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APSC Prelims Exam 2013 Analysis, Cut-off mark etc.

On December 29, 2013 Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) successfully conducted the preliminary stage of Combined Competitive Examination. The Assam Civil Service examination was held at 155 centers spread across 23 districts in Assam. A total of 70132 students were selected for the preliminary examination. But the attendance was low – below 70%. APSC Prelims comprised of two papers – Optional Subject of choice and General Studies. The Optional paper was in morning while General Studies paper was in afternoon shift. Here we will discuss the patterns of the two question papers and also the possible cutoff mark.

APSC 2013 Optional Paper:

We talked to several students and examined some question papers. Majority of the students we talked to commented that the optional paper was easy. But it will be wrong to generalize it based on few comments. But we examined Agriculture, Economics, and Political Science papers. The question pattern was same as previous years. We rated the question papers – average. Students with good preparation can easily score up to 90% in those papers. What about your optional paper?

APSC 2013 General Studies Paper:

Several students complained that General Studies question paper was tough. So, we examined the question paper personally. Yes, the paper appears difficult. But it was not a tough question paper. And if an intelligent student carefully approach each question, it is not even difficult. Civil Service examinations in India usually carries questions related to Constitution of India, Indian Politics, Current Affairs, Reasoning / Mental ability and Regional topics. APSC CCE 2013 was no exception. The question paper covered Indian constitution, Indian economics, general knowledge, geography, Assam history, reasoning etc. We think about 70% of the questions were easy for students with good preparation.

The General Studies question paper carried several Assam related questions (about 30 nos). We found that 10 questions were already answered on our Assam Answers section. So students who followed our site definitely answered those Assam related questions correctly.

APSC 2013 Cutoff Marks:

The Combined Competitive Examination (Preliminary) is divided into two question papers. Each paper carries 100 questions with 2 marks for each individual question. So, the total mark of the APSC CCE (Pre) exam is 400. Then what will be the cut off mark of APSC 2013? As there is no official announcement related to the cutoff mark, we can only speculate. We believe that APSC Prelims 2013 cutoff mark will be within 260 to 280 marks.

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  1. saurav on said:

    I’m getting 300+ (political sc= 160 and GS= 140)…. but still in a doubt about clearing prelims…. only 1000 will clear prelims..

  2. Your doubt is genuine. But as per our information, more than 1000 will be selected. At least 2000 will clear APSC prelims. Also a good portion of the applicants didn’t appeared. So, no need to worry about huge number of applicants. We believe that a mark of 300 means sure selection.

  3. Gjoin Ronghang on said:

    Optional question was quite easy,however unexpected type…. Na on the other hand GS was the same !

  4. Saikia on said:

    Yes, optional paper was easy for me. I am sure of getting 180 in GS. But General studies paper was little tough. So you are saying that a score of 300 + means sure entry into Mains? If that is true, I am in!

  5. Moon on said:

    I am expecting around 284-286.Can i think that, i am in safe zone?…Isn’t there any possibility of a cutoff which will be 280+ or 300+?.

  6. We expect that cut-off will be within 260 – 280. But it is just a prediction. Soon we will find the truth. APSC 2013 (Prelims) results will be announced within this month (January, 2014).

    My suggestion to all: Keep worries aside and continue your preparation for the Main Examination.

  7. I will get exactly 258 out of 400 what my chances clearing the prelims as i belong to open category

  8. If we are right, you are in borderline. But that is just an assumption. In reality, the cutoff mark may go up or down. Prelims result will be out by the end of this month. Keep faith in yourself and continue your preparation. Only few months left for APSC Mains.

  9. Raja on said:

    Sir, when will Apsc going to conduct the mains exam ?

  10. We expect that APSC Mains examination will be held in April-May. Most likely in May.

  11. Pari on said:

    Sir,may i know how many candidates will clear prelims?

  12. No official information available. But we expect that at least 2000 candidates will clear APSC 2013 (Prelims).

  13. Sarfraz Nawaz on said:

    Will you be kind enough and post answer keys to the GS and Law Papers?

  14. dipu...!!! on said:

    may I know the cuttoff score for obc and sc…m sc and xpctin score between 230 to 240…would I qualify…also heard that in 2009 the cutoff score for general was 240..hw true is it…plz reply…!!

  15. Mobin on said:

    Yes on a personal note, even I feel by inquiring with most of my friends that the cutoff will be around 270-280.

  16. what about geography optional paper??

  17. regarding no of candidate appeard it is somewhere around 41000 as per published by janasadharan news paper

  18. Deep on said:

    I am expecting around 270… 265-274 . What can you predict about me admin? and when the result would be declared ?

  19. Deep on said:

    And one thing. Is there any subject wise cut off. I am expecting 160 in Optional and 110 in GS.

  20. Anurag on said:

    Initially in every exam, candidates have an impression that they had done more than 90% correct. But as days go by, they come to know about the mistakes they made in their answers. Even though optionals seems easy initially, cutoffs do not go as high as 170-180/200. There may be some students who may achieve that, but majority dont. It always remains at a moderate level.

    This year the APSC GS paper was a bit tricky but could be solved with a bit of application as far as my opinions about answers go, they are :

    This is only for set A

    Q1 – A (Criminal procedure Code)
    Q2 – D (rajya Sabha…State list)
    Q3 – A (Right against exploitation as it is a FR)
    Q4 – C (6th schedule – tribal areas)
    Q5 – controversial as both B and C are correct. (I think any of them is correct and will be counted)
    Q6 – C (lakshmikant book – Chapter on parliament)
    Q7 – A (Dec 10 1946 same book as above)
    Q8 – A (Swaran Sing Committee – lakshmikant – chapter on FR)
    Q9 – A (Zila parishad – responsible for planning with DC as head)
    Q10 – C (7th schedule)
    Q11 – B (Instrument of Accession)
    Q12 – C (20 and 21 Lakshmikant chapter on this topic)
    Q13 – A ( – please see this link
    Q14 – A (Budget is not a money bill)
    Q15 – C (42nd amendment)
    Q16 – D (11)
    Q17 – B ( – see this link
    Q18 – B (
    Q19 – D (
    Q20 – A (kaziranga NP in 1974)
    Q21 – D (president of Swaraj party in Assam TR Phukan)
    Q22 – A (Sindhurakshak)
    Q23 – C (zubin mehta concert)
    Q24 – B (CG790 doronier LINK :
    Q25 – A (NASA)
    Q26 – A (female literacy)
    Q27 – D (Telecommunications
    Q28 – B (A.Sen)
    Q29 – B (min of finance. Monetary policy -RBI)
    Q30 – B (Kelkar Committee)
    Q31 – D (VAT is imposed on all stages each time a value is added)
    Q32 – A (
    Q33 – B (WPI)
    Q34 – A (terracotta goalpara) but could be Dhubri Also as percentage of pop engaged in this industry is more
    Q35 – D (both A and C -. basic economics)
    Q36 – C (100 5 FDI in single brand retail)
    Q37 – A.
    Q 38. D
    Q39 – D (Balwant rai Menhta)
    Q40 . B (5th plan)
    Q41. D (it was from 1966 to 1969)
    Q42. B (National Sample Survey –
    Q43 – A (Reduction in public Debt – as money from disinvestment goes to 75% – NIF and rest to other PSUs.)
    Q44 – A (GST)
    Q45 – A (1934)
    Q46 – C
    Q47 – C (See lakshmikant book )
    Q48 – A Siberian Plain (
    Q49 – B
    Q50 – C (
    Q51 – C
    Q52 – Should be B. (its wrongly given in Assam yearbook) see other sources as wikipedia and Assam Forest report
    Q53 – C (Ivory trade is illigal therefore shortage of Ivory)
    Q54 –
    Q55 – B
    Q56 – A (Arunachal Pradesh)
    Q57 – D
    Q58 – C (As it will destroy the albedo effect of the earth and sea will be devoid of cold ocean currents coming from the poles which moderates earth’s temperature)
    Q59 – A
    Q60 – A
    Q61 – C
    Q62 – C
    Q63 – B (gandhara)
    Q64 – B
    Q65 – D
    Q66 – A
    Q67- D
    Q68 – D (Cabinet mission plan)
    Q69 – D
    Q70 – C (Frontier officer – had special powers)
    Q71 – A (Neog)
    Q72 – C (Surampha)
    Q73 – B (P. Das)
    Q74 – D (Dandi March was from Sabarmati and not wardha) (Correction: Point is correct. Option should be B)
    Q75 – D (Bhanu Athaiya for film Gandhi)
    Q76 – B
    Q77 – B (It says Maidan and not Maidam) could be a spelling error also.
    Q78 – B (portland cement)
    Q79 – B (14th century)
    Q80 – C
    Q81 – C (Its was also known as Dickey Bird Plan)
    Q82 – D (Vajpayee)
    Q83 – B
    Q84 – B
    Q85 – B (117,152)
    Q86 – D (5:50)
    Q87 – A (As all four are from diff continents and not homogeneous) Should not be D as all are capitals but Guwahati is not as it is Dispur.
    Q88 –
    Q89- A
    Q90- B (51)
    Q91 – C friday
    Q92 – B
    Q93 – A
    Q94 – D
    Q95 – A (Also known as August Kranti of 1942)
    Q96 – A
    Q97 – A – Piyali Phukan (Edited by wrong answer. Correct answer is C, Gomdhar Konwar)
    Q98 – C
    Q99 – A (RSPQ)
    Q100 – D Sanjib Barua (

  21. Anurag on said:

    I will try to post the Geography Answer key also.
    Thanks. If any discrepancies, please feel free to correct

  22. Anurag,

    Thanks a lot. We really appreciate your work.

    Few answers / corrections (in GS Series A):
    Q54 C
    Q88 C
    Q97 C

  23. Sarfraz Nawaz on said:

    87 C Goa is a state and rest are cities

  24. Sarfraz Nawaz on said:

    80 A Rudra Singha built the Rang Ghar with bamboo and thatch. Later it was rebuilt by Pramatta Singha using mortar.

  25. Anurag on said:

    As per as textbook goes regarding the Rang Ghar, What Sarfraz said is true. But on the information board of the Rang Ghar itself, the credit has been given to Pramatta Singha. It means that under ASI records Pramatta Singa is the one who built it in its current form(which qualifies as Govt of India / Assam official record regarding this). Therefore I strongly believe that answer is Pramatta Singha.

  26. Anurag on said:

    I apologise. My mistake. The answer to Q97 is Gomdhar konwar. Option C. (Political history of Assam – H.K.Barpujari – Page 19)

  27. The plaque in front of Rang Ghar says that it was built by Pramatta Singha. But yes, point given by Nawaz is also correct.

  28. mridul on said:

    So far as selection for mains is concerned about 2900 candidates will be selected (11Times the total no of vacancies)

  29. Hi Anurag,can u tell me if the previous year mains questions(gs+optional) of apsc is/will be available in assam.any link to order them online? pls share the info (even visitors of this site can share).pls share the shop names too in optionals are maths+chemical engg.thanks in advance and i appreciate this useful discussion as apsc forum is scarce on internet.

  30. my score in prelims is 66+ in gs and 72+ in optional and hoping to clear the prelims

  31. Raja on said:

    Sir,what was last yr’s cutoff ? If u can pleas shed some light on it will immense helpful for the new comers to hav an idea abt this year too. As far as my speculations concerned cutoff would b in between 245-260 . Is my guessing is correct ? I hav taken into count the confusing nature of GS paper where 100 is a standard score and ease of optionals where 150 is enough to clear the premiums round ? is my assumption close to approximation ? taking into account 41000 candidates too !

  32. Anurag on said:

    More number of Candidates does not guarantee a high cutoff as competition is among only a handful of serious candidates. Even if 5 Lakh appear as in the case of UPSC, cutoff seldom goes beyond 55%. Its the creamy layer of candidates who decide the cutoff and not the sheer number. As far as this year goes I believe it should be in the range of 220 – 255/260 keeping in mind the difficulty level of questions. Your views ADMIN?

  33. Correct. We discussed the topic with two persons who cleared APSC last year. According to them, cutoff will be around 55-60%. They pointed that competition for govt jobs has increased significantly. Candidates preparing for USPC also sits in APSC exam. So, some good competition among the top scorers can be expected. But that won’t make any huge difference. Looks like we went a little too far north!

  34. i invite all of you to please add this group to your facebook profile

  35. it is a discussion forum for apsc..
    plz add yourself we can have these discussion on fb where other can also join us..

  36. According to official RTI reply of Joint Directer UPSC, the cut-off for Prelims-2010 is as following
    (wth subject)


  37. Anurag on said:

    Hi Avi. I got the previous years papers from vendors who were on the footpath in front of the APSC building in Khanapara. I think they are going to return once prelims results are out. I will let you know once they are back as I live very near to that place

  38. manash neog on said:

    hello i have expected to get 250 exactly , iam obc candidate what are my chances………….

  39. subrata dutta on said:

    plz provide the key answers of optional paper Political science. wzt was the cut off marks in 2009 apsc prelim exam…….give reply as soon as possible, eagerly waiting……

  40. kishorjit das on said:

    hi anurag,thanx ,your effort is laudable, i am confused about the answer to q. no 27.(answer-Telecommunication),i searched in the net and several sites showing service sector (banking,finance) as the largest sector in terms of fdi inflow,please clarify if u have more info..

  41. FDI is highest in Service sector.

  42. Moon on said:

    Anurag has done a great job by providing the keys here.But, I think there are a few exceptions in some of those answer keys.Let me describe below.
    Series A
    Q no 34.The question line was “The terra-cotta industry in Assam has developed in”
    There is no doubt that it should be dhuburi, not goalpara.Because Dhuburi is far ahead than Goalpara in this case AT THE MOMENT.The village “Asharikandi” itself in Dhuburi.I know that it was a part of Goalpara a long time back , but it is now in Dhuburi and look at the “HAS” in the question…:D

    Q no 38. It is a critical question. Only option A seems to be correct, not all.It is because “planning commission was not defined in the constitution” option is only true.
    Members and the vice chairman do have a fixed term in office and they retires after the term expires.It is upto government to decide whether the members will be replaced or not.Regarding the other option, it is also false.How can one become a member of planning commission without having any minimum educational qualification.All the members are specialists from various fields(basically economists). Some googling may help all to understand this fact.

    Q no 43. This question was related to disinvestment and it was asking which was not correct in respect of the term disinvestment.Reduction of public debt,A process of privatization and Revival of public sector enterprises express the same meaning as disinvestment do.So the option C is correct in this regard.

    Q no 87. This is one of the most controversial question of this paper.You have mentioned a good point about option A. But it is not as strong as option B and C are making themselves.In B, Tibet is a province of China and other three are independent nations. In option C Goa is a state while other three are cities.In D, all are capital cities (Though capital of Assam is Dispur, capital city is Guwahati) and in point A ,all are United Nation members.So both option B and C are correct and APSC should give marks to all who attempted this question unless they are not thinking that option B implies neighbors of India and assume that only option C is correct.

    Q no 80. It is written on wikipedia too that Ranghar was built by Pramatta Singha. But as it was first started by Rudra Singha with bamboo and wood and then permanently built by Pramatta Singha(According to Assamese textbooks) ,APSC should consider both these options as correct or they should tell us which one is wrong! Our textbooks or the boards at Ranghar Bakori.

