APSC Prelims GS Model Question Paper 1

This is a Model or Sample Question Paper for General Studies paper of APSC Combined Competitive Examination (Prelims). This paper carries multiple choice questions (MCQs) with four options against each question. Answers to the questions will be provided separately. prepared this question paper from scratch. We hope APSC candidates and other aspirants will find our questions useful. Feedback and suggestions are Welcome.

APSC Model Paper

Sample Question Paper for APSC CCE (Pre)

Total Questions: 100
Total Marks: 200
Time: 2 hours

Q 1. India’s First Marine Eco-sensitive Zone is located in:
a) Gulf of Kutch
b) Gulf of Mannar
c) Sundarbans
d) Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Q 2. Which of the following is not reported as HIV Co-infection?
a) Hepatitis B
b) Tuberculosis
c) Kala-azar
d) Bubonic plague

Q 3. Which one of the following is a non-vestigial organ of human being:
a) Wisdom tooth
b) Vermiform appendix
c) Inner ear or labyrinth
d) The tailbone

Q 4. In the primitive earth atmosphere, which of the following broke down water into hydrogen and oxygen:
a) Lightning
b) Ultraviolet radiation
c) Volcanic eruption
d) Heavy rainfall

Q 5. Ebola Virus is in news with epidemic in West Africa. Ebola virus was first discovered in 1976. Which country is known as the center of 1976 Ebola outbreak?
a) Guinea
b) Congo
c) Liberia
d) Nigeria

Q 6. In India, Thorn Forests are mainly found in:
a) North-Western India
b) South-Eastern India
c) North India
d) Central India

Q 7. India’s Agni V is a ICBM missile capable of delivering nuclear warhead to more than 5000 km. Agni V is a:
a) Two stage Solid Fuelled missile
b) Three stage Solid Fuelled missile
c) Two stage Liquid Fuelled missile
d) Three stage Liquid Fuelled missile

Q 8. Nirbhay is a new missile being developed by DRDO. Nirbhay is the first home made missile of the following category:
a) Subsonic cruise missile
b) Anti-aircraft missile
c) Sea-based ballistic missile
d) Supersonic ballistic missile

Q 9. Which Ahom King built the Navagraha temple of Guwahati?
a) Purandar Singha
b) Gadadhar Singha
c) Rajeswar Singha
d) Rudra Singha

Q 10. What is a Bitcoin?
a) Currency of Britain
b) Mobile application
c) Digital Currency
d) Computer hardware

Q 11. What is the average salt content in Sea water?
a) 3.5%
b) 3.7%
c) 5.3%
d) 4.7%

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Q 12. Which place in India is known as “Golden city of thousand temples”?
a) Amritsar
b) Khajuraho
c) Kanchipuram
d) Kanyakumari

Q 13. In terms of radius, which planet of our solar system is almost the same size as Earth?
a) Mars
b) Venus
c) Mercury
d) Jupiter

Q 14. Match the following correctly:
I. Environment Protection Act
II. Wildlife Protection Act
III. Air Prevention & Control of Pollution Act
IV. Indian Forest Act

A. 1927
B. 1972
C. 1981
D. 1986

a) I – D, II – B, III – C, IV – A
b) I – C, II – A, III – D, IV – B
c) I – D, II – A, III – B, IV – C
d) I – B, II – A, III – D, IV – C

Q 15. Which country has longest Expressway network in World?
a) India
b) USA
c) Russia
d) China

Q 16. Who threw bombs in the Legislative Assembly on April 8, 1929?
a) Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt
b) Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru
c) Chandra Shekhar Azad and Bhagat Singh
d) Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev

Q 17. During the Indian struggle of freedom, which of the following played a key role in operating the Congress Radio?
a) Ram Manohar Lohia
b) Abbas Tyabji
c) Sarojni Naidu
d) Usha Mehta

Q 18. Balance of payments (BOP) is a record of all economic transaction of a country with the rest of the World. BOP comprises of following two major accounts:

a) Current account and Income account
b) Current account and Capital account
c) Trade account and Capital account
d) Income account and Investment account

