Nakul Chandra Bhuyan

Nakul Chandra Bhuyan (1895-1968) was a popular Assamese dramatist and writer. He is best known for his historical dramas written in Assamese language. Bhuyan was the president of Asam Sahitya Sabha‘s 1967 annual session held at Dibrugarh district, Assam.


Nakul Chandra Bhuyan PhotoNakul Chandra Bhuyan was born in 1985 at Charing of Sibsagar district, Assam. After completing schooling from Jorhat Government Boys’ School, Bhuyan went to Calcutta for higher studies. He worked as a Librarian in Dibrugarh. Later he got engaged as an assistant in the Dibru-Sadiya Railways’s Chief Engineering Department. He also worked as an assistant in the Deputy Commissioner’s office.

In 1924, Bhuyan joined Cinamara Tea Estate as Assistant Manager. Later her became the Senior Manager of Jorehaut Tea Company. In 1954, Nakul Chandra Bhuyan retired from Borsapori Tea Estate as Senior Manager.

Nakul Chandra Bhuyan contributed to Assamese literature through several powerful historical plays, based on separate events of Ahom history. He also wrote a biography of Radhakanta Handiqui and also compiled a book of Bihu songs of Assam (Bohagi). Bhuyan was the president of 1967′s annual seesion of Assam Sahitya Sabha, held at Dibrugarh.

Nakul Chandra Bhuyan died on January 16, 1968.

Works of Nakul Chandra Bhuyan:

  • Plays: Gadapanir Sesh Sidhanta (1923), Baden Barphukan (1927), Chandrakant Singh (1931), Vidrohi Maran (1938), Numali Kunwari
  • Other: Radhakanta Handiqui Dangariya (Biography of Radhakanta Handiqui), Bara-bhuyanar Samu Buranji (A short history of the Bara-bhuyans of Assam), Bohagi (1921) (Collection of Bihu songs), Golpor Sarai (A collection of short stories)

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