    NB: Q no 5 is not controversial according to this question paper. C is correct answer here according to a hint given in another question in this question paper itself.

    Thank you all.

  43. Moon on said:

    I would like to add here that keys for remaining 94 questions (including the correction made by the Admin) are 100% correct and genuine.

  44. kishorjit das on said:

    Moon, thanx for your updation,which sector attracted highest fdi in india ?service or telecommunication?

  45. kishorjit das on said:

    i m expecting 270-280/400 (OBC-male), m i in the safe zone or not?

  46. kishorjit das on said:

    can anybody provide keys to economics optional..

  47. Anurag on said:

    Hi Moon.

    As far as 38. Answer is option D as ” some Central Ministers are selected as members of the commission” (min do not have any min edu qualification) and since it is a non-constitutional and non-statutory body, there is no fixed tenure as being a non-statutory body, the decisions as taken by an executive body of ministers and even though members come and go, their tenure is not mentioned anywhere (See Indian polity book by Lakshmikant – Chap 44)

    Q43 – Answer is B (not C) is correct as reduction in public debt is there in disinvestment and (C) is also there which is clearly mentioned by of Department of Disinvestment (Link:

    Q44 – I consider Q5 as controversial because ( The 42nd Amendment also amended the Preamble and changed the characterization of India from “sovereign democratic republic” to a “sovereign, socialist secular democratic republic”, )

    Q34 – option is C as corrected by moon

    Q87 – I have left it to the discretion of APSC!

    Q80 – It was an Ambiguous question hope both A and C are correct. Or otherwise have to file an RTI for Questions 80 and 5

  48. Anurag on said:

    Please Ignore “Q44″ and read it as “Q5″

  49. Anurag on said:

    Rest I have all left to God. Good luck to all of you and prepare for mains even though you think you are getting through. Because It will always help you.
    Bye everybody.

  50. Alim uddin sheikh on said:

    when da result will declered

  51. Manjil Kr Borgohain on said:

    Pls provide the ans keys for Computer Sc paper

  52. xyzlmn on said:

    sir,it is sure that my apsc prelims 13 score will be in between 224-230.And i officially come to know that last year general cutoff was have i some chance for surviving?

  53. karam on said:

    what is the cut off mark for OBC
    can any one tell me…

  54. bihuti on said:

    plz provide answers for GEOGRAPHY paper….d dangerous paper of APSC 2013!!!!

  55. hi anurag,thanks for the info regarding mains book.but as m not in guahati (am in delhi) can u tell me what will be the easiest way to secure the mains papers and whether the papers will be available for my chosen optionals(maths+chemical engg).pls respond

  56. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Hey frens, does anybody have an idea regarding the syllabus of GS (Mains) and General English paper? Will there be questions in GS (Mains) from our state, or will it be like UPSC GS (Mains). Also, what will the General English paper contain. Thanks.

  57. APSC Mains GS syllabus is almost similar to UPSC Mains GS. But, there will be some Assam related questions. English paper also looks similar to UPSC. Precis, essay, comprehension, grammar, paragraph writing etc.

  58. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Thank you admin. Will APSC publish the answer keys first and then the results, or will they publish only results? When can we expect the prelims results? When will the Mains take place? Can you please upload previous papers of GS Mains and History and Geography Main optional papers in your website since i cannot get them. Am staying in a remote place in cachar district. Thank you.

  59. Sazid on said:

    I do not understand as to why the Commission has not published / uploaded the answer keys as yet. Well, all apart, Anurag’s effort is really commendable. In all likelihood, I am striking 124 in the GS paper.

    Anyone ready with the Indian History stuff ?

  60. PHENOIX on said:

    Hi everybody could anybody provide me with history optional prelim answer.

  61. thanks anurag..

  62. B I Laskar on said:

    Thnks Admn for da forum. Can u pls upload previous year main papers, atlesst GS and English.

  63. anybody please upload political science paper of 2013 optional..

  64. subrata dutta on said:

    thnx anurag for uploading GS key answers.
    what was the exact cut off marks in 2009 apsc prelim exam for general category candidates……..

  65. Abbas on said:

    IN ALL PROBABILITY, CUT OFF THIS YEAR WILL BE NOT MORE THAN 260 !!! (mine coming out to be 290….just keeping fingers crossed….hey join me at facebook

  66. Rananjyoti on said:

    i think cut of mark this time will be more than 270 mark. here i would like to draw your attention that all answer provided by you are not correct. for example FDI is highest in service sector not in telecommunication. secondly the financial bill is not money bill and hence the correct answer is D not budget as you stated. further the global warming question answer is A not C as you stated. on question no 87 the answer is B not any other option because the Tibet is not country other are country. in the rest some are city and other are country. these are my keen observation. hope you will clearify

  67. tushar on said:

    I have inquired about apsc mains papers , these are not available in pan bazar or in the footpath outside the commission office. pan bazar booksellers say the main papers will be available after bihu or atmost after pre result is declared. i have the tel number of book shop, if some one wants to inquire then i can provide it.
    Is it sure that result will be declared in january. isn’t it too early.

  68. I believe the answer in the key is correct as Budget is not a money bill. money bill means where there is expenditure from the CFI or there is taxation of some kind. But in budget there are other issues as well policies that are discussed. Financial bills are of two types 1 and 2. Type 1 requires presidential accent and thus is like any money bill.

  69. Sarfraz Nawaz on said:

    Now this is interesting. For Q. No 87 I was going with C as Goa is a state and the rest are cities. But now I see it. The correct answer is A.
    Except A all the other options have an odd one out.
    In case of B it is Bhutan as it is not a country.
    In case of C it is Goa as it is a state and the rest cities.
    In case of D it is Guwahati as the rest are capitals and it is not.
    It is only A that is homogeous as all are countries. Singapore is a country for some who don’t know it.
    Therefore the odd combination is A as it is homogenous and the others are not.

  70. uttara das on said:

    gud afternoon sir, my optional subject was good but my g.s subject was not so good (i.e. 60-40) is there any scope for me to qualify prelims. plz rply sir, i m worried.

  71. uttara das on said:

    sir when we will get our prelims results plz rply

  72. Sarfraz Nawaz on said:

    Sorry I meant Tibet and not Bhutan. Typo is regretted.

  73. subrata dutta on said:

    hi Tushar
    plz give me the mobile no. of the book shop, Pan Bazar from where i can get the previous year apsc mains exam question paper………

  74. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Admin, pl upload the previous years GS mains paper if you can. Thanks.

  75. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    I have going through all these comments for the last few days.Firstly I would like to thank Anurag for sharing the solutions link,b’coz like others I was also desperately waiting for the answers for a few questions.Anyway,I would like to share a few questions and as my set was C,I could not tally the questions in my set with set A.
    1.Regarding Ranghar,I fully agree with Moon,as it was Rudra Singha ,during whose reign the Ranghar was started.later on it was given a concrete shape by Pramatta Singha.The Com may accept both the answers as correct.
    2.On the Planning Commission question,Moon is correct,because along with a few ministers who do not possess any specific educational qualifications,there are other members for whom knowledge in the field of economics is a mandatory qualification.So,the option A should be correct.
    3.Regarding the calorie based defination of poverty ,it was in the 5th Five Year Plan according to Arihants GK Book(Minimim Needs Prog and Def of Pocerty was given in the 5th Five Year Plan.)
    4.Regarding the Maidan question,friends do you think that APSC would set such an easy question compared to the other questions in the GS paper.(it is known to everyone that Maidan means large fields).If the assumption of Anurag is correct and it should be Maidam instead of Maidan(could be spelling error),the answer is A-the elaborate burial tanks of the Ahom kings.
    Regarding,the declaration of results,I would like to inform you all that in 2011 the exam was held on the 11th Dec & results were declared on the 30th Jan,12 (approx 50 days) So,I am not expecting the results before Feb,2014.
    Regarding the no.of candidates to be shortlisted for the mains,I am sure that it will not less than 2650 at the minimum (241×11),as per the data of last exam,2011.
    Regarding cut off,I agree with Anurag when he says that more number of candidates does not guarantee a high cutoff as competition is among only a handful of serious candidates.Friends,260(65%) should be the maximum cutoff in my view taking into account the GS paper.
    Keeping my fingers crossed….hoping for the best…!!!

  76. R.Jytoi on said:

    Here I have to clarify that the answer of question no14 will be D that is financial bill. as you know that article 110 of the Indian constitution deal with money bill while financial bill has mentioned in article 117 of the constitution. financial bill has two part; part I and part II. so all money bill are financial bill in one or other way but all financial bill are not money bill. only the part of financial bill which has inclusion of article 110 matters that only consider as money bill. so Money bill are financial bill but all financial bill are not money bill. according to the question no 14 the question is which of the following is not money bill? so obviously answer is financial bill. Secondly question no 40, minimum need program was introduced in six five year plan hence answer is C. Qustion no 54 answer will be A that is Limestone.

    Kindly request to all not to follow the Santanu Kausik book for pre or mains. Due to following of his book i have incorrected more than 5 questions. there is many error in the book. not referable for competitive exam. the national park information has also error in his book.

  77. Tushar on said:

    Hi subrata,
    1. Heritage book shop, M.L.N Road, opp. Ghar furniture, panbazar. 0361-2630803, 9864330332
    2. Gyan deep booksellers, jaswant rod, pan bazar. 9954496830. 10;30 am to 08;30 pm. sunday closed.
    I inquired on 10th , they said the papers will be available after bihu.

  78. rjyoti on said:

    which of the following is not money bill? answer is D, Financial Bill. as you all know that money bill deal with article 110 and finacial bill in article 117(i) and 117(ii). all money bill are financial bill but all financial bill are not money bill. only those finacial bill are money bill which has provision of aritcle 110. so answer is D. for reference see Laxmikant and DD basu. thanks. on question question no 54 answer is A that is limestone.

  79. Sazid on said:

    Bimal’s point # 4 holds logic.

  80. subrata dutta on said:

    Hi everybody,
    which word was first included in the preamble SECULAR or SOCIALIST……

  81. Subrata,
    Both Secular and Socialist words were added at the same time, during 42nd amendment. The 42nd amendment states “for the words “SOVEREIGN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC” the words “SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC” shall be substituted”. That question is incomplete and both B & C should be considered correct.

  82. Abbas on said:


  83. pari on said:

    Can anybody provide apsc mains general english and general studies syllabus?

  84. tushar on said:

    apsc mains general english and general studies syllabus will be provided by apsc in their website after pre result.

  85. tushar on said:

    did you inquired about the main papers from the book sellers

  86. subrata dutta on said:

    thanks for uploading the mobile no. of the book shop. I am trying to get the mains paper.

  87. kaushik on said:

    can i change my optional in mains,apart from the one chosen for the prelims?

  88. rjyoti on said:

    Here I am providing the to all the apsc optional political science answer key. hope it will help to evaluate
    Q1. Answer. D.
    2. A
    3. A
    4. D
    5 C
    6. B
    7. B

  89. Rjyoti,
    Thanks for the APSC answer key. We really appreciate your work.

  90. anupam saikia on said:

    Hi Rjyoti,
    Thanks for posting the answerkey. Some of the options, in my view, are not correct. Here are they with explanations:

    4. According to Doctrine of divine right of king, King is not subjected to any earthly authority neither any will of the people but to the will of the God. In case of catholic states, in medieval period, the state was a religious entity subjected to the authority of Pope but he is also considered as representative of God. Hence correct answer in my opinion is A.

    10. A dictator state is not responsive to the will of the people as it is afraid of popular democracy. But some of the political and civil rights can be conferred with much more restriction in a dictator state (just like a federation becomes unitary under article 356 and 358). But whenever will of people comes into the scene, the tendency of the state ‘barometer’ tilts towards democracy. Hence correct answer should be D.

    16. Aristotle, the father of political science considered political Science as the master of all sciences. If political science is considered only as natural science like Physics, Chemistry where natural world is exposed through experiments and quantitative measures the humanistic approach would be neglected. Hence Political science is both science and arts i.e. option A.

    31. Option B i.e. State was created by the God.

    77. Option is C. The universal declaration of human rights was adopted by General Assembly on 10 December, 1948. Ref

    84. Option is A i.e. SC. In UK, the highest court of appeal is The Supreme Court which was established by Part 3 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005 and started work on 1 October 2009. Before that it was the judicial committee of House of Lords. Ref

  91. Pari on said:

    Can anybody provide me the history answer keys?

  92. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Regarding the Political Science Paper,I would like to make a few corrections.
    Q No.7-A ( Hobbes and Locke’s view of state of nature was pre-social & Rousseau’s was pre-political)
    Q No.16-D ( Pol Sc is a social science)
    Q No.31-B( According to Divine Origin Theory of State,State was created by God)
    Q No.37-B ( Indian Constitution has been divided into 22 Chapters)
    Q No.77-C ( UN Declaration of Human Rights was in 1948)
    Q No 78-D (In the United States,the pressure groups make concentrated efforts to influence the Committees)
    Q No.84-A ( Since the establishment of the Supreme Court in the UK in 2009,SC is the highest court of appeal..earlier it was the House of Lords)

  93. tanvir on said:

    can anybody provide answer key of law paper.

  94. karam on said:

    can any1 can get me the computer science ans key

  95. Thanks Anurag for GS answer keys.Can anyone provide answer keys for the optional subject EDUCATION?

  96. RITU JI on said:

    Hello frndz……
    Anyone wid the answer keys 2 the geography paper of APSC 2013 plzz…upload…
    Waiting 4 a respone by anyone

  97. Rupam sarma on said:

    With different kind of permutaion and combinations like questions pattern / attendance/previous years etc. the CUT-OFF will not go 220, i.e. if some one has corrected 55 markd both in optional and GS, he is safe.

  98. angshuman nath on said:

    plz provide the key answers of optional paper Law

  99. Series D History

    1 A
    2 D
    3 C
    4 B
    5 C
    6 D
    7 D
    8 A
    9 A
    10 D
    11 D
    12 A
    13 C
    14 B
    15 D
    16 B
    17 D
    18 A
    19 B
    20 C
    21 C
    22 B
    23 B
    24 C
    25 D
    26 C
    27 B
    28 C
    29 B
    30 D
    31 A
    32 C
    33 B
    34 D
    35 c
    36 A
    37 C
    38 D
    39 A
    40 A
    41 A
    42 B
    43 D
    44 A
    45 C
    46 C
    47 D
    48 C
    49 B
    50 C
    51 C
    52 B
    53 B
    55 A
    56 C
    57 D
    58 B
    59 B
    60 B
    61 C
    62 D
    63 A
    64 A
    65 C
    66 B
    67 A
    68 A
    69 A
    70 B
    71 A
    72 D
    73 D
    74 D
    75 C
    76 A
    77 D
    78 B
    79 D
    80 C
    81 B/D
    82 A
    83 D
    84 A
    85 A/C
    86 D
    87 B
    88 A
    89 C
    90 D
    91 D
    92 D
    93 B
    94 B
    95 B
    96 B
    97 C
    98 D
    99 B
    100 A

  100. swarali neog on said:


    I am little confused regarding the Main examination pattern. Are general English and optional English paper the same or 2 different subjects? I have pol science as one of the optionals and planning to take sociology as the other one. do i study gen English or as per the English syllabus under optionals list. Please help.