Q 19. According to the report of the expert panel headed by C Rangarajan, a person is considered poor if he/she can spend less than:

a) Rs. 23 per day in village or Rs. 37 per day in city
b) Rs. 27 per day in village or Rs. 33 per day in city
c) Rs. 32 per day in village or Rs. 47 per day in city
d) Rs. 37 per day in village or Rs. 43 per day in city

Q 20. According to a report of Ministry of Environment and Forests, India added 5,871 sq km of green cover in 2 years (from 2011 to 2013). Which state contributed most to this new green cover?
a) Assam
b) Bihar
c) Jharkhand
d) West Bengal

Q 21. Which one of the following got included in UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014:
a) Mountain Railways of India
b) Harappan port town Lothal
c) Rani-ki Vav in Gujarat
d) Moidams of Ahom Kings

Q 22. The 1926 session of Indian National Congress was held in Guwahati. It was the:
a) 40th session
b) 41st session
c) 42nd session
d) 43rd session

Q 23. In 2014, the remains of some 1857 Sepoy Mutiny martyrs were exhumed from an well in:
a) Amritsar
b) Ajnala
c) Ambari
d) Ambala

Q 24. Find out the oddball from the following:
a) China
b) India
c) Bangladesh
d) Russia

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Q 25. The MH 17 aircraft was shot down on July 17, 2014. It was carrying 283 passengers and 15 crew. The make of the aircraft was:
a) Boeing 747
b) Boeing 767
c) Boeing 777
d) Boeing 787

Q 26. The head office of Assam Gas Company is located in:
a) Guwahati
b) Kolkata
c) Duliajan
d) Dibrugarh

Q 27. Read the following sets of name carefully and find the odd one:
a) Canada – USA – Brazil
b) Mongolia – India – Australia
c) Boston – Arizona – New York
d) Guwahati – Raipur – Mumbai

Q 28. The name of the first Indian cricket Club?
a) Madras Cricket Club
b) Calcutta Cricket Club
c) Bombay Cricket Club
d) Delhi Cricket Club

Q 29. Name of Indian President who appointed maximum numbers of government during his tenure?

a) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
b) R. Venkataraman
c) Shankar Dayal Sharma
d) Pranab Mukherjee

Q 30. Following are wildlife sanctuary and location pairs. Find out the wrong one:
a) Hoollongapar Gibbon Sanctuary – Jorhat
b) Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary – Karbi Anglog
c) Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary – Golaghat
d) Bornadi Wildlife Sanctuary – Mangaldoi

Q 31. Turbak died in the hands of:
a) Kanseng Barpatra Gohain
b) Lachit Barphukan
c) Frachengmong Borgohain
d) Mumai Tamuli Barbarua

Q 32. The Stillwell Road did not connected:
a) Ledo with Kunming
b) Ledo with Pangsau Pass
c) Ledo with Jairampur
d) Ledo with Rangoon

Q 33. National Highway connecting Nagaon and Dimapur is:
a) National Highway 35
b) National Highway 36
c) National Highway 37
d) National Highway 38

Q 34. Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) won 2013 Nobel Peace Prize for their works to eliminate chemical weapons. Their headquarters are located in:
a) New York
b) Hague
c) Geneva
d) Paris

Q 35. Which of the following companies bought popular mobile messaging application WhatsApp?
a) Yahoo
b) Google
c) Instagram
d) Facebook

Q 36. What the max length of a standard message sent via Twitter?
a) 120 characters
b) 130 characters
c) 140 characters
d) 160 characters

Q 37. Find the correct answer based on the following two statements:
I. In case of the matters related to Concurrent list, the executive power rests with Centre
II. Governor with the consent of state Govt can entrust executive functions of the Centre

a) I Only
b) II Only
c) Both I and II
d) None

Q 38. Who wrote the book Kuri Satikar Sabhyata?
a) Benudhar Rajkhowa
b) Banikanta Kakati
c) Homen Borgohain
d) Hem Barua

Q 39. What is Philips curve?
a) Rates of taxation and Government Revenue
b) Level of Unemployment and rate of Inflation
c) Level of Unemployment and taxation rate
d) Rate of taxation and rate of Inflation

Q 40. Which Part of the Constitution of India contains Emergency Provisions?
b) XIV

