Hitesh Deka

Hitesh Deka (1924 – 2000) was an noted Assamese novelist. He was one of the Assamese novelists who emerged in the early fifties and left a mark in Assamese literature world. Deka presided over the 1995′s Sarthebari session of Assam Sahitya Sabha.


Hitesh Deka was born in 1924. He wrote Ajir Manuh (Today’s Man) in the year 1952. His long novel Ayeto Jivan (This Indeed is Life) came out in 1962. Other works of Deka include Mati Kar (To Whom does the Land Belong?), Bharaghar, Nirjatita Sati etc.

In 1995, Hitesh Deka became the president of Sarthebari session of Asam Sahitya Sabha.

Hitesh Deka died in the year 2000.


Novels: Ajir Manuh, Ayetu Jibon, Mati Kar, Nirjatita Sati, Bharaghar etc.

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