Cut off for prelims 2015

RUP JYOTI BORAH posted on Jan 9, 2016

Dear all, plz share cutoff related updates & expectations. As the no of post & no of candidates appeared (around 38000) is less than previous exams, it is a bit complex to predict about cut off category wise this time.

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  1. c gogoi replied on Jul 5, 2017

    what will be cutoff mark apsc prelim 2017

  2. N Chetia replied on Jun 28, 2016

    Cut off for general is 282 and OBC 250 (M/F) .

    Source APSC .

  3. kaustav das replied on Jun 11, 2016

    Is score of 300 enough for general category

  4. yuvraj singh replied on Mar 13, 2016

    cutt off will be around 280 for general ..

  5. James25 replied on Mar 1, 2016


  6. James25 replied on Mar 1, 2016


  7. shailadhar das replied on Jan 18, 2016

    GS paper was easier, but tougher (since most of us were prepared for tough questions, and unexpectedly questions were easier, so it proved tougher because of negligence for easier ones). in my view the GS score may go up to 60-65. therefore, in comparison to previous prelims (i.e. 2014)it is higher.

  8. Mostak replied on Jan 12, 2016

    Your prediction is arithmetically fine

  9. saurav das replied on Jan 11, 2016

    Its too hard to predict cutoff. It is expected to increase cutoff than last years due to
    (1) huge difference in no of vacancies
    (2) back to back 3 prelims in 2013, 2014, 2015(16)— candidates are well prepared, same qualified candidates of previous 2 prelims giving exam
    (3) there is less chance of corruption this time as APSC people are in contant watch by multiple intelligence agencies (CBI,CID)
    (4) Comparatively easier GS paper than last 2 prelims
    I dont have any faith in my prediction… still im posting… for General it should be more than 290…

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