Q 41. A Bill imposing fines or other penalties is not a Money Bill. It is outlines in which article of Indian Constitution?
a) Article 51A
b) Article 110
c) Article 243
d) Article 315

Q 42. The 44th Amendment removed Right to Property from the fundamental rights and included a new Article which provides that “No person shall be deprived of his property save by authority of law.” That particular article is:
a) Article 300A
b) Article 338A
c) Article 21A
d) Article 51A

Q 43. Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna is India’s highest award in the field of sports. Constituted in 1991-92, the first recipient of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna was:
a) Karnam Malleswari
b) Leander Paes
c) Sachin Tendulkar
d) Viswanathan Anand

Q 45. Deciduous forests are found in:
a) Temperate Zone
b) Alpine Zone
c) Equatorial Zone
d) Cold Zone

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Q 46. Read the following statements carefully and then answer the question below:
I) Android is a touchscreen mobile phone
II) Android source code is open
III) All Android apps are free
IV) Android is developed by Google

The wrong statements are:
a) II, IV
b) II, III, IV
c) I, III
d) I, II, III, IV

Q 47. Which Indian martial art originated in Manipur?
a) Thang-ta
b) Kalaripayat
c) Silambam
d) Mardani Khel

Q 48. Joule is the unit
a) Energy
b) Power
c) Illuminance
d) Pressure

Q 49. First Indian to climb Mt Everest without using bottled Oxygen?
a) Bachendri Pal
b) Phu Dorjee
c) Arunima Sinha
d) Tenzing Norgay

Q 50. The 42nd Amendment was enacted in 1976 by Indira Gandhi government. Which one of the following is not true:
a) It changed “Six months” to “One Year” in Article 356
b) Added Fundamental Duties for Citizens
c) Changed “unity and integrity of the Nation” to “unity of the Nation”.
d) Extended the term of Lok Sabha to Six Years.

Q 51. Who wrote the book “Kitab ur Rehla”
a) Gulbadan Begum
b) Ibn Battuta
c) Abul Fazl
d) Nizamuddin Ahmed

Q 52. “No person shall be prosecuted for the same offence more than once.” The sentence refers to which Article of Indian constitution.
a) Article 20
b) Article 22
c) Article 24
d) Article 29

Q 53. Match the following four points with the names in second section and then select the correct option from a, b, c, d:
I. First Viceroy of India
II. Dickie Bird Plan
III. Introduction of Postage Stamp
IV. Vernacular Press Act

A. Lord Lytton
B. Lord Canning
C. Lord Dalhousie
D. Lord Mountbatten

a) I – A , II – B , III – D, IV – C
b) I – B , II – A , III – C, IV – B
c) I – C , II – A , III – B, IV – D
d) I – B , II – D , III – C, IV – A

Q 54. In India, Foreign Direct Investment is prohibited in:
a) Township development
b) Tea Cultivation
c) Construction of Roads
d) Coffee cultivation

Q 55. Which one of the following is a Cool or Cold Current:
a) Gulf Stream
b) North Atlantic Drift
c) Alaska Current
d) Labrador Current

Q 56. Which Assamese personality is known as “Assam Kesari”?
a) Tarun Ram Phukan
b) Ambikagiri Raichoudhury
c) Gopinath Bordoloi
d) Akhil Gogoi

Q 57. Name of the first Assamese Daily Newspaper:
a) Dainik Batori
b) Dainik Asom
c) Dainik Asomiya
d) Dainik Janambhumi

Q 58. Find the odd one from the options below:
a) Firefox
b) Opera
c) Maxthon
d) Norton

Q 59. India launched Mangalyan on November 5, 2013. The launch vehicle used was:
a) PSLV-CA C11
b) PSLV-XL C15
c) PSLV-CA C21
d) PSLV-XL C25

Q 60. Asam Sahitya Sabha is the largest literary organization of Assam. It’s head office is located in:
a) Sibsagar
b) Jorhat
c) Guwahati
d) Dibrugarh

Q. 61. Read the following statements and choose the correct answer.
I. Srimanta Sankardev is the creator of Sattriya Nritya.
II. Ankiya Naats are one act plays with single scene.
III. Borgeets can be accompanied by Dhol, Taal and Flute.