  101. Chiranjeev,
    Thanks for posting the APSC 2013 History Answer key. We really appreciate your work.

  102. Swarali,
    No they are different. General English syllabus is different from that of English language Optional. The General English paper contains precis writing, essay, comprehension and grammar (sentence creation, antonym/synonym, sentence rewriting etc) questions.

  103. Sazid on said:

    Hi Chiranjeev,

    Can you provide slight reference of the answers laid down by you so that candidates who answered other sets can tally ?

  104. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Hey Abbas and Rupam,tum dono key muh pe ghee chakkar…(regarding your comments about the cut off)…as b’coz I m going to get a score between 260-270..any more such comments within my range are STRONGLY & DESPERATELY AWAITED…(at least for d dil ka sukoon for d next 15 days)..!!

  105. jit das on said:

    i m providing the answer keys (went through standard text,input from friends) to Economics optional ..
    1. A
    2 C
    3 D
    4 D
    5 D
    6 D
    7 C
    8 D
    9 A
    10 B
    11 D
    20D(both b & d are correct but D is more prominent)
    24 B(both A & B are correct since both inferior and essential good decreases as income increases)
    94B(since economic survey also collects information about unemployment C may also correct)

  106. Rupam sarma on said:

    Hi Bimal,as per your comment you have corrected minimum 65% in prelims which is almost confirmatoru for ACS aspirants.Just wait and see.

  107. Rupam sarma on said:

    CAN ANY ONE PLEASE SHARE education PAPER? most candidates had this as a subject.

  108. Jit,

    Thanks for posting APSC 2013 Economics answer key. We really appreciate your work.

  109. @sazid there was only one set……by mistake I wrote Series D….actually that was my GS series …..

  110. Pinky on said:

    Thank u very much to all for updating your views, comments and ans keys..Can anybody post the ans keys of optional Education paper?

  111. swarali neog on said:

    Thanks a lot!

  112. Arun on said:

    Hi, Jit. Thanks for the of economics answer keys. Agree with most of your answers barring a few-

    8. B (must be demand deposit. time deposit is for a fixed term, so can not be converted to money instantly)
    10. A ( in this special case for inferior goods demand curve slopes downward)
    22. D (zero)
    47. C (fisher- cash balance equation, keynes- real balance equation)
    56. B (if we can measure utility in quantitative terms, it must be a cardinal measure)
    60. B (stagflation)
    69. C (from a pure economic definition it must be C. B- ‘an activity’ can not be a definition of method of production. So we can rule out B and thus D also.
    78. A
    86. B (Direct tax- because it can not be shifted to another person)
    99. D (17.64%)

  113. sudhir on said:

    Whats d date of declaration of result??

  114. kalyani on said:

    is there any chance of selecting more female candidates than male bcos of the reserved seats for women???

  115. PHENOIX on said:

    could anybody provide me the last two years official cut off marks for open category

  116. C saikia on said:

    in these days, we are hearing so many comments, views regarding cut off… don’t know actually wht will be happed.. but everyone can predicts………but the important thing is that some people are saying that there is no reservation policy in prelims.. is it true? kindly someone plz give the actual information regarding reservation…….thnks!!!

  117. there is reservation policy in prelims……..

  118. jit das on said:

    Hi arun,
    Thanx for For correction.I have a doubt on inferior good question(10).normally when price falls and real income rises consumer buys less inferior goods and substitute superior goods.hence demand curve seems to slope upward(fall in price leads to less demand & vice versa).can u throw some more light on the question..

  119. 2651 – 2892 will clear the prelims…(11-12: vacancy)

  120. Rashmi on said:

    I want confirmation regarding reserved seats for women? Will it be for the prelims? Admin pls rply….

  121. Arun on said:

    Yes Jit. You are right. I think I made an error of judgement there. When substitution effect is greater than Income effect, the demand curve will slope upward. Sorry for the error.

  122. george on said:

    was there official confirmation that using whitener will lead to cancellation.

  123. jit das on said:

    yes,computer cant scan it

  124. Rupam sarma on said:

    Rashmi, Women reservation will be there in prelims, don’t worry!!

  125. C saikia on said:

    when will apsc declare result ?

  126. saurav on said:

    i went to apsc offce fw days back… thy told reslt wil b out by mid feb……

  127. Diganta on said:

    Cut off 2013 Acs (prlim)240/400 for Gen cate.230 for
    OBC. 225 for Sc.220 for ST.

  128. Diganta on said:

    Thise year 2651 or 2892 qualifly for mains. Women rese
    rved 748 or 816.for mains.

  129. Pinky on said:

    can anybody provide the ans key of Education paper? please….

  130. mandip on said:

    I hope 270/400 would be good enough to gt through prelims

  131. Manjil Kr Borgohain on said:

    If 2892 is correct then may be selectn wud be as follows
    1.Women res-867

  132. b.saikia on said:

    sir, will held this year apsc exam again?

  133. Diganta on said:

    Kaushik u can changed optional 4 Main exam

  134. saurav on said:

    @manjil…. for sc there r only 8 vac. not more than 100 wil clrar pt… i guess ratio will be 1:13 at most like upsc.

  135. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    I agree with Saurav..similarly if 12 times the no of vacancies clear the prelims from the open category…the no of candidates clearing the prelims from the OC will not be less than 1500(127 vacancy for OC X 12=1524)

  136. Abbas on said:

    One thing… Optional papers had no Series number on them.

  137. Mukesh on said:

    ans of opt history
    1. Ans 0f history opt Question no13 should be “D” Nearchos as he was also a commander of Alexander and commended the troops during returing from india by se route.
    Refer Prtiyogita darpan additional issue. or any other books.
    2. Ans of question 30 is “A” refer Dr Malti malik Book specially issued for 11th standeard and also other books i.e. he realised that he could not control north from there.
    3. Ans of Question 25 is “C” market control policy for which he is called by historian a economician or arthshastri for medival indian.
    4.Ans of Question no 54 should be “D” as, as per ilbert bill indians judge can also trial for English man however before that bill in rule there was no inequalities i.e. equal for all for any crime . hence it should be “D” none of above .
    5. Ans of Question no 60 should be ‘A’ as Toder Mall contribution in land tax reform
    6. Ans of 65 should be “D’” as the main intention of british to divide the east bengal’s muslims to break the unity between both community and movement of congress will be suppressed easily.

    all are requested to give comments on these ans with reference of of standard book .

  138. pranjal dewri on said:

    APSC prelims GS paper-13 only 30/35 percent less tough than UPSC prelims paper-1(13).So I expect cut off will low as compared to the last year but it is not going to make huge difference in respect of cut off .Aspirant scoring 60/65 percent in both paper can expect to crack the prelims.

  139. sudhir on said:

    Is their any negative markings in xam???
    Or minimum marks reqd to be scored in each paper??

  140. swarali neog on said:


    There is no -ve marking or min marks reqd subject wise

  141. amit on said:

    can anybody plz upload the answer keys of Sociology?? thank you

  142. swarali neog on said:

    guys need some info. there is lot of speculation about the use of whitener/ eraser in prelims OMR answer sheet. can somebody shed some light on it..the instructions just said not to cross off any answer. I have erased an answer completely and then circled another one. will it lead to overall cancellation of the answer sheet or just that particular question. OMR product website says it’s ok to do so but getting tensed now. any correct information on this subject, please share

  143. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Will somebody kindly share the names of books along with the authors covering the sociology paper for the mains…wl b very grateful..!!!

  144. Swarali,

    Using Whitener or eraser in OMR sheets is not advised. But as per our knowledge, APSC rejects an answer sheet only when roll number, question booklet no, Series Code (in the GS Paper) or subject code is absent. In case of a correction, OMR reader might mark that answer as wrong (as it might read two bubbles). But it is unlikely that the whole answer sheet will be marked ZERO. So, no need to worry.

    Update: Yes, Monuj is right. APSC advertisement prohibited use of whitener. But that is a standard procedure in case of all exams that use OMR. Even UPSC don’t reject answer sheets that use whitener (personal experience). Check last years rejection list. Did APSC rejected a single answer sheet on that ground? No. Use of whitener or correction fluid is prohibited because in the process of correction a candidate might leave unwanted stray marks in the sheet. Stray marks in the OMR sheet can easily confuse OMR reader. If one uses whitener properly, just inside the bubble, there shouldn’t be any problem.

  145. Monuj on said:

    Whitener can’t be use in OMR answer sheet in any exam. For APSC also it is clearly mentioned in the main advertisement of the CCE, 2013. check the link

  146. swarali neog on said:

    Thanks!! that’s a huge load off my back!! i got really worked up reading all the comments in various forums

  147. sudhir on said:

    When are results coming???

  148. anand kand on said:

    history Q.No. 25 it is (D) as ala-ud-din is known for repeatedly defending mongol invasion and for his market control policy.

  149. Moni on said:

    Can any body plz provide the ans key of Education paper?

  150. Angikar Borgohain on said:

    printing mistake jodi najanu but… apsc homepage’ot apsc mains exam structure tu junkhini details dia ase , taat optional paper gikhonor time limit 2 hours buli likha ase…. kotha tu hosa hoi jaanu..?? jodi hosa hoi tentey rules change hoise saage…kaaron aagor optional bilakor ekei total marks i.e 200 and duration tu 3 hours… kotha tu kunubai bujai diley bhaal hobo !!!

  151. Angikar,

    That is a mistake! That particular information was posted even before the last years APSC exam (we can confirm that by looking at the page as on April, 2009). Last year it was 3 hours. So, no need to worry. This year also duration will be 3 hours.

  152. Jyotishman on said:

    If any body can provide sociology paper answer keys,will be very grate ful


  153. Angikar Borgohain on said:

    ok…thanks…well i always tend to forget that such kind of howlers are pretty much expected from APSC..

  154. ABBAS MIRZA on said:


  155. Can someone tell when will the prelims result declare

  156. Saurav on said:

    Anyone please suggest a good book for sociology Paper-1. Are books for mains out in market?

  157. Manash on said:

    Dear anurag, plz try to provide the answers of Geography optional…still not sure on atleast 5 to 10 answers…

  158. APSC 2013 Prelims (GS) Question Paper is now available online. We know, it is late. But we hope that future candidates will find it useful. Feedback and corrections are welcome.

  159. Manash on said:

    Dear saurav, u cn check- C N shankar rao & IGNOU BA notes of sociology..However, one thing I must have to say that the syllabus of 1st paper is so frustrating that a serious candidate can hardly like to study such outdated and half baked syllabus because the core of the subject like scope of sociology, social institutions ,stratification & mobility , culture etc are nowhere available. It is something like a toothless wonder..So my experience says ncert +acs guide bk of Doley is more than sufficient..

  160. saurav on said:

    @Manash,.. really its frustrating! I’m following IGNOU for paper-2. But for paper-1, I could find some topics in IGNOU (50%), for remaining- no idea yet. I think I’ll have to follow those books available in market written for mains.. I dont advice anyone to buy those “bad” books… but in helpless situation we are bound to do that…

  161. saurav on said:

    @Manash, .. ACS guide book by Doley is for sociology? Is it available in market?

  162. Lipeka saikia. on said:

    Plz infm me moi acs mains GS+optional paper ans Assamese t likhibo parimne?plz

  163. anand kand on said:

    any book for history –II

  164. Manash on said:

    Hi saurav ,I think the latest edition of sociology mains by Doley is not yet available. however, last year’s some copy are still available in the market..The guys who cracked ACS last yr with sociology advised me – this book infact gives us gd idea on the anatomy of the syllabus i.e. wht to study & wht not to study..surfing internet also helped them a lot in sociology 1st paper…hv a gd day..

  165. tushar on said:

    Does anyone know what was the marks obtained by first candidate last year in ACS. What are the best optionals for cracking ACS?

  166. Sandeep on said:

    Books for history paper 2?

  167. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:


    Q No.72-Regarding the king who was nicknamed Bhagraja,adm has taken Surampha as correct,whereas in their Assam Answers section ,they have shared that it is Sutamla..isn’t it very very confusing(waiting for d reply of adm)
    Q No.38- Plan Com-Answer should be A instead of D as besides a few political members in the Com,there are others for whom knowledge in economics is a mandatory qualification.
    Q No.46-Defination of Poverty & Minimum Needs Programme was in the 5th Plan.(Arhinats GK-which I beleive to be more reliable in comparison to those who become writers over-nite after APSC ads,whose books are full of printing mistakes and are least concerned about those who will buying their books blindly in the hope of cracking the APSC exams)
    Q No.54-Longloi…Koilajan…answer will be limestone not coal .
    Q.No-62-Investment in renewable energy sector,answer should be C..

  168. Regarding Question No 72:
    Bhaga raja : Surampha (1641-44 AD)
    Bhagania raja : Sutamala or Jayadhwaj singha (1648-63)

  169. Debajit Goswami on said:

    This is a very informative and interactive forum. Can someone post the answer keys for Sociology (CC Prelims, 2013), please?

  170. Q 54 – Longloi, Koilajan, Silbheta, Khumabaman – coal is found in those places. Govt of Assam document clearly mentions that. Can someone provide any reference which proves that those are related to limestone?
    Q 62. – We missed that renewable energy sector answer. But our draft says it is C (China, USA, India).
    Q 72 – Bhaga raja was Surampha. But our answer pointed towards Bhagania Roja. It was an unintended mistake. Sorry.

  171. swarali neog on said:

    Adding to the GS Answer key thread…

    The correct answer for Q54: C: Coal. refer to
    page-25, second para

  172. enigma on said:


    regarding q.42, its csto which is responsible for national income aggregate, not nsso..

    q.45:answer is either 1944 or 1937. because systematic planning was not yet started in 1934, though a book was published.only in 1938, at the initiative of subhash bose , a planning comission was established by the congress party. however another serious attempt was made in 1944. so either of it might be correct, but since option 1938 is not there in the question, answer might be 1944.

    q.48. the answer should be steppe,though i myself marked siberian plain

  173. swarali neog on said:

    Q no: 38: correct answer is option A

    It is a non-constitutional (not created by the Constitution) and a non-statutory body (not created by an act of Parliament).The Planning Commission is only a staff agency- an advisory body and has no executive responsibility.
    Some Central Ministers appoint as a part-time member of the commission. In any case , the finance minister and planning minister are the ex-officio (by virtue of) members of the commission.

    The commission has four to seven full time expert members. They enjoy the rank of a minister of state.

    The commission has a member-secretary. He is usually a senior member of IAS.

    The state governments are not represented in the commission in any way. Thus, the Planning Commission is wholly a Centre-constituted body.

