Ajit Barua

Ajit Barua (1926) is an eminent Assamese poet. He received several awards including Sahitya Akademi Award and Bharitya Bhasa Parisad Award. He is known for his adoption of poetry techniques from Eliot era.

Ajit Barua was born in 1926. His major poetry works include Kichuman Podya Aru Gaan (Verses and Songs), Brahmaputra Ityadi Podya (Brahmaputra and Other Poems) etc. Ajit Barua is also a literary critic. Excellent example of his critic work can be seen on his book Sahityar Bishaye (Essays on Literature). He translated famous French play Les Justes and novel The Plague into Assamese.

Brahmaputra Ityadi Podya earned him Sahitya Akademi Award in the year 1991. Other awards received by Ajit Barua include Assam Valley Literary Award, Assam Sahitya Sabha Award, Bharitya Bhasa Parisad Award and Ganesh Gogoi awards.

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