a) I is correct
b) III is correct
c) I and II wrong
d) I and III wrong

Q 62. Read the three statements and select the correct option.
I. The National flag of India was presented to the nation, on behalf of the women of India.
II. In the National Emblem of India, there is a horse on the right and bull on the left of Dharma Chakra.
III. National Anthem was translated to English by Rabindranath Tagore under the title “National Song of India.”

a) II, III wrong
b) I, II wrong
c) I, III correct
d) I, II, III correct

Q 63. In 2014, BRICS announced the establishment of BRICS development bank. The formal name of BRICS development bank is:
a) Asian Development Bank
b) BRICS Development Bank
c) New Development Bank
d) World Development Bank

Q 64. BT Cotton is a genetically modified cotton variety, which is grown in majority of cotton cultivation areas in India. BT Cotton is produced by
a) Syngenta
b) DuPont
c) Bayer Crop Science
d) Monsanto

Q 65. In 2013, it was proposed to use Drones or UAVs in Kaziranga to fight Rhino poaching. What is the full form of UAV?
a) Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
b) Unmanned Air Vehicle
c) Ultra-portable Aerial Vehicle
d) Ultra-portable Air Vehicle

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Q 66. INS Vikramaditya was formally inducted into Indian Navy on June 14, 2014. INS Vikramaditya is a:
a) Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier
b) Kiev-class aircraft carrier
c) Nimitz-class aircraft carrier
d) VIkrant class aircraft carrier

Q 67. Which one of the following statement is correct?
a) In a Vidhan Parishad, all members are nominated.
b) Vidhan Parishad can’t reject a bill passed by Vidhan Sabha.
c) Tenure of a Vidhan Parishad is 6 years.
d) Retiring members of Vidhan Parishad are not eligible for re-election.

Q 68. Methane is Greenhouse gas. Out of the following five sources, which is responsible for majority of Methane in India?
a) Tea Gardens
b) Rice fields
c) Factories
d) Coal Mines

Q 69. Recently two countries got involved in a territorial dispute related to Senkaku islands. The two countries are:
a) South Korea – Taiwan
b) China – South Korea
c) China – Japan
d) Taiwan – Japan

Q 70. North-East Frontier Agency (NEFA) was the former name of Arunachal Pradesh. The initial headquarters of NEFA was in:
a) Itanagar
b) Tawang
c) Guwahati
d) Shillong

Q 71. What is a ‘blue moon’ ?
a) The second full moon in a month
b) The biggest full moon of the year
c) When two full moons occurs in same year
d) When moon appears smallest and blue

Q 72. The Accidental Prime Minister is a book written by:
a) Manmohan Singh
b) Sanjaya Baru
c) Digvijay Singh
d) Chetan Bhagat

Q 73. Who controlled Dadra and Nagar Haveli before independence of India?
a) French
b) English
c) Dutch
d) Portuguese

Q 74. The 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup will be hosted by India. Who will host the under 17 World Cup tournament in 2015?
a) Chile
b) UAE
c) Mexico
d) Ireland

Q 75. National School of Drama is a top theatre training institute in India. It was setup by:
a) Lalit Kala Akademi
b) Ministry of Culture
c) Sangeet Natak Akademi
d) Ministry of Human Resource Development

Q 76. Saraswati Samman is a prestigious award in India. It is given for:
a) Literary works in any Indian language
b) Literary works in Hindi language
c) Contribution to the world of Music.
d) Literary works in Hindi and Urdu language only.

Q 77. Demographic Divided naturally declines after few decades. Which of the following is not a cause of such decline:
a) Labour force reduces with lower fertility rate.
b) Number of elderly people increases with increased life expectancy.
c) Unemployment rate increases with increased labour force.
d) Additional income depletes due to lower labour force and increased dependent population.

