Assam History Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Set – 1

Assam History questions for General studies paper. Following are 20 objective type questions from Assam history. Answers are provided at the end of this page. We hope these questions will help you in your preparation for APSC Combined Competitive Examination (APSC CCE or Assam Civil Service Exam) and other competitive exams. More coming soon!

Assam History MCQ

Set 1 of Assam History Objective Questions:

1. The earliest King of Assam was
a) Mahiranga Danava
b) Narakasur
c) Bhaskar Barman
d) Naranarayan
[APSC CCE 2001]

2. Gachtal Copper Plate contains genealogy of which one of the following dynasties?
a) Pala Dynasty
b) Mleccha Dynasty
c) Varmana Dynasty
d) Ahom dynasty

3. Chutiya Kingdom was conquered by Ahom during the reign of
a) Suklengmung
b) Suhungmung
c) Pratap Singha
d) Jayadhaj Singha
[APSC CCE 2001]

4. Which of the following Ahom kings built the Navagraha temple?
a) Rudra Singha
b) Sutamla
c) Rajeswar Singha
d) Suhungmung

5. Assamese poet Harihar Bipra was patronised by King
a) Naranarayan
b) Durlabhnarayan
c) Indranarayan
d) Dharmanarayan

6. Bodo Sahitya Sabha was founded in the year 1952. Who was it’s first President?
a) Jogendranath Basumatary
b) Sonaram Thaosen
c) Jaybhadra Hagjer
d) Upendranath Brahma

7. In 1794, which one of the following British officers restored Rangpur to Ahom king
a) Captain Calvert
b) Captain Fisher
c) Captain Bedford
d) Captain Welsh

8. Which one of the following rulers was a contemporary of Samudragupta?
a) Pushya Varman
b) Bhaskar Varman
c) Salasthambha
d) Harshadeva

9. Which of the following Ahom Kings built the Garakhia Temple?
a) Rudra Singha
b) Gadadhar Singha
c) Pratap Singha
d) Shiva Singha

10. First Burmese invasion of Assam took place in the year
a) 1812
b) 1817
c) 1821
d) 1825

11. Piyali Phukan was hanged by British in 1830. He was the son of
a) Lachit Borphukan
b) Badan Borphukan
c) Laluksola Borphukan
d) Naubaicha Phukan

12. The Treaty of Yandaboo was signed between
a) East India Company and Ahom Kingdom
b) Burmese Army and Ahom Army
c) Ahom King and King of Ava
d) East India Company and King of Ava

13. Orunudoi was the first Assamese journal. It was printed and published from Sibsagar by:
a) Robert Bruce
b) Nathan Brown
c) O T Cutter
d) Miles Bronson

14. Who of the first Ahom King to embrace Hinduism?
a) Sukapha
b) Surampha
c) Suhungmung
d) Sutamla

15. Who was not a martyr of the Quit India Movement?
a) Kanaklata
b) Bhogeswari Phukanani
c) Kushal Konwar
d) Maniram Dewan
[APSC CCE 1999]

16. Which of the following Ahom Kings adopted Saka Era?
a) Swarganarayan
b) Rudra Singha
c) Pratap Singha
d) Jayadhwaj Singha

17. First Borpatra Gohain was
a) Koncheng
b) Momai Tamuli
c) Supimpha
d) Moniram Dewan
[APSC CCE 1999]

18. In 1943, British hanged Kushal Konwar in connection with derailment of a military train near:
a) Borpathar
b) Sarupathar
c) Bosapathar
d) Chaodang pathar

19. Who was not a Chief Minister of Assam in independent India?
a) Gopinath Bordoloi
b) Sir Muhammad Sadulla
c) Bishnuram Medhi
d) Bimala Prasad Chaliha
[APSC CCE 2001]

20. Who among the following Assamese attended the First Round Table Conference of 1930?
a) Gopinath Bordoloi
b) Hem Chandra Barua
c) Nabin Chandra Bordoloi
d) Chandradhar Barua

Assam History MCQ Set 1 Answers:

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