  174. enigma on said:

    q .14. finance bills are not money option d is correct.

    q 43. one of the chief aim of disinvestment is unlocking the money from not so profitable/sick public industries to reduce govt dependency on public money/debt.and it is done thorugh the process of privatisation.govt uses this money to finance various social welfare scheme as well as to recapitalize the profitable public sector companies to help them acquire strategic assets or for expansion purpose.the important point here is the term “profitable”,not sick companies.
    so in my opinion the option should be “d”

  175. enigma on said:

    hi swarali, i went through the link. there i found adminstrative reform commission report which talked about fixed term of planning commisision members.u might have refered to that

  176. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Q No-38-Limestone..…/miscpub30-4-2i-assam.pdf page 27 last para and 28 first para

  177. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Sorry The Q No.should be 54(wrongly mentioned as 38)

  178. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Regarding Q.44-What was set up in 1950 for conducting large-scale surveys to meet the data needs of the country for the estimation of the national income and related aggregates—earlier I was also under the impression that it should be CSO,but as NSS was set up in 1950,I think that option B-NSS will be correct answer….Hi,Enigma can
    you provide any reference which proves that the answer will be option D-CSO…!!!

  179. Manab jyoti Medhi on said:

    i m sure of getting around 290 marks .being a general category candidate what is my chance to clear the prelims ,plz reply friends .

  180. enigma on said:

    hi bimal,
    plz refer to the link:

  181. Biswajit on said:

    how they calculate the cut-off mark? some optional subject papers are more easier than others.
    r they use comparative scaling methods? reply plzz…

  182. saurav on said:

    @Manab… 290- I think a good score… But as the paper-1 was too easy many people score 170/180 without hard preparation (its like IIM people scoring 180 in CSAT!)… so paper-2 will make the difference. Those with hard preparation in GS will get good marks in Paper-2. Anyway 290 should be a safe score.

  183. Bimal,

    Refer 2nd para of page 25 in the document you mentioned. It clearly mentions “Coal exposures are located from Koilajan, Selvetta area, Khunbaman Range, Khota Arda, Garampani, Dithor Dishai nala and minor occurrences at a few places along Diphu nala, Nambar River and Daigurung River, Tisomgaon, Longlai, Lungi, Lataang Umrangshu, Dehangi, Khorangora and Hamagisim areas.”

  184. Manjil on said:

    Rgrdng q:45 I go wth @enigma

  185. Manjil on said:

    Requesting admin to provide reference regarding national park qns

  186. Manjil,

    For the National parks question, we referred and some other govt pages. But none of the options matches. We found that actual kaziranga area was 430. The value 858.98 sq km includes 6 separate (including proposed) additions. Or did they used value 950 sq km as area of Manas? That area is available in several websites, including one GOI site. As we don’t know the point of view of the person who prepared the question, we decided to go with B as the order of the last three of them (Dibru Saikhowa, Nameri, Orang) matches.

  187. saurav on said:

    A/T Last Economic survey, Assam–
    Kaziranga- 860

  188. swarali neog on said:

    Assam tourism website mentions the following areas:
    Kaziranga: 858sq kms
    Manas: 500 sq kms

  189. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Q No.54-COAL/LIMESTONE-Adm I have gone thru d page but in Page No 27(last Para) & Page 28 (last para) Selvetta & Koilajan..limestone is found in adundance..Plz go thru the 2 para’s below….
    A few scattered occurrences are also found in the
    Karbi Hills. The Selvetta-Meyongdisa area (between
    25º54′: 26º06′ and 93º10′: 93º41′) exposes 15 to 60 m thick
    band within an area of 5 sq. km along the Jamuna valley.
    This limestone is ferruginous and may be suitable only
    for manufacture of “Ferroportland Cement”. Analysis
    shows Fe2 O3 8.38%, CaO 42.38 to 51.9% and MgO
    1.42%. The total reserve of cement grade limestone in this
    area is estimated around 2 million tones. Similar occurrences
    have been found in Chopping and Lengloi hill areas
    about 19 kms north of Lumding
    The largest deposit of limestone in Mikir Hills is
    found in Koilajon area near Dilai. This deposit extends
    over an area of 12 sq km, and has 5 different limestone
    bands (with 47.2% CaO and 1.3% MgO) and is suitable
    for cement manufacture. Inferred reserve for this limestone
    band is about 31 million tonnes. Directorate of Geology
    and Mining, Assam and Indian Bureau of Mines, investigated
    Koilajon deposit in 1962 and estimated a reserve
    of 30 million tonnes of cement grade limestone

  190. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Thanks Enigma…so now can we assume that CSO will be correct answer although it was set up in 1951(not in 1950 as mentioned in the question…!!!

  191. Debajit Goswami on said:

    Hello Admin,

    Confused about Q 77 (GS, Series A). The question is ‘Maidans are…’.

    Shouldn’t the answer be B (large fields)? Had the question been ‘Maidams are…”, the answer would be A (elaborate burial tanks of Ahom nobility and kings).

    Please comment.

  192. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Q No.38-Planning Com…. According to he information shared by Swarali…The commission has four to seven full time expert members. They enjoy the rank of a minister of state…This means they do possess certain educational qualifications.. But in the question there was option C. Its members do not require any minimum educational qualification..So,the option D-All the above cannot be correct..Hence,.the correct option will be none other than A. It is not defined in the Indian Constitution…..your views,Enigma…???

  193. jit das on said:

    Result is likely to be out on 3rd feb.

  194. swarali neog on said:


    as per the information that I have regarding planning commission

    “the organisation of the planning commission is that the Indian Prime Minister is the ex-officio Chairman of the Commission and there is a nominated Deputy Chairman, who is given the rank of a full Cabinet Minister. Cabinet Ministers of India with certain important portfolios act as part-time members of the Commission, while the full-time members are experts of various fields like Economics, Industry, Science and General Administration. The majority of experts in the Commission are economists, making the Commission the biggest employer of the Indian Economic Services. The commission works under the overall governance of the National Development Council. The Deputy Chairman and the full time Members of the Commission, as a composite body, provide advice and guidance to the subject Divisions for the formulation of Five Year Plans, Annual Plans, State Plans, Monitoring Plan Programmes, Projects and Schemes. The Commission works through its various divisions of which there are a total of thirty in number.

  195. tushar on said:

    Do you know the marks obtained by the topper in cce-2009?
    Which optionals are best for cracking apsc?

  196. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Swarali….thanks for the information…that’s what I was saying- besides a few political members in the Com,there are others for whom knowledge in economics is a mandatory qualification…..
    -so,finally can we sum up the discussion and conclude that correct answer to be A – It is not defined in the Indian Constitution instead of D-All the above….???

  197. Mayur on said:

    APSC prelims results are not expected before 2nd week of February….

  198. mandip on said:

    Is apsc going to upload answer key or will declare result without uploading answer key…

  199. Islam on said:

    please provide the answers of civil engineering paper

  200. saurav on said:

    There is no answer for your 2nd question. If there were any such, everyone would opt for those optionals.

  201. Manjil Kr Borgohain on said:

    Well now i hv found manas@950 km²,kaziranga@430 km²

  202. jyoti on said:

    Hey i have heard that this time cut off mark is going to 300. is it correct? when the result will declard can any body tell? i heard that it will be declard on 31st January or 1st Feb 2014.

  203. jit das on said:

    Hi admin
    I think the disinvestment question answer might be D .revival of psu.plz refer to Chapter 2 department of disinvestment ministry of finance govt of india(refer point 2.6)

  204. jit das on said:

    Hi admin
    I think the disinvestment question answer might be D .revival of psu.plz refer to Chapter 2 department of disinvestment ministry of finance govt of india(refer point 2.6).it says privatisation,unlocking resources from non strategic sectors,reduction in public debt are objectives of privatisation..plz share your views.

  205. Sandeep on said:

    Kindly suggest books for history paper 2.

  206. anand kand on said:

    Getting around 240 is there any hope

  207. C saikia on said:

    yeah, m also going to ask the same question…. me too ‘ll get around 240…..

  208. kingshok on said:

    apsc prelims results are going to be declared on 5th or 6th of feb.

  209. animesh on said:

    In history answer keys posted by Mr Chiranjeev, there needs some corrections, like
    Q. no. 13= (D)
    Q. no. 25= (C)
    Q. no. 34= (A)
    Q. no. 38=(A)/(B)/(D) ( as found on internet)
    Q. no. 41= (D)
    Q. no. 49= (D)
    Q. no. 54= (D)
    Q. no. 64=(D)

  210. animesh on said:

    sorry it should be Q. no. 65=(D) instead of Q. no. 64= (D)

  211. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Hey…frndz..results by next week..most probably on 5th…I cld d APSC off…!!!

  212. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Tensed abt d result since ystrday..assumptns regarding cut-ff one aftr nthr are cmng..I m sure same is d case wid all of u..all r in a dilemma..aftr allcalcultns,problts..per & combntn..i hv cum to d foll..
    Last year..220(Ops 120,GS 100)
    Last year GS..100,say..This year a almost 10 Q’s of GS were KHATARNAK…so shd be 90…but as >cand’s aprd nd d those havng histry fared well..I take it to b 110(here though it seems 2 b + 10..actually it is +20 as instead of ded 10,10 has bn added..) final..110
    Last year.Ops 120..dis year 150 (15 more corct Q’s) as > cad’s..(I don’t beleive dat the ops was easy this time..d ops paper is easy every year for all those who studies d text’s thoroughly) final.150
    TOTAL 110+150=260(65%).
    just my final assmptns..because its true dat thr wl b score’s of 320,330..but,I think they will be mere 200/300..d max cand’s will nt score above abt 200/220…d middle layer shd b 220/240…
    I beleive dat > cand’s only because of online app…in d words of Kundal..most shd b Dick nd Harry…so,plz share yr comments..nd APNA APNA DIL KA BOZ HALKA KAREIN…at least for d next 3-4 days…!!

  213. Manjil on said:

    Frm my perspctv cutoff may b nywhr betwn 55-60% 4 d open_cat

  214. anand kand on said:

    Bimal do u clr prele last yr what was cutt off lst yr

  215. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    No..this is my 1st attempt…

  216. Sandeep on said:

    Kindly suggest bonks for history paper 2 ??

  217. C saikia on said:

    but thr r so many candidates who are telling to score like 260, 270 and above it…. i have no chance bcz i m going to score only 235-240… very tensed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. Abbas on said:


  219. saurav on said:

    I did not appear in CCE-2009. I recently submitted an RTI application for CCE-2009 for general and SC category cutoff for various stages (prelims, mains, final selection). Some told me that, if you dint appear in CCE-2009, they will not reply. Is it true? Anybody went through APSC RTI experience?

  220. anand kand on said:

    Sourav U r eligible to file rti , no need to be a applicant for that . I have some experience

  221. rajeh rajbongshi on said:

    Last yr i appr viva nd got 815 last ct of mk 833 in obc ct in prl i got gs 86 nd op128 bt ds yr i wl 235 to 248 so i m confusd bcz of lots of studnt appr exm so nobdy wl know wt wl be happnd

  222. animesh on said:

    Anyone can sought information from any govt./semi govt/psu/ govt funded organization under RTI Act 2005 u/s 2(j).
    last year i secured 126+86=212 or 53% in prelims, in OBC category and qualified for mains, and then viva. This time it may be 54-58% for OBC and 62-66% for gen.
    so guys don’t worry.
    today i learnt that checking of omr ans scripts was over, now members will sit together b4 declaring the results.

  223. tushar on said:

    thanks for the information animesh,
    What are your optional in mains? What is the cutoff for main and interview?

  224. saurav on said:

    In 2009 CCE add was to fill up 83 vacancies. When final result came in 2013, 280 vacancies were filled up (Dont know how this 3.5 fold increase happened). Anyway this year number of vacancies 240. So cut off should be more than last exam…Anyway No need to speculate anything .. result will out in a few days…
    Thanks Anand and Animesh for replying my previous query.

  225. animesh on said:

    my optionals were pol science and sociology. cut off was 833 in obc

  226. animesh on said:

    in respect of saurav’s post i would like 2 state that there were two advtments reg 2009 cce, 1st one was in 2009 while another in 2010 & both were clubbed.

  227. jit das on said:

    Hi guys
    yeah paper evalution is over,APSC ll declare the result on the 5th Feb,i.e day after tommorrow,in the
    evening,on their website…guys. count down starts…..

  228. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Frens, pl tell one date when the results could be declared. Some are saying mid feb and some 5th feb. And they all are saying that they have called up apsc. Kindly predict one exact cum genuine date which we all can expect for. Thanks.

  229. animesh on said:

    on or b4 7th Feb APSC will declare the result.

  230. Dilip on said:

    When there is a question with two correct answers (but you can select only one), the loss is for candidates who know the correct answer. Because, from my previous experience of competitive exams in Assam, I have seen that they cancel that question. For example, Gauhati High Court did this twice.

  231. saurav on said:

    Hope this time GHY HC will not halt the exam! This year is an election year and state govt should stop/pause corruption to get more votes…And only hardworking and deserving candidates be selected.

  232. sudhir on said:

    Does 220 for general hav any chance?///

  233. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:


  234. animesh on said:

    for 220 no chance even for obc

  235. anand kand on said:

    50 /50 hope for 220 in quota

  236. animesh on said:

    how many outsiders are there in prelims? any idea?

  237. anand kand on said:

    Assamese shoukd be mandory subjet in apsc to filter outsider

  238. tushar on said:

    As per the article published in Telegraph there are 2000 outside assam candidates out of total of 70000. How many appeared in pre is not known but we can assume it will be around 1000-1200.

  239. Dilip on said:

    I think, in GS, Set A, answer for Q.87 should be C. Because, Goa is a state, whereas all others are cities.

  240. Dilip on said:

    The problem of making Assamese compulsory is that More than half of the candidates from Assam are from non-Assamese medium. But yes, asking questions very specific to Assam’s geography, history and culture etc. will make the task difficult for candidates from outside Assam.

  241. anand kand on said:

    In some state their state language is compulosary subject in their public service exam then why we shpuld not . For ecple kerela .hope our law maket should take some decision in favour of assamese in near furure

  242. tridib on said:

    as a candidate of oc what my chances to crack prelims as i am going to secure 70% .also provide me the information about the best books of gs for of luck to all of you.

  243. saurav on said:

    Many well prepared outsiders had applied but a few appeared in the exam beacause of–
    1) 2 optionals. Most of the SPSC’s have followed UPSC path and eliminated 1 optional.
    2) Fear.
    @Tridib- I think you are safe.

  244. sudhir on said:

    180 in optional and 25 correct answers in GS followed by 75 guesses..
    Is thr any chance?

  245. tushar on said:

    check your GS answers from
    you will then know the actual marks you will get. Anyone with above 250+ in OC has good chance of clearing pre.

  246. tridib on said:

    when the result wil be decleared ? i have come to known that result will be decleared tomorrow evening . is it true ?

  247. animesh on said:

    apsc people are working overtime nowadays to declare the results within this week.

  248. bikash roy on said:

    i will get 236- 256 in prelims. is there any any chance.i m an obc candidate.

  249. animesh on said:

    bikash roy, you have 99.5% chances

  250. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Any idea frens when the Mains exams will be conducted? Some of you are saying April, some May, some June, and some July. Can we predict accurately at least which month.

  251. animesh on said:

    Mains will be conducted after general election and counting thereof. Bcoz some educational institutions will be used as strong room until counting.

  252. Sazid on said:

    raiz ! kaile aakha ase ne ?

  253. ritu on said:

    Can outsiders appear 4 APSC or is it necessary 2 have domicile of ASSAM??
    Are seats reserved 4 them also???