Q 78. Which one of the following is not a fundamental duty?
a) Uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India
b) Preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture
c) Cherish and follow the noble ideals which inspired our Constitution.
d) Promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood

Q 79. Match the following to groups and select the correct answer.
I. Dinesh Goswami Committee
II. Thakkar Commission
III. Kelkar Committee
IV. Malhotra Committee

A. Defence Acquisition
B. Indira Gandhi’s assassination
C. Insurance reform
D. Electoral Reforms

a) I – D, II – B, III – A, IV – C
b) I – B, II – A, III – D, IV – C
c) I – B, II – C, III – A, IV – D
d) I – C, II – A, III – B, IV – B

Q 80. During the invasion of Mir Jumla in 1662-63, which of the following was the King of Ahom Kingdom?
a) Suklengmung
b) Sutamla
c) Sulikphaa
d) Sukaphaa

Q 81. The United Nations on approval of Security Council sends peacekeeping force to various countries in distress. The longest-running peacekeeping mission of UN is in:
a) Congo
b) Middle East
c) East Timor
d) Kosovo

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Q 82. Who was the poet in Mughal ruler Akbar’s court?
a) Birbal
b) Abul Fazl
c) Abdul Rahim Khan
d) Raja Man Singh

Q 83. In Assamese land measurement system, there’s a unit named Lecha or Locha. How many lechas are there in a hectare (ha) of land?
a) 10
b) 100
c) 7.47
d) 747

Q 84. Writ that questions the authority of a person holding a public office?
a) Quo Warranto
b) Certiorari
c) Mandamus
d) Prohibition

Q 85. The first agrarian revolt in Assam started in the year:
a) 1672
b) 1857
c) 1861
d) 1894

Q 86. Kaveri water dispute is a long-running inter-state dispute in India. As per the final award of Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal, Kerala would receive 4% of available water. What is the share of Tamil Nadu?
a) 37%
b) 48%
c) 58%
d) 67%

Q 87. Who coined the term United Nations?
a) Franklin D. Roosevelt
b) George Washington
c) Winston Churchill
d) Joseph Stalin

Q 88. Education, which an item of state list, got transferred to the Concurrent List through which amendment of Indian constitution?
a) 21st amendment
b) 24th amendment
c) 40th amendment
d) 42nd amendment

Q 89. Proclamation of Emergency under Article 352 must be placed before the Parliament within
a) One Month
b) Three Months
c) Six Months
d) Twelve Months

Q 90. Upanishads were translated into Persian from Sanskrit during the reign of Mughal Emperor:
a) Akbar
b) Shah Jahan
c) Aurangzeb
d) Babar

Q 91. The First Assamese Film in colour was directed by
a) Jyotiprasad Agarwala
b) Bhupen Hazarika
c) Brajen Barua
d) Kamal Choudhury

Q 92. The concept of Public Interest Litigation (PIL) was introduced by Justice P.N. Bhagwati. The first case was related to
a) Drinking water problem
b) Condition of prisoners
c) Human rights violations
d) Road connectivity issues

Q 93. Rongker is a Spring festival celebrated by
a) Bodo People
b) Karbi People
c) Kuki People
d) Chakma People

Q 94. The Second legal officer of Government of India is
a) Chief Justice of India
b) Attorney General of India
c) Deputy Legal Adviser
d) Solicitor General of India

Q 95. National Commission for Women (NCW) is a statutory body for women. Who was the First Chairperson of NCW ?
a) Jayanti Patnaik
b) Mamta Sharma
c) Girija Vyas
d) V. Mohini Giri

Q 96. The All-India National Congress participated in:
a) 1st Round Table Conference
b) 2nd Round Table Conference
c) 3rd Round Table Conference
d) All three Round Table Conferences

Q 97. The Coriolis force is produced by:
a) Rotation of Moon
b) Rotation of Earth
c) Movement of Wind
d) Movement of Water

Q 98. The Guwahati Refinery was built with a foreign collaboration. The collaboration was with which country?
a) Russia
b) USA
c) Ukraine
d) Romania

Q 99. According to the Assam Panchayat Act 1994, the Quorum for a Zilla Parishad meeting should be: .
a) one third of the total number of members
b) one sixth of the total number of members
c) one tenth of the total number of members
d) all members of Zilla Parishad

Q 100. Mamoni Raisom Goswami was honoured with Sahitya Akademi Award in 1983 for her work:
a) Chinnamastar Manuhtu
b) Neelkanthi Braha
c) Adha Lekha Dastabej
d) Mamore Dhora Taruwal

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