APSC Combined Competitive (Prelims) Exam 2016 Results

After a long delay, the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) has finally announced the results of Combined Competitive (Prelims) Examination, 2016. The results are available online at official APSC website. According to APSC, the Combined Competitve (Main) examination, 2016 will be held during the last week of January or first week of February, 2018.

APSC Prelims 2016 Results

The Combined Competitive (Prelims) Examination is the first stage of Combined Competitive Examination (CCE), which is held every year to fill up vacancies under the Assam Civil Service (ACS), Assam Police Service (APS) and other allied services of Governmet of Assam. The prelims of CCE 2016 was held on July 2, 2017. This time, some of the question papers were of sub-standard quality. Many questions were copied from random websites and/or previous papers of different examinations. Answers of several questions were copied from unreliable websites. As a result, the initial answer keys released by the APSC were full of errors. After receiving multiple complaints from candidates, APSC revised the answer keys and some bonus grace marks were given to everyone. But that doesn’t change a thing! As a recruiter of civil servants, they should maintain a class or quality in the question papers. Even a class I student can copy paste MCQ questions from websites.

Anyway, it took them more than 3 months to declare the results of prelims 2016. Congratulations to all who cleared the exam. But there is no time to rejoice! Continue your preparations as the harder stage is ahead. And those who didn’t make it to the list, don’t lose heart. This was only an exam. Concentrate on your studies and try to remove your shortcoming if any and/or focus on other competitive examinations. CCE or ACS is not everything.

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4 comments in “APSC Combined Competitive (Prelims) Exam 2016 Results

  • Manoj Upreti on

    I want 2015 apsc cc cutoff…

  • Only 20 geology students cleared the exam. In geology there was no grace marks. Kudos to those candidates who cleared it.

  • Anyone going to file PIL against such marking of grace marks in one particular subject leading to selection of number of students from that subject do let me know?

  • Can I know the cutoffs? Also giving grace marks wasn’t good. APSC should have cancelled such questions and instead should have used scored candidates in percentile out of the correct questions because geography candidates got 14 marks extra which some other optional subjects candidates didnt even get a single grace marks. In such a exam where a single mark can mean a lot of difference, such grace marks can lead many worthy candidates out of the competition.

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