Satya Prasad Barua

Satya Prasad Barua (1919 – 2001 ) is a well-known name in the world of Assamese drama. Barua was a powerful playwright and a noted drama critic of Assam. He was also a great actor and director.


Satya Prasad Barua was born in 1919. Barua was associated with the All India Radio, Guwahati throughout his life. He served there for many years. In 1974, Barua retired from the Directorate of Information and Public Relations, Assam as it’s Director.

Barua was a powerful playwright. He contributed to Assamese drama and literature world through his powerful social, historical, adapted and translated plays. For example: Jyotirekha (Streak of Light), Sakoi Sakoa and Sikha.

Barua passed away in the year 2001.

Works of Satya Prasad Barua:

Sakoi Sakoa (1940), Sikha (Flame, 1957). Jyotirekha ( Streak of Light, 1958). Saswati (1966). Bhaswati (1966), Dupar Nisa (Midnight, 1976), Nayika Naryakar (The Heroine and the Playwright, 1976), Jabala (1976) , Mrinal Mahi etc.

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