  254. bikash roy on said:

    thank u animesh. wht abt d results ? any idea when it is going to be declared.

  255. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Thanks animesh. Those of you who predicted that today would be the day for the announcement of results, I hope you are proved right. We all atleast wish the results to be out by coming Friday if not today. I can understand how everyone is eager to know about the results and about their selection. Don’t worry. All will go well.

  256. saurav on said:

    Mains exam takes 1 month to finish. May is not probable as Its an election month. Even the UPSC prelims is delayed by 3 month. As per EC union govt will be formed by June-01. So we can hope that Main exam will held in June. So we are getting ample time for mains preparation. I heard that this time the selection process will be fast (if no one approaches HC!).

  257. Suhrid Barua on said:

    Hey guys,

    I am based in Pune — this is my second attempt after 2003 when i failed to clear the via round did not appear in 2007 n much speculation how when the ACS prelims results will be out………….I hope APSC announces it in February itself

  258. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Thanks saurav for the info. Does anybody have any idea regarding the syllabus of General English and General Studies mains paper?

  259. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Suhrid, some people are saying that the results will be out by this weekend. However, it may be, it may be not. However, it will definitely be out this month. Infact, it can be declared any day in this month now. So keep fingers crossed.

  260. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Ritu, outsiders can give this exam. They will fall in the Open Category. From next year onwards, the GS paper in prelims will consist of 60-70% questions from Assam. Hence, even if outsiders give the exam, they will have a real tough time. So don’t worry about outsiders.

  261. Suhrid Barua on said:

    Hey bikromjit, thanks for your response..preparing for such an exam with a full-time job is always a challenge, indeed keeping fingers crossed

  262. Suhrid Barua on said:

    Must commend the site owners for facilitating such a wonderful interactive platform…………..and a healthy one at that

  263. tushar on said:

    Suhrid Barua,
    Has the main syllabus changed from your last attempt? Or is it similar?

  264. sudhir on said:

    240 have any chance?

  265. swarali on said:

    guys, just called up APSC helpdesk, it seems the service has been temporarily withdrawn. guess they are fed up taking calls:-)

  266. Manas on said:

    When are the results going to be declared ?

  267. Suhrid Barua on said:

    tushar….i dont think much has changed in any way for GS mains as well as history and pol science mains – subjects i expect to take up sudhir…..240 should be touch-and-go

  268. animesh on said:

    Any news?
    Any one waiting for RRB’s NTPC (Graduate) 2nd Stage (Main) Exam result?

  269. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Dear frens, all of those who predicted that today the results would be declared are proved wrong. I called up the APSC office. They said that the results will be declared this month, but exact date cannot be said as of now. So no point in having date estimates. Lets just wait patiently this month.

  270. Suhrid Barua on said:

    bikromjit, spot-on why bother so much…..our job is to give d exams and we will see when d results are out, no point enhancing our anxiety levels unnecessarily…….may everyone’s prayers r answered when results r out

  271. Jyotishman on said:

    Dear Admin

    If u can arrange for the answer keys of sociology..i will be very grateful….


  272. Abbas on said:

    It is really irresponsibility on the part of those who said that results will be declared today,i.e. 5th feb. If they themselves are not sure they dont have any right to spread a rumour like this. If they are not yet responsible, how can they expect to be a responsible civil servant!!!!

  273. tushar on said:

    Thanks Suhrid,
    Do you have the history and pol science mains paper with you?? Can you please share it?

    Does anyone has last years mains computer science paper??

  274. Nandan on said:

    I appreciate you Abbas. If somebody does not have the right information, then he should not mislead people on this respectable platform. My kind request to all that you should share genuine information as it benefits all.

  275. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Suhrid, hats off to you for preparing for this tough examination along with a full time job. Wish you all the very best.

  276. Raktim on said:

    Hi,does anybody have the answer keys of optional paper Sociology….i will be very grateful…thanks

  277. Ritu on said:

    Thanx bikromjit kakati 4 responding!!!!
    Wishin u good luck 4 reslts!!!

  278. Monika on said:

    Hello all…Pls help me out…I’m scoring around 270-275. What are my probability of making through the pre? I see many people are having a healthy discussion here. Pls give your insight on my score. Thank you.

  279. bikash roy on said:

    can anybody upload the answer key of sociology.

  280. jyoti on said:

    Hello Monika you are getting selected. so start for mains.

  281. Monika on said:

    Thank you for replying Jyoti. According to you it’s a safe score or I have chances of clearing?

  282. jyoti on said:

    Ya. it is safe score.

  283. Babul Daimary on said:

    Correct options regarding the following questions
    45.option D
    38.option D
    98.option A
    74.option D
    42.option B
    52.option B
    Result will be declared 11th february. cut off may be vary as GN(270) OBC(245) SC(230) ST(220)

  284. bikash roy on said:

    babul how u come to know abt d date of result. have u called apsc offce ?

  285. Suhrid Barua on said:

    Hey Babul,

    Sincerely hope February 11 turns out to be result date – I say this because there is so much of speculation – earlier it was speculated in this forum that the results will be out on February 5 or 6 – the best way to assume is to think the results will be out in the month of February – even though I stay outside Assam, I am pretty confident about being results being out this month – i don’t think APSC will drag it further to the month of March

  286. Suhrid Barua on said:

    Just wondering how much time we will get to prepare for Mains if we qualify from the date of announcement of prelims results..with elections slated to be held in April-May it is unlikely that the mains will be held before May or after May-end —-this batch will get adequate time to prepare than the aspirants of previous ACS exams

  287. Raktim on said:


    Can anybody upload the answer key of optional paper sociology.
    This will be of great help.


  288. Monika on said:

    But some say cutoff will be 270. Babul. I’m doubtful. My 275 may not make it in that case.

  289. Monika on said:

    How much you are scoring surhid if I may ask? You seem to confident of clearing pre. Pls advise.

  290. swarali on said:


    Everybody is speculating here, so that’s of course not a benchmark. 270 is a very good no to go through prelims. 275 is almost 69% of 400, which is highly unlikely cut off marks for prelims. If you check UPSC, other state psc results, even last year prelims cut-off( which apparently is 220, though am not sure) for APSC, it does not exceed 56-57%. I may be grossly wrong but my guess is cut-off would be b/w 55-60% for prelims, mains yes it would be a different ball game all together. so don’t worry and prepare for your mains, we all are anxious and in the same boat:-)

    Another food for thought is we are just handful of candidates who are speculating about the cut-off ( probably 10-20), what about the other lot of 41000 candidates who actually appeared in the exam. They might have done extraordinary/average/poor..we don’t know…

    Regarding the result declaration date: I just got someone on phone in APSC office, he said result would be out this “MONTH”, without committing to a particular date, time etc…

  291. Raktim on said:

    hi swarali…out of 1400 in mains…what is the usual cutoff…any idea..

    Read more:

  292. Monika on said:

    Thank you Swarali.
    But Acs doesn’t have negative marking compared to other exams. Plus 41K is a huge number compared to last year Acs pre. Almost triple if I’m not wrong. So I feel cut off will rise to 60-65% or maybe more than that even. I personally know few friends and friends Ka friends who have scores like 320,340 etc. as such I’m having fear about my score.

  293. tushar on said:

    If the cut off shoots up & crosses 300 then it will be record for not only Assam PSC but also for all State PSC. Some friends and friend’s friend may have scored this much but this will not decide cut off. 340 marks means 85 questions correct in both GS and optional. This might look easy but when you actually check your answers from authentic sources you will find that you have made many silly mistakes and this way your score goes down. If APSC comes up with Answer Key, which I feel they won’t, only then we will know the actual score. In friend circle people sometimes boast and think what they have ticked is the right answer. Anyway after result is out we will know who among our friends is speaking truth. 241*11 = 2651 candidates, all will not cross 300 for sure or even 280.

  294. Hengul Kakati on said:

    No I dont want to discuss any question or any correction or result date. I want to thank all of you. I am kind of happy to find this forum today.. yippeeee…

  295. Monika on said:

    Thank you Tushar for your views.
    What I actually meant is that there are good number of people who have scored 270+. Lots and lots of people. This calls for me to be worried about my selection.
    So Tushar what according to your speculation maybe the cut off. Your guess?

  296. swarali on said:

    Hi Raktim,

    as far as i gather from the net, 2010 APSC topper Liza Talukdar scored around 1040 out of possible 1400(general category), ppl in FB say that the cut off was around 830-840 in SC/ST category..but yeah, FB info is not verified

  297. tushar on said:

    I think 250+ will have a good chance. What was your optional in pre and what will be in mains?
    Earlier news came out that result will be declared by end of this week, now it seems it might be delayed by another week.

  298. Monika on said:

    Thank you Tushar
    In prelims I had political science
    And in mains ill be having political science and education.
    What about yours?

  299. tushar on said:

    830-840 was the cut off in OBC category. The topper was mirzana hussain as per result. Please tell me where the marks information is available in net.

  300. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Let there be thousands of candidates who have given the exam, the cut offs may not go higher than 260 for an OC candidate, even though there are people who claim to have scored record scores like 320, 340, 360 and all that. Frens, the answer scripts may not be shown, and so one can only speculate about the correct answers. The people who say that they have scored 320, 340, etc seem to be slightly over confident. In reality, these scores will come down because some of the answers they think to be correct, are not to be so. There are many questions in this exam with two right options. The examiner will give credit to the answer he/she thinks to be right. Yes, there may be candidates who might have scored a little over the 300 mark, but the cut offs will be decided by seeing the overall candidates performance as a whole, and not by the few 300ers. So, I don’t see the need for taking unnecessary tension about this issue. What you could do in the exam, you have done. Now just wait for the results. The cut offs should not be going more than 260 for the OC people. And regarding when the results will be declared, I think its better not to go by somebody’s predicted dates like 11th, 12th, 14th, 22nd, etc. No body even in APSC knows when exactly the results will be out. So we just need to wait. It can be declared any day.

  301. tushar on said:

    In pre history, same in mains, second optional I am still confused between pol sc., geo, computer sc. Have you appeared previously in mains. What is the marking pattern? Is scoring marks in science subjects easy compared to humanities?

  302. saurav on said:

    Monika you are safe… Read for mains…..
    Real tension is that–> I’ve heard Mains will be in April (I heard APSC chief said it in News Live)… anybody has any info regarding this… If it happens , it will be really frustrating… Only 2 months will be there for preparation.

  303. saurav on said:

    Swarali… 1040 should be out of 1600 (including intrview).. plz check….
    1040/1400 is an improbable mark- I think

  304. tushar on said:

    APSC chairman has earlier said that pre result will be out in January, that didn’t happen.

  305. animesh on said:

    Today all members are going to sit to make a final decision. Hopefully results may be out in the evening or tomorrow. Best of luck to all.

  306. swarali on said:


    u r right, the marks she obtained was 1067(not 1040! as per my previous post) out of 1600.

    Tushar: plz chk the link:

  307. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Animesh, I hope you are confident about that.

  308. tushar on said:

    Thanks swarali,
    the result in the link is not the last result but previous to that. The date is 19 june 2009.
    Last years topper is mirzana hussain.

  309. bhanita nath on said:

    98. ???
    there might b some mistks.

  310. swarali on said:

    Yes, Tushar u r right. that’s why I wrote 2010 batch in my initial post

  311. pankaj on said:

    Hi Animesh,

    Are You sure about the result.
    Is it really gonna out by tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

  312. Monika on said:

    Thank you saurav
    Unless results are out there is no thrust to do any study. I hope apsc declares result soon.

  313. Monika on said:

    Tushar I have no idea about science subjects and their scores. What’s your graduation in?

  314. tushar on said:

    @Swarali, Sorry I overlooked that.

    @Monika, comp engg. did you appeared in last year mains? How’s the scoring pattern in humanities subjects??

  315. Rupam sarma on said:

    Bhanita,thanks ! but can you please provide the result by the correct word, as ABCD are diiferent for different sets of series.
    Hope you will not mind to type 100 words :)
    eagerly awaited

  316. Hengul Kakati on said:

    Prelims-2011 results were out on 30th January 2012 and mains exam conducted beginning from 27th May 2012. So we can expect more or less same pattern this year also. Speculation is that Prelims-2013 results will be out today evening or tomorrow.

  317. bhanita nath on said:

    there is no series numbr in optional paper.

  318. bhanita nath on said:

    admin n friends,can u tell me that there is any separate marks for optional and gs ?or they calculate total for cut off ?

  319. tushar on said:

    Total marks , no separate cut offs

  320. rajeh rajbongshi on said:

    Animesh u r right nd ur infmtn channel also pacca tpday the membrs r met togthr nd reslt wl be declare evning or tomorrow

  321. tushar on said:

    @ Rajeh & @animesh,
    When I called them they said next week. Is it possible they are meeting to discuss something else??

  322. Babul Daimary on said:

    @monika if u have realy well checked all the questions n afterall ur round figure is 275 then u r in a safe zone but if ur score is only based on ur gueses then it will make a huge difference in ur expected score .But i hope u r in the safe zone alongwith ur 30% woman reservation.

  323. Suhrid Barua on said:

    just hoping aspirants get enough time to prepare for the mains —ideally if it is held after April it will suit most of us provided results r out assuming this month…….(or this week)……….I remember in 2003 I had 2 precisely 2 months to prepare for mains – (mains started within 2 months of the date of announcement of prelim results)….not sounding overconfident but just hoping for the best–it it happens its fine or else move on………………what has to happen will happen anyway all d best to all n sundry

  324. tushar on said:

    you have already appeared in int, so why are you worried. Only first timers like me should be worried. I think if the pre result is delayed to next month then we will have the mains after Lok Sabha polls else the mains will finish in may and for that to happen mains will start in april…in 2 months.

  325. Babul Daimary on said:

    @BIKASH ROY as per as acs schedule that is mains will be in the mid of may then its time to declare the prelims before the 11 February and rest of the month for mains application and generally 40-45 days is the required time frame for APSC to declare the prelims result.

  326. bikash roy on said:

    thanx babul.

  327. Suhrid Barua on said:

    @Monika I am not really overconfident – just keeping fingers crossed—@Tushar not worried mate, just wish to have more time to prepare for mains provided if I qualify

  328. Monika on said:

    Babul thank you for your reply
    My score will not be less than 275.

  329. Suhrid Barua on said:

    @Bikromjit fully agree with you..there is no need to press the ‘tension’ button….just stay calm n hope 4 d best…………..

  330. saurav on said:

    result out… I’m in

  331. bhanita nath on said:

    I m also in

  332. Sazid on said:


  333. Hengul Kakati on said:

    I am In.. happy ..

  334. Abbas on said:


  335. APSC 2013 Prelims results are out. We hope all of you successfully cleared the examination. Now get ready for the next step of the battle! All the best.

  336. Earlier i said my score would be exactly 258 then after i checked my answers with 2-3 sites and i found that my score is to be either 264 or 268 and i cleared the prelims today

  337. And i belong to open category (male)

  338. Binod on said:

    I am in

  339. W Subhani on said:

    Hey guys how many of you made it to the list?????? And what was the cut off???? Any idea?

