Ajan Fakir

Ajan Fakir a Sufi saint and missionary. Also known as Hazrat Shah Miran, Ajan Fakir came from Baghdad and settled in Sibsagar.


Ajan Fakir was a disciple of Khwaja Nizamuddin Auliya in Baghdad. In 17th Centurary, Ajan Fakir came to Assam from Ajmer. He was accompanied by his brother Shah Navi. Ajan Fakir was largely responsible for reforming and reinforcing Islam in Assam. He composed several religious songs in the spoken language of Assamese people. Those devotional songs became very popular and are known as Zikir and Jari. Those songs are still sung in all-nigh song sessions, specially in Assamese Muslim weddings.

As Ajan Fakir started influencing Muslim people in the area, Rupai Dadhora, a Muslim official of Ahom king started to conspire against him. He succeeded to convince the King that Ajan Fakir is a Mughal spy and he should be punished. In fact orders were passed and they removed two eye from the Pir. Lately, Ahom King realized the mistake and granted land for Ajan Fakir at Saraiguri Chapori, near Sibsagar.

The Hajarat Ajan Pir Daargah is still present at Saraiguri Chapari near Sibsagar town.

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