Assam History Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Set – 2

This is the Set 2 of Assam History questions. There are 20 objective type questions in this set. All questions are related to Assam history – both ancient Assam history and contemporary Assam history. Answers are the end of this page (please login to view the answers). He hope that aspirants of competitive exams, specially APSC CCE, will find these question answers useful. Don’t forget to check the Set 1 of Assam History MCQs and other mcq sets available in our career section.

Assam History MCQs Set-2

Set 1 of Assam History Question Answers:

1. Who was the President of the first session of Asom Chatra Sanmilon?
a) Rohinikanta Hazarika
b) Kamaluddin Ahmed
c) Lakshidhar Sharma
d) Lakshminath Bezbaruah
[APSC CCE 2001]

2. Historic Chargola exodus happened in the year
a) 1912
b) 1921
c) 1913
d) 1931

3. Rudra Singha first built the Rang Ghar with bamboo and wood. It was rebuilt with brick and mortar by
a) Siva Singha
b) Pramatta Singha
c) Rajeswar Singha
d) Lakshmi Singha
[APSC CCE 2001]

4. Assam Association was formed in the year
a) 1803
b) 1847
c) 1903
d) 1947

5. The first Assam Legislative Council was created in the year:
a) 1912
b) 1919
c) 1923
d) 1937

6. In nature, the Yandaboo Treaty was a
a) Annexation Treaty
b) Peace Treaty
c) Alliance Treaty
d) Negotiation Treaty

7. The day Kanaklata became a martyr while trying to hoist National Flag in Gohpur Police station:
a) September 20, 1942
b) August 20, 1942
c) September 14, 1942
d) August 14, 1942

8. Kushal Konwar in connection with derailing of a military train near:
a) Golaghat Jail
b) Jorhat Jail
c) Gauhati Jail
d) Shillong Jail

9. First Koch king to strike coin in own name was
a) Nara Narayan
b) Chilarai
c) Vishwa Singha
d) Lakshmi Narayan

10. Tungkhungia Buranji was written by
a) Srinath Barbarua
b) Dutiram Hazarika
c) Hemchandra Goswami
d) Golap Chandra Barua

11. The First Anglo-Burmese War was fought in the year?
a) 1814
b) 1824
c) 1816
d) 1826

12. Ahom-Kachari conflict started during the reign of Ahom king:
a) Suhengphaa
b) Susenphaa
c) Sudangphaa
d) Sutingphaa

13. Individual Satyagraha was launched in Assam by
a) Bishnu Ram Medhi
b) Gopinath Bordoloi
c) Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed
d) Maulana Mohammad Tayebulla

14. The earliest copper-plate inscription discovered in Assam is
a) Nidhanpur Copper-plate Inscription
b) Tezpur Copper Plate inscription
c) Dubi Copper-plate Inscription
d) Hayungthal Copper Plate Inscription

15. Who was the president of 41st Session of All India Congress held at Guwahati?
a) Srinivas Iyenger.
b) Mahatma Gandhi
c) Gopinath Bordoloi
d) Jawaharlal Nehru

16. The shape of Ahom coins was:
a) Circular
b) Square
c) Rectangular
d) Octagonal

17. Which of the following Koch kings was the first to strike coin in own name?
a) Nara Narayan
b) Chilarai
c) Vishwa Singha
d) Lakshmi Narayan

18. Who founded the Assam Sangrakshini Sabha?
a) Ambikagiri Raichoudhury
b) Tarun Ram Phukan
c) Omeo Kumar Das
d) Bishnuram Medhi

19. In 1922, a two-member committee of All India Congress visited Assam to study it’s political situation. The committee consisted of:

a) Rajendra Prasad and Madan Mohan Malaviya
b) Mahatma Gandhi and Madan Mohan Malaviya
c) Rajendra Prasad and S. Srinivasa Iyengar
d) Mahatma Gandhi and S. Srinivasa Iyengar

20. The last Mughal-Ahom war was fought in
a) Garhgaon
b) Itakhuli
c) Saraighat
d) Bharali

Assam History MCQ Set 2 Answers:

1. d) Lakshminath Bezbaruah was the President of first session of Asom Chatra Sanmilon.

20. b) Battle of Itakhuli was the last war between Ahom and Mughals.

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