  340. W Subhani on said:

    @binod what was ur approx score?

  341. Rashmi on said:

    Cleared Prelims. Yey… Gearing up for mains, any possible dates for mains?

  342. sudhir on said:

    How can I check my marks scored?

  343. Rashmi what was ur optional for prelims and what will be for mains

  344. sudhir on said:

    How can we check my marks scored?

  345. Sudhir there is two option for it one u have to deposit a little sum at sbi via treasury challan and has to submit a copy of it at apsc for details please contact apsc and the other route is rti

  346. animesh on said:

    I am also IN.
    Through RTI application one can know his/her marks.

  347. Bhanita,
    Thanks for posting the APSC Prelims 2013 Education answer keys. We really appreciate your work. Though it is late, your input will help future candidates.

  348. Monika on said:

    With score 275 I’m through the prelims. Congrats to all who have cleared. I guess open category cutoff near 250.

  349. bhanita nath on said:

    Thank you,its my pleasure.

  350. sudhir on said:

    How to apply rti

  351. anand kand on said:

    Ten rupees ipo with apllication required for rti. Sudir if need I can guide you or do it togetherly. At least cut off marks and answer key should publish

  352. tridib on said:

    i am in. i am happy.we should continue our discussion for mains.

  353. jit das on said:

    I m in,cut off should not be 60% for oc, bcoz one of my friend cleared with 110/200 correct answers(55%) in st.

  354. Rashmi on said:

    it was pol sc. sociology and pol sc for mains. Even i think apsc shud declare atleast the cut off.

  355. Binod on said:

    I did an rti acc. to it unreserved class has an rti of 250

  356. Binod on said:

    I scored 260+

  357. anand kand on said:

    I surly 240 but not in even having obc catogary.I will also di rti . I am really shocked

  358. My option for prelims was political science

  359. pankaj on said:

    HI ,
    I M in with history as optional!

  360. Monika on said:

    hello all…can any one tell me about the cut off now? any idea.

  361. anand kand on said:

    Pankaj ur expected marks

  362. subrata on said:

    Hi Tushar,
    I am in, scored 275 plus. what about your result.

  363. Rupam sarma on said:

    cleared in general :markes not more than 230

  364. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Hey,Rupam how is it possible…my score shd not be less than d gen cat…but didn’t clear pre…what is going on..???I m going for RTI surely…!!!

  365. Islam on said:

    heloo friends may i know the possible cutoff marks

  366. Islam on said:

    i have lost my admit card…. even not able to check my result.. can any body tell me how would i find the copy of my admit card

  367. DIGANTA HAZARIKA on said:

    HI fnd i go 4 mains with 65/ obc cate .gd luck 4 mains exam who qualifiy.bad luck who not go mains. try next time.

  368. Sazid on said:

    Islam ! Do u remember downloading d soft-copy (to take a print out) and storing it somewhere ? Or contact the APSC. Tell them that this is ur name and plz tell me my roll number. Do it. Losing AC is not a crime.

  369. Islam on said:

    thanx Sazid bhai

  370. bhanita nath on said:

    Islam.u 1st go through d selctd list of candidate and find ur center,there u will gt the regstn no,wd d help u cn fnd d roll no also.

  371. pankaj on said:

    I was expecting 250.

  372. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Which application form for mains is to be filled? Where can I get that form?

  373. YR Reddy on said:

    I am also IN.
    Congrats to all who qualify.
    Please suggest which book should be followed for Assam History, Assam Culture etc.

  374. maina on said:

    i need solved question paper of sociology. pl…..

  375. Islam on said:

    thanx bhanita, i am having registration no. but can not download the Admit. problem is there

  376. Islam on said:

    Bhanita pls tell how would i find roll no. with the help of registration no.

  377. C saikia on said:

    me the poor fellow, have not cleared the prelims… all the best to all those who have paved their way by clearing it…

  378. Bikromjit,
    Submission of separate application form for the Mains is a must. APSC will release a new notice for the Mains examination. There you’ll find all the details.

  379. C saikia,
    Continue your preparation. APSC is preparing to recruit more.

  380. animesh on said:

    Islam, you should contact the APSC with your Regn. No. immediately.

  381. bikromjit kakati on said:

    @Admin, the APSC has done a good job by releasing the prelim results in a very short span of time. Does that mean that the Mains will also be held in the month…say April?

  382. anand kand on said:

    Apsc published answer key and cutoff marks
    There are still confusiom regarding some question
    Those have dual amswer . Intrestimg to see their decision. I have also file RTI for amswer key and cutoff marks for all category. Hence those who are on boarder line , be in toch ….

  383. anand kand on said:

    Sorry boderline

  384. Sazid on said:

    Hi Anand,

    Has the commission published / uploaded anything apart from the results ? If yes, please share the link to it.

  385. anand kandd on said:

    Apsc people told me that they will publish the cutoff marks within two or three days

  386. Manas on said:

    I am in for the second time last year went to viva lets see this time, expecting tough fight from outsiders,

  387. bikromjit kakati on said:

    @Admin, When will the Mains be held? Idea aase ?

  388. Bikromjit,
    Not a confirmation, but one person hinted end of May.

  389. tushar on said:

    subrata ,
    Congrats, I also made it.

  390. subrata dutta on said:

    @Admin, thank you for providing such a wonderful platform for asc aspirants. Please upload last years question paper of General Studies and General English (Mains)….

  391. sudhir on said:

    Kindly help me to apply rti…I expected 260..but cud not clear..

  392. subrata dutta on said:

    sorry, I mean to say acs.

  393. sudhir on said:

    Please guide me…want to apply for rti

  394. anand kandd on said:

    U have to buy ipo of 10/- then write an application seeking the needed information .if u need format I can send u through mail.

  395. josu on said:

    failed to make it to mains. What is the cutoff though? All the Best to my people……… ; outsiders F U !

  396. Sir, Can you tell me how is EDUCATION as an optinal for Mains?? i mean as per scoring and availability??

  397. anand kand on said:

    Who is this …who is here outsider

  398. Sandeep on said:

    Kindly suggest books fo sociology.

  399. anand on said:

    Best of luck for those who cleared . Those who did not go through hard luck for them. It is a matter of luck.

  400. Sandeep on said:

    Those who didnot clear dnt get depressed.U will get many other oppurtunities in life.take this failure as a lesson and try to improve in the areas u r lacking.

  401. sudhir on said:

    Anand send me d format..

  402. sudhir on said:

    Kindly give me your phn no.
    If I can’t do rti then may ask for help

  403. Manash on said:

    @ Anruag AND OTHERS WITh GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL in pelims,……. I would like to ask one thing- Don’t u feel geography paper was comparatively much tougher this time..Till date I have come across atleast 10 candidates including me who were constantly writing mains and 2 of them even got inspector of taxes last year but could not clear prelims this time…YOUR ANSWER REALLY MATTER TO US..COZ LIKE UPSC, APSC DO NOT FOLLOW ANY SCALING SYSTEM FOR PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION OF EACH OPTIONAL ACCORDING TO THE NO OF CANDIDATES APPEARED.IN UPSC TILL 2010 i.e. WHEN OPTIONAL PAPER WAS IN PRELIMS ,THE FIGHT WAS MAINLY AMONG UR OWN OPTIONALS but here they jst add 1st +2nd paper…So suppose sociology paper is much tougher than pol sc this time that means anyone with pol sc hs more chance than sociolgy candidtes becoz of the simple formula 1st paper +2nd paper = final result..

  404. anand on said:

    Ur email

  405. Sandeep on said:

    Kindly suggest books for sociology.

  406. Mridul on said:

    Congrats to all who have cleared the prelims…and for those who did not qualify……work hard….all is not lost….as fresh vacancies are coming soon…..a word of caution to those who are arguing that they had score 260 or above but did not qualify. I suggest them to re-evaluate their preparation and overall strategy instead of ruing over a lost battle…..they should not use delaying tactics………cause APSC and other institutions in Assam are known to play to their political masters..any delaying tactic will inevitably make genuine and good candidates suffer as it will lead to postponing of the mains exam in a political volatile Assam……….i therefore urge everyone to just concentrate on their studies and prepare to give their best in heir future endeavors…….

  407. manash neog on said:

    i m obc candidate expected to get 250 but did not clear prelim should i go RTI OR wait for apsc to upload the cut off

  408. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Hi..Anand Kand….myself also in d borderline… would like stay in touch … kindly share d infrmtn’s u gather…???

  409. anand on said:

    Manash and bimal dont wait for apsc , file rti as soon as possible. I have already apllied for rti. Collect ur answersheet photocopies apart from cutoff and answeer key.
    And be in touch by

  410. anand on said:

    Thanks for advise. We also appreciate the apsc quick job. But only we expect accuracy. And what I sought from apsc is a part of preaparation .

  411. Jitaranjana on said: this time your advice about re-evaluating preparations for those scoring 260 is totally not expected when d cut off is still been debated…….nd I m bit surprised when u assume dat those scoring 260 are ruing over a lost battle when all,even those who have cleared pre are still confused about d cut off and eagerly waiting for d some r still wandering when it has been shared in this very forum that even the gen cat candidates have cleared in 230 and even d OBC’s couldn’t in 250,so instead of worrying about those 260 score seekers fate,..I think everyone including me would advice u to concentrate on your best wishes..!!!

  412. Rupanjalai on said:

    Hey,Mridul Sir, at this hour your advice regarding re-evaluation of preparation of those seeking 260 or so is totally uncalled for..when everyone inclding those clearing pre confused about d cut has been shared in this very forum dat gen cat has clearedin 230..while those scoring 260 haven’t cleared..sum 1 has even said that OBC wid 250 haven’t cleared pre..isn’t it confusing…I m wandering what u mean by running over a lost battle when confusion regarding cut off is still not d 250 from OBC shd keep mum when 230 from gen cat has cleared…I think everyone including me wl suggest u to concentrate on yr battle in mains instead of wasting yr time in thinking about the fate of those 260 best wishes..!!!

  413. My name in Navadeep Changmai… from ASSAM , Dibrugarh ,……………… So sir…plz help me/us to provide suggestions regarding analysis og GS (Mains) in APSC???

  414. sudhir on said:

    Anand please help me regarding Rti

  415. Manash on said:

    THOSE WHO WISH TO SEND AN RTI can see the copy of the RTI sent by me today………
    Dated 8th february, 2014

    Sub: Application under RTI 2005, about combined competitive (prelims) examination 2013
    Respected Sir,
    Provide me the following information regarding Combined Competitive (preliminary) examination which held on 29th December 2013.
    1. Official Answer keys for GEOGRAPHY OPTIONAL (subject code 16) and GENERAL STUDIES series C.
    2. How many questions in both geography optional and general studies were published with wrong answers? Please mention those questions with the official answer keys.
    3. Photocopies of OMR Answersheets of both papers of Roll Number xxxxxxxx.
    4. Marks allotted to Roll Number xxxxxxxx in each paper.
    5. List of selected candidates in the written examination and marks allotted to them in each paper respectively along with their category etc.
    6. Cut off marks of each category (Gen,SC,ST,OBC,PH,WOMEN) in Combined Competitive (preliminary) examination 2013.
    7. Till 2010 i.e. when optional paper was included in civil services prelims of UPSC,the success rate in prelims was directly proportional to the number of applicants for an optional subject because UPSC followed a ‘ Scaling system’.So whether APSC follow such method for proportional representation of each optional? .
    8. Mention the total number of candidates appeared in Combined Competitive (prelims) 2013 in each optional paper separately.
    9. Mention the total number of students who were not domiciled in Assam cleared the Combined Competitive (prelims) 2013 examination.
    10. Contact details of first appellate authority .

    Along with this letter, I’ve attached the Indian Postal Order Worth Rs.10 , as RTI Application fees. Yours sincerely,
    name-xxxxxx xxxxxx,
    roll number-xxxxxxx

  416. Manash on said:

    Along with the application form send an IPO of Rs 10 from local post office which will take Rs 1 extra as the charge i.e.RS 11.Now in the IPO there are 2 parts.Left side (i.e.COUNTERFOIL ) u jst keep for write the date for ur future reference.Now HOW TO FILL UP THE RIGHT SIDE…………………. PAY TO………THE Accounts officer ASSAM PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION,
    AT THE POST OFFICE AT…KHANAPARA, GUWAHATI (even if u don’t fill up this portion they can’t reject it )
    FINALLY WRITE DOWN UR NAME &ADDRESS in SHORT.(this portion also not mandatory)…NOW the next and important step is to send the RTI application by registered post along with the IPO.WHY Registerd post? because it will give u the proof of sending and also the date which will be quite handy in case of litigation or complaining to the 1st appellate authority…MY ONLY REQUEST TO ALL THE GUYS WHO ARE PLANNING TO APPLY THAT DONT UNNECCESSARILY FILE RTI i e send when u are sure of something.Secondly, Apsc in known for delaying tactics so send it as soon as possible if u wish to send so that 30 days will come soon..have a good day..

  417. anand on said:

    U can follow manas apllication format

  418. anand on said:

    If possible , give the rti apllication by hand take a recieve copy of the apllication. Or by both.Because even by registry post it may take one month some time
    We will try to get the official answr key at the earliest.

  419. anand on said:

    Where r u from

  420. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Well done Manas…!!!

  421. Manash on said:

    anand,thanx for ur suggestion…M from Nagaon…

  422. animesh on said:

    Last year I had applied under RTI Act in the mid of May’13 after declaring viva result on 26th April and received the answer scripts in Nov’13. But in July APSC sent an interim reply stating the status of my application.

  423. sudhir on said:

    Where to mention my roll no. & details there any format of application..??

  424. sudhir on said:

    Application hand written or computerised ..??

  425. Jugal Kishore on said:

    There is no point of RTI. It is just a waste of time. Better we start studying hard than wasting our time on this matters.

  426. Jugal Kishore on said:

    Any body applied or applying for SSC?

  427. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Imaan lora, ki hol, huh? Why are you people taking tension of outsiders? Outsiders will never get selected in the interview even if they score damn good in the written exams. Has any outsider ever got selected, huh? Please dont take tension and dont give. Only assam students have got selected so far.

  428. Mili on said:

    I think RTI has no use. Is APSC going to conduct the same examination again? Never! No offence but preparation can only help us. If we haven’t scored, than who is going to help us?…..anyways nice forum for open discussion

  429. Mridul on said:

    Any way thanks,,,,,,Jitaranjana & Rupanjalai…. …..for taking my comments out of context . I am not against filing rti……UPSC takes two years to declare the cut-offs of prelims exams…….you all probably might not be aware of the scaling system which is used in UPSC Civil Services exam……first google about the scaling system then argue your heart out……….my best wishes to you……..go ahead……..if you don’t get reply for your RTI ….go to High Court……do anything you like……to postpone the exam…

  430. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Frens, whoever is having a fear of the outsider problem, don’t worry. Only assamese candidates will be finally selected. It has always happened, and will always happen. Outsiders have never been selected. Interview filters all outsiders out. Does anybody have any info to the contrary? You can join me in for discussion.

  431. tushar on said:

    bikromjit kakati,
    How does APSC defines an outsider?
    A person who is not domicile of Assam or one who did his graduation outside the state or any other criteria of language etc. Please let us know if you know.

