historically important monuments or structures around Gaurisagar area. There is a large men-made tank covering an area of 150 acres. It is called Gaurisagar. There are three temples on the bank of the Gaurisagar tank. They are: Siva dole, Devi Dole and Vishnu Dole. Both the tank and the temples were built by Ahom Queen Phuleswari in the year 1723. Gaurisagar is also home to Namdang Hilor Haku, a famous stone bridge from Ahom era (constructed in 1703).

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