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A good video on the Bihu dance of Assam. Have a look! The Bihu dance is a folk dance from the Indian state of Assam related to the festival of Bihu. This joyous dance is performed by both young men and women, and is characterized by brisk dance steps, rapid hand movement, and a rhythmic swaying of the hips in order to represent youthful passion. Dancers wear traditionally colorful Assamese clothing.

The Bihu dance is performed in conjunction with traditional Bihu folk music, played with: the “dhol”, similar to a drum; the “mohor singor pepa”, a pipe instrument made from a buffalo horn; the tala, a cymbal; the “gogona”, a reed and bamboo instrument; and the toka, a bamboo clapper. The songs (bihu geet) that accompany the dance have been handed down for many generations. The subject of the lyrics ranges from welcoming the Assamese new year to describing the daily life of a farmer.

The dance takes several forms among the different northeast Indian tribes, e.g., the “Garo Bihu dance” and the “Khasi Bihu dance.” However, the underlying goal of the dance remains the same: to express the desire to feel both pain and happiness.

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