  432. Jitaranjana on said:

    Mridul…so worried adt d postponement…it seems u have already found yr name in the selection list of the mains nd viva which is not held yet…congrats bro…!

  433. dimbez on said:

    Hi,i somehow cleared prelims and the discussion in this forum was quite helpful,i haven’t started for mains yet,many of my friends say Mains would be in May,so may be 3 months from Feb 9th,can the forum guide about quality books for sociology & education,and give a rough idea of percentage wise distribution of topics covered in GS mains? Is it the same as in prelims with more emphasis in Assam?And what books are to follow for GS ?kindly answer,it will help me a lot.Thanks & have a great Sunday everyone.

  434. mridul on said:

    When something positive is happening, negatives like JITRANJANAAAA……pop up……

  435. mridul on said:

    I didn’t intend to take the argument to personal level….unfortunately it happened..I would like to withdraw my comments and would like to request admin to remove all my comments if possible…..

  436. Santanu on said:

    This is a great discussion thread related to APSC. I have a little question. This is my first attempt & i cleared prelims. I have a question. What will be the application process for mains? I mean online, by post or by hand in office. Postal service here is pathetic.

  437. bikromjit kakati on said:

    @Tushar, anyone not from assam is an outsider. Anyone having a domicile of any state other than assam is an outsider. Have you ever heard of an outsider being selected to the services? Join me for discussion fellows to talk about the outsider issue. Lets all have a healthy discussion with facts.

  438. Mili on said:

    @Mridul…I believe that you point is correct but since you have cleared with you hard work there will have differing viewpoints and disagreements. Best of luck for your mains, you actually should not waste your time here,just give us guidance sometimes…@jitranjan…you have a point but let me assure you delaying means even our next CC Prelims is going to be delayed…isnt so?? Anyways, democracy prevails!

  439. Mili on said:

    Is it right that new vacancies are again coming up in @psc?

  440. tushar on said:

    @bikromjit kakati,
    So does APSC checks Domicile certificate during interview?I am new so do not know if outsiders are selected or not?Anyway why should we bother, I have to see first if I can clear mains or not??

    @Mili, Yes newspaper says so but I feel new vacancies will come up after mains.

  441. keshab nayan on said:

    @ Admin and all . Can you plz suggest books name with author name for sociology mains .?

  442. bikromjit kakati on said:

    @Tushar and Everybody, dear all, don’t worry nor bother about the outsider issue. Let the truly deserving get selected.

  443. anand on said:

    Dont you think that recuirting agency should maintain transparency .apsc should publish the answe key and cutoff marks and marks of all candidate.
    Whats wrong if we ask about that. How you can justify that those asking fot the cutoff marks and answe key are supporting the delaying apsc main exam. Transperecy is also helpful for those who cleared prelimis in their mains and viva.

  444. tushar on said:

    @bikromjit kakati,
    As per interview of chairman of APSC, around 4000 outsiders applied out of which 2000 paid the fee.
    Out of 2000 who got the admit card, I assume around 1000-1200 may have appeared in exam because long distance trains were running late in December and also due to general absenteeism which happens during such exams.
    Now out of 1000-1200 how many passed the pre, I do not know but will not be more than 200-300.
    How many of these will appear and pass the mains again don’t know.

  445. jyoti on said:

    Hey guys from few days i have seen that their is debate on outsiders appearing in the exam and bla…bla…bla… why you are concerning these things. study hard and defeat them in exam. there is no point of discussing these. useless to discuss these things here.

  446. bikromjit kakati on said:

    May the truly deserving be selected.

  447. ujjal Das on said:

    Oh! Finally i find a blog where i could share my confusion on the main exam as i have cleared the prelims. Good luck all the friends who has done great in the initial exam. Now its time to work hard on the upcoming battle to overcome,
    . Well, i would really feel happy if anyone of you share questions pattern on general English as well as general studies along with a few words on the mark distribution of how it takes…..

  448. Mili on said:

    Apart from UGC Net or SLET no body releases the answer keys. Never in history did any govt. organisation takes the pain to release the answer keys. Is it mandatory for them?

  449. Bishnu on said:

    Any idea about the cutoff for SC in apsc preliminary 2013??

  450. Jyotishman on said:

    I always look into the apsc preliminary result sheet..if somehow i see my between :( .

  451. anand on said:

    I heard new prelims might happen again this year

  452. anand on said:

    @jyotishman….don’t worry bro…prepare hard…you will succeed. we all shall succeed eventually

  453. Diganta Hazarika on said:

    To, Sir, in mains exam thear is any qualifly marks each paper like Gen Eng, GS+optional paper.plz infm me sir.

  454. Bimal Kishore Barman. on said:

    Punjab State Service Commission uploads the marks secured by d candidates along with the results of CCE-Pre,regarding answer keys I m nt sure..???

  455. Rashmi on said:

    What was the cut off for mains in 2009, does anybody hv any idea?

  456. it was 603 for OBC and I think it was 675 for general….

  457. Biswajit on said:

    i cn giv pol sc book 4 mains by N D ARORA(RECOMMENDED BY upsc xpert, highly useful for state civil service) 2014

  458. Samujjal Das on said:

    This thread is one of the very few sources of information available on APSC. I am staying in Bangalore right now , so dont even access to the information available to those who are in Assam right now . My firts optional is Chmeistry, but a little bit confused with the 2nd optional between Geology and Sociology !!! Please put some light on the following points ::::
    1) A good book where the entire mains syllabus of Sociology is covered.
    2) How can i get previous years question papers of General studies, English and optional paper (other than filing RTI)
    3) Which is the most scoring optional paper in APSC main (if anyone has filed RTI on this and have relevant infos ),

  459. Bhargavi on said:

    I have some confusion regarding the pattern of APSC mains exam, it says 2 pprs each for both the optionals, i.e. each optional wud consists of two pprs. Clarify pls? I am a first timer.

  460. @Bhargavi,
    In APSC Mains each optional is covered in 2 question papers (Paper I and Paper II). That means total 4 optional papers.
    Find details here:

  461. jit das on said:

    U r ofline 4 smtme,itz a nice platform 4 all d aspirants,i request admin to share all d info,as mains ll b held from must b hard luck those who havnt books on sociology is dearth i request some info.paper 2 sociology book is there but 1 st paper is not available.i cleared mains last time bt sociology 1st paper let me d final selection.. thgou it was easy 2 score in paper 1…

  462. Sunita on said:

    Is there anyone in this forum who could help me out with “Education” related study material links and / or suggest good books for the same ?

  463. Hengul Kakati on said:

    I am a first timer and I found Jatin Baruah book on Education quite good. U can purchase this book.
    Also If u know books for political science paper please let me know. I m clueless in this subject.

  464. Hitesh Deka on said:

    Cut Offs (TWO CATEGORIES ONLY) of CCPE 2013: Gen- 238, OBC-212, Highest Marks obtained: 392

  465. Sunita on said:

    Thanks a lot Hengul.

  466. Sunita on said:

    Hitesh ! Is this cut-off info official ?

  467. subrata dutta on said:

    @ Hitesh, from where you have come to know the cut off marks…………. source plz….

  468. Muzzafar on said:

    Anyone with anthropology optional for mains? I am looking for someone with anthro to share d preparation.

  469. animesh on said:

    Information given by Hitesh is correct. But this is not official announcement.

  470. Sunita on said:

    392 … phew !! dats robotic :)

  471. anand on said:

    @sunita….luck by chance :)

  472. saurav on said:

    the person getting 392 nt fit fr acs… he is over smart n over qualified… i think he/she will nt join even if selected…

  473. anand on said:

    he/she must go for ias etc. or give cat …iims/iits…get better salary yoho

  474. xyzlmn on said:


  475. Sunita on said:

    @Anand … yeah ! I feel out of bad luck he / she must have missed those 8 marks :)

  476. Nagaon. Anyone here who cleared prelims and stays in Nagaon. Pls contact me. Need to analyse the mains exam.
    Mail me-

  477. animesh on said:

    why envious guys? we should feel proud of being his/her brother/sister.

  478. Manjil on said:

    Sure abt cutoff????pls mention the source

  479. sameer on said:

    sir…i hv cleared prelims…kindly suggest me books for mains xam…kindly suggest books for sociology paper n GS n General English… my email id-

  480. anand on said:

    @animesh, bro,in mains do we get ruled or plain answer sheets?

  481. Hengul Kakati on said:

    Hi, I am confused with my second optional. Can anybody please name what books to follow for Sociology.

  482. Guest on said:

    @hitesh deka ,first of all it is not a platform to spread rumors.It is not expected from any civil service aspirants to circulate unauthentic news either.So do post a valid source from where you came to know about it or don’t try to make fun of those who were expecting 260+ and still unable to clear.

  483. sudhir on said:

    Please provide me the address for sending the application of rti..

  484. anand on said:

    To Commissioner, Apsc office, Guwahati, Assam, India

  485. Sunita on said:

    @hitesh … m not denying the credibility of ur input but if u r able to lay down such accurate numbers then what baffles me is the time u r eating to generate that very source of ur input.

  486. naina on said:

    Cut off would be more than 238, even last time it was 240 for general.

  487. The cut off for general is 238
    The cut off for obc is 212
    This information is available in the rti section of apsc office
    Verified by myself

  488. Can anyone provide sociology prelims answer sheet

  489. animesh on said:

    @ anand ruled sheet will be provided

  490. chittaranjan on said:

    hitesh plz tell where u get the cut off i m supposed to get 245 but not selected

  491. anand on said:

    @animesh…..thanks…thank handwriting will not now skew much !

  492. BABUL on said:

    @animesh r u sure about ruled sheet ?

  493. manash neog on said:

    212 cut off for obc i can’t believe it even my expected mark is 248 n iam an obc candidate still iam not selected

  494. Can smbody pls upload earlier question pprs of GS, Gen Eng, Polsc and Sociology. it wl be of grt help. ((Help ppl who took the exam earlier also). and if its available online pls share the link. its very imp.

  495. animesh on said:

    @Anand & Babul
    I am very sorry, in Main Examination only plain answer sheets will be provided (except Precis sheet). I am really very sorry, actually I got confused with other competitive exams. Now I checked the photocopies of my last year ans. sheets. Sorry again.

  496. Biswajit on said:

    any recommendation book for education paper -I please with writer name plz…

  497. BABUL on said:

    when the filling up of main application form will likely to be started ?

  498. nabanita on said:

    I have lost my admit card of apsc prelim exam 2013 for which i could nt chek my result.can anyone suggest me any idea to chk my result

  499. jh79 on said:

    While traveling by bus to my exam center on 28th, I overheard a lady talking about prelims to someone. Being curious, I turned towards her (who was sitting to my left in the single seat in the same row), and saw her reading copies of some hand written answer sheets (perhaps xeroxed copies). I casually looked over and remembered two answers – “Gomdhar konwar” and “51″ (by now we all know that these two are correct answers in GS paper). When she realized that I was peeping into her papers, she tried to shield those from me…

    So, someone’s preparation was so good that she could even manage to practice the particular aptitude question with exact figures whose answer is 51 (let alone “Gomdhar konwar which would be known to many). Thus, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has scored 392…

    What baffles me is the fact that many of the question numbers in her notes were only carrying only one (correct?) option (like A or B) without the question itself !!!!!!

    I just pray that what I saw was due to my inability to understand the way someone practices for exams and the exam itself was 100% clean.

  500. dimbeez on said:

    one thing i would like to share even though many might oppose that i along with a friend of mine cleared prelims and both were expecting around 240(70-75 in optional & 45-50 in GS) marks,so all these pre-talks and after-talks of cut offs around 260,280 i am not sure,anyway best wishes for all the Mains aspirants and better luck for those who were disappointed.

  501. ujjal Das on said:

    H!!! Friends;;

    I am not able to get reply from you . Well i can understand you are all busy with preparation for the main exam, but it would be really help for us if someone upload some of the previous questions paper on psc, sociology, general studies, general English, i would remain grateful to them, even i can,t find the syllabus on the general English, general studies,….. Looking for your suggestion… Please


  502. ds
    sorry for the typo just heard that APSC will advertise for ACS prelims again this February came to know from an APSC insider…hope it is not a rumour —-another opportunity for those who missed out n d very best to those who r going to appear for ACS mains later this year………………

  503. Manjil on said:


  504. chandana on said:

    hei Mob,I heard one iQ coaching centre in Nagaon has given fantastic results.Do you have any information..??
    people from nagaon has a great guidance source at iQ coaching

  505. anand on said:

    Everyone knows that next prelims are scheduled in later part of this year…its an open secret

  506. bikromjit kakati on said:

    @Anand, is the prelims exam going to be cancelled and re-conducted?

  507. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Admin, what is this rumor going around that the prelims is going to be cancelled and re-conducted? Does anybody have an idea on this?

  508. pranjal dewri on said:

    Mob and chandana if anyone of u have idea about apsc coughing centre in Nagaon please inform me in details about it .I am also going to………………..

  509. sudhir on said:

    Within what period can we apply rti??? And in period do can we expect there reply to application

  510. pranjal dewri on said:

    Chandana’ is coaching on humanity subjects available in aforesaid centre in Nagaon?

  511. diganta on said:

    Coaching is for GS and english friends….but no residential facilities available

  512. BABUL on said:

    plz people d fellow who r not craked d prealims stay far away from making baseless comments like cancelling or re conducting prealims and better they keep preaparing for next pealims to be held on december 2015.all the main aspirants are warm welcome and keep studing for main.all the best.

  513. Hello Chandana.
    Yes there is an “iQ coaching centre” in Nagaon. It’s good. In fact you can see about it in the Assamese newspaper ‘Agradoot’ on page 10 dated 12th feb.

  514. Hello Pranjal Dewri
    I got the following detail of iQ coaching centre, Nagaon from the newspaper article.
    Address-B.B road; Amolapatty
    Mukut Sharma chari ali
    You can call at 98646 66194
    Or 99570 12218
    And ask the details as given in newspaper. It’s going to start some orientation class soon for all the students who have cleared Prelims from Nagaon. You can participate. In fact this is the only coaching centre in Nagon catering to mains preparation.

  515. Jitaranjana on said:

    Hey..frndz don’t b in a hurry to fill up d mains form which have not yet bn uploaded..sum unexpected news for u coming soon…just wait for a few days..!!!

  516. diganta on said:

    @babul r u the owner of this website? this is a free forum…everybody can discuss there heart’s out

  517. pranjal dewri on said:

    Thank u mob for ur kind information.

  518. Manas on said:

    why this kind of hype going around prelims to be cancelled, please i request to the admin to delete such rumour based messages as it create confussion among aspirants, also the discussion should be healthy and right discussion should be there.

  519. Raktim Choudhury on said:

    Attention Friends..its’s official now..cut off 242 for d gen cat,212 for OBC(I assume it shd b around 200 for d SC/ST)
    Firstly, let me make a few things clear, this is not a fake account, I m also one of u dreaming to be crack d prestigious CCE-APSC. Secondly, the source of my info is the RTI Branch, APSC off..anyone having any doubt may visit d off personally to verify d same.
    So, friends plz file an RTI at the earliest and inform all yr frndz who r expecting score>242 to file d same. Plz, plz use all your contacts who wl b able to give u guidance in this matter and seek justice for u… Don’t delay because ,the mains app has not yet bn uploaded nd I’ve bn informed dat if after filing the RTI the score comes to more than the cut off, WE WILL BE ABLE TO SIT IN THE MAINS..THERE IS A PROVISION FOR IT IN APSC.
    Frndz,I have heard pple saying that they r not going to file an RTI b’coz they would be targeted d next time they appear in any exam of the Com..I tell you no one can do anything to d deserved..the deserved will b there by dint of their merit and hard work not on anyone’s favor…..if we, who claim ourselves to be d civil servant aspirants keep talking all this nonsense, what wl d common man do..many r saying that next add is coming so instead of wasting time concentrated on yr study..aare yar..when we could not clear this time with score of 260(70th applicants&43000 examinees) what is d guarantee we wl clear it next time when around 1lakh wl b appearing for d pre(this times 70th ,add another 30th for d next time)We have nothing to say abt those clearing d pre with merit but why should we keep mum when we have seen others clearing in 240,250..
    I think we d middle layer(score between 240-260) have bn kicked out to accommodate those coming thru d backdoor..they did not dare to touch those scoring 270+..we d middle layer who always keep guessing and are always confused has been targeted..I myself was confused of clearing d pre with 260 when d cut off is just 242..The Com has taken and this opportunity by setting a number ofQ’s with multiple ans keys and some with wrong answers..Tell me abt d Manas,Kaziranga-the four cities-the female literacy rate,Maidan etc,not to talk about our ops paper Q’ it a joke to set such questions in a exam like Civil Services..???..who is responsible for all these errors..we who have studied hard to clear d pre..I have also heard about the Com deducting all those controversial Q’ why shd we suffer for their mistakes which were made intentionally to confuse all and to accommodate those coming thru d backdoor..WE WANT THE ANSWER KEYS..which wl put an end to all our confusions..???
    I have nothing against those clearing pre & d APSC,but have anyone thought about us who got d reqd score to clear d pre but were not selected..aare yaar..we also have dreams like u to sit in mains and viva to transform our dreams into reality of clearing a prestigious ACS/APS etc…WE HAVE BEEN DEPRIVED..AND WE SHOULD NOT TOLERATE THIS..
    I m frustrated not because I could not qualify,but I ‘ve been kicked out..
    I m posting this not to get any likes and comments but to request all those deprived to file an RTI at d earliest and share d same with those who will be able to guide us to get justice… and if anyone finds his score coming to b more than 242 but not in d selection list of pre..plz let me know..with this u’ll b doing justice not alone to yourself but to all of us..just a single petition is enough to stop d entire it a joke going on…???
    Friendz this time things have started getting rotten from d very beginning…God knows what next..??so plz stay alert..especially those who have cleared pre..b’coz u have still to go thru 2 more barriers..
    Everyone is talking about a new add in this Feb itself..I m sure everyone wl agree with me when I say that I have never heard of a new add coming before the earlier selection is over..this is nothing but to divert d attention of those who have been deprived…so that we concentrate on the new one..and forget the injustice what has been meted out to us.

  520. Angikar Borgohain on said:

    It should be kept in mind that whether u score 392 or the minimum cut off mark does’nt matter in any way .. it all zeroes down to the scores of the mains exam.. and later, the interview.. so before making so much fuss about who got this much or that much does not make any sense.. my dear fellows, just leave all these gossips and study hard.. any discussions regarding mains exam preparations etc would surely be welcomed … ;-) :-D

  521. Guest on said:

    @ Raktim Choudhury
    I have secured 256 marks (64%), History=144, GS=112 and qualified for the Mains in Open category. My information is genuine and obtained from the RTI Cell of the APSC. So, please check your answers first and for God’s sake don’t misguide others.

  522. anand on said:

    I m already file the rti on 7-2-2014 . But do u have
    any official paper about the cutoff, if so then we can approach high court. Generally assam govt offices take more than one month to reply of rti and some time more then that.
    If u have any better option please let me know

  523. Raktim Choudhury on said:

    @ u think I ma fool who hasn’t checked my answers before filing d RTI and asking others to do the same..just go thru all d conversations in this form..u’ll find some 240 scorers have claimed to have cleared pre whereas some 260 scorers haven’t..even d OBC’s with 250 haven’t cleared….so we all expect u must have gone out of our senses,isn’t it.??Don’t misguide others..what do u mean..??? How m I misguiding others..I m just appealing to all those who haven’t cleared d pre despite scoring 242. to file an RTI..that’s it.
    @Anand,just wait for a few days..I ‘ll let u know,positively.

  524. BABUL on said:

    @manas i totally agree with u that discussion should alaways be healthy and issued based discussion but s like some guys said that they will post whatevr they want plz dnt take it personel and a civil service aspirant with such an ill atitude is realy condemable.

  525. diganta on said:

    sorry my dear friends you have failed to clear the prelims..yep that’s true

  526. diganta on said:

    @raktim many could not clear but lets have patience…try next time bro

  527. Raktim Choudhury on said:

    Hey Diganta,don’t make fun of us yaar..I don’t hope that after the mains u b’come Raktim with d same post like me..nd some other guy Diganta posting this same comment like u..

  528. diganta on said:

    i am sorry bro…my intention was not to offend….may only the best candidates get selected

  529. Mridul on said:


  530. Manash on said:

    @ Raktim choudhury….I found a very positive vibe & fighting spirit in you…I have already started fighting on my own. most probably I will go to even high court to get the justice.send me ur mail or any contact so that I can give you some other intriguing information…Don’t want to disclose the anomalies of APSC in an open platform… BUT ONE THING I WOULD LIKE TO TELL ALL THE DEJECTED CANDIDATES OF APSC PRLMS THAT APSC HAS DONE TRMENDOUS INJUSTICE TO SOME OF US..BE 100 PERCENT SURE ON THAT..JAI AI ASOM

  531. BABUL on said:

    hey dear friends can anybody share with me about the MAINs cut off based on last years 2009 …?

  532. Priyanka on said:

    Some but not all dejected candidates, I would like to tell you that you have failed in the Prelims because you all have not done well….simply accept this fact….. You all have made half hearted attempts. There are 2 category of players in these competitive exams. 1st the hardworking guys who could toil very hard to reach their goal. Their concepts are clear, they are confident and do not rely on rumours. In the 2nd category, there are those who make half hearted attempts. Their concepts are not clear, just before the exam they buy a guide book, rely too much on hearsay and spend much of their time on facebook, etc…… At least 90% of the failed candidates who are complaining and writing long long speeches fall in the 2nd category. From their write ups it is quite clear that they are novice and are complaining because some of their hardworking friends have been selected. They are simply jealous and they have this beautiful forum to bring out their jharas. THEY ARE SIMPLY LOSERS…..They can never succeed in any competitive exam…….with this kind of attitude…Its time for introspection…guy. I know some of the guys will immediately respond with hard hitting comments buts its of no avail as simply because it will not remove the tag of losers from your head…….Go first wash your face and simply think where you all have gone wrong…..otherwise in the next exam which will be advertised all will fail again. Who have not failed in exam but it is the one who take failure in positive spirit succeeds……regarding myself I appeared in UPSC Civil Service Exam Thrice and in 2013 I made my fourth attempt and succeeded in Prelims and appeared in Mains and waiting for the results. I also appeared in CCE-Prelims and qualified………So friends take failures in positive spirit……..good bye…

  533. anand on said:

    ITS BETTER TO FIGHT UNITDLY FOR BETTER RESULT AND AFFORDABLITY. I SURELY SCORRD 245 IN OBC CATEGORY. I am egarly waiting for my rti reply.because without answe key and cutoff marks we cannot do any thing.
    If u have any better option or any unformation , please let me know in my mail .

  534. Raktim Choudhury on said: email id

  535. Hi all..can anybody give a pointer for getting maths mains question bank and chemical engineering question bank in guwahati.i have checked above mentioned book stores(posted previously)and they don’thave mains papers for my subjects. i need them urgently so pls provide the info if you know.

  536. sudhir on said:

    What’s d time limit to apply rti..?

  537. tushar on said:

    The above book stores have said they will have the mains papers by end of this month. So contact them again at month end.

  538. Monika on said:

    Raktim how much did you score in your Prelims according to the rti reply?

  539. niru on said:

    Mains form fill up from monday or tuesday!

  540. Monika on said:

    sure niru?

  541. Raktim Choudhury on said:

    Monika,I’ve filed d RTI expecting d marks by Tuesday..!!

  542. Manas on said:

    @babul hey thanls for your advice but do you rally think that such type of discussion should be in this forum like clearing prelims/not rti etc, see one thing is sure who have attempted with full preparation have cleared prelims and all said and done that in prelims i want to ask @raktim how do u know backdoor entry as OMR is used, also want to appeal all the aspirants whether cleared/failed please concentrate on study its a long race and everybody cant be elite.

  543. Manas on said:

    @niru how so sure about application form fill up for mains cce 2013.?

  544. niru on said:

    i calld apsc…mains form fill up to be started…expected by tuesday

  545. Jyotishman on said:

    I have got d feeling…..I will clear next tym…..

  546. Kripalani Doley on said:

    Guys need some info. there is lot of speculation about the use of whitener/ eraser in OMR answer sheet. can somebody shed some light on it..I have erased the TEST BOOKLET SERIES CODE using whitener in Higher Secondary TET 2014 completely and then circled THE CORRECT one.(Also write the correct one in proper Check Box). Will it lead to overall cancellation of the answer sheet ?? OMR product website says it’s ok to do so but getting tensed now. any correct information on this subject, please share.

  547. @ Kripalani,
    Using whitener is prohibited. We already explained why. When OMR reader faces a problem due to use of whitener, it will read that option as no answer or blank. In that case, candidates will get zero mark for the answer where he/she used whitener. But what about roll numbers or series code? In that case also OMR reader might read that as blank. That means no roll number/ series code (if necessary) in that OMR sheet. Such situation usually results in cancellation of the answer sheet. No need to get tensed. If your correction is clean, OMR reader might be able to read your number correctly.

    Our advise: stay away from use of whiteners in OMR sheets.
    Tip for future candidates: In most examinations, spare answer sheets are supplied. When you make a mistake in the top part, ask for a new OMR sheet.

  548. Jitaranjana on said:

    @Priyanka,I think u have wasted your time last 3yrs in preparing for d shd b in politics..I m sure even Arvind Kejriwal would like to learn frm u..really ,what a inspring speech..frndz plz share it in wherever it is that everyone have d privilege of getting some inspiration from it..after all such speeches are very very rare..anyway,Priyanka I know how much it pains when u keep on preparing for d UPSC for three long long years HALF-HEARTEDLY in d notion dat u’ll sail thru but after d results..anyway it’s nice to know that at last u have learnt from your mistakes and managed to clear d prelims..But here raktim is not talking who those apprearing in the APSC without any hard work..he is talking about those who have given d best of their efforts like those who cleared the prelims but could not manage to clear it for one reason or the other..u won’t understand it…it would take some for u to understand….lastly u seem to be very very overconfident ..u have just cleared d UPSC &APSC pre not d viva..hope u r aware dat after d pre,mains & viva is held …your overconfidence seems to obvious b’coz u cleared d UPSC APSC kaun se khet ke mooley hey…plz keep on giving your FULL HEARTEDLY efforts this time..I know u wl as u have leart..and u already have three long long years sending my congrats in advance..both for d UPSC as well as apsc…oh lastly,good news for u..UPSC has recently allowed 2 more attempts..keep up d spirit.

  549. Sewali on said:

    @ Jitranjana

    D debate is rlly getng hot……yes i think we all must respct each othrs hardwork…dedication etc..few gud words can rlly giv us inspiration n motivation.

  550. BABUL on said:

    @hey guys plz stop throwing snowball to each other better we should respect each others feelings.

  551. sudhir on said:

    Plzzz tell me till when I can apply rti for prelimz.?
    and where will I get my answer sheets ??

  552. niru on said:

    dear, @sudhir….it is not possible to obtain your original answer sheets. First of all there were over 70,000 applicants out of which roughly 40,000 appeared. It was thoroughly scanned via OMR (Optical marking reader) machine which uses a particular software. But yes your individual score can be obtained following the RTI procedure. However, a reply may take up to another month and you will have to bear all the expenses of the documents provided to you. If you file RTI via registered post, it might take half a month even to reach the commission’s office. But you should apply for RTI, if you want to and share your findings since it will help all including yourself in the next prelims. Even if it is hard to digest, the mains form fill up process begins next week.

  553. Rupanjalai on said:

    Priyanaka,nice to know that you have learnt from yourmistakes,at least you have realized after sitting in three UPSC preliminary examinations that nut is not the one which you will be able a crack and so made a U turn to APSC,DER AAYE DURUST AYE ,after all everyone doesn’t have the same intelligence level,only a very few from Assam clear it from amongst hundreds. But looking at your confidence level it seems that you are over confident of clearing APSC,I tell you you are strongly mistaken.Another thing,I like in you is your fighting spirit,don’t worry keep fighting because in the APSC there is no restrictions on the number of attempts,Besides this you may also try your luck on other examinations like LP and HS TET,I may send you the details about the syllabus and study materials alongwith the solved previous years solved papers if you are interested.
    Matro eri nidiba,lage raho..I m sure you have heard:Try,try,try again,you will succeed at last.So,wash not only your face, but I advice you to wash your whole body and start your preparations with a new tempo. failures in positive spirit……..good bye…

  554. BABUL on said:

    @animesh whts wasd cut off details for all d categories?

  555. Raktim Choudhury on said:

    RTI form has been uploaded in the forum APSC Aspirant. by Anant frndz anyone willing to file the RTI may downlaod the same ..just fill it up and send it to the RTI Barnach,3rd Floor,APSC Building,Khanapara,Guwahati…it’s better if you could manage to go to the office personally to file the RTI,you’ll get your marks instantly.

  556. Manas on said:

    @niru thanks for d info hope that application form fill up start asap…….

  557. NAVADEEp on said:

    @Administrator……plz help us regarding info on Mains Cut off lastr year??

  558. Debajit Goswami on said:

    To all cynics:

    I work full time, and in spite of it, I cleared the Prelims.

    Bottomline: If the exam is going to be cancelled, let me promise you: we will fight tooth and nail to get justice, even work legally if required. Our hard work cannot be simply brushed aside, simply because some candidates smell a rat, supposedly.

    Our hard work CANNOT be challenged because of some disgruntled souls,

  559. Neel on said:

    @Rupanjalai………this is forum for meaningful discussions…… seems failure in the prelims has badly struck you in your brain and you have lost your mind…….it will take some time for you to regain your senses……….eternal pessimist………

  560. Sunita on said:

    Those who could not clear the prelims have not lost anything huge and similarly those who cleared, just the prelims, have not achieved anything huge either. So let us all relax, not fly and plan for our future endeavors !

  561. Rupanjalai on said:

    ha.ha.ha..Neel alias………………………..yr writing style is enough to regonzine u…ha.ha.ha..u shd at least have d guts to reply in yr………..ha.ha.ha..joron ka jhatka dheere se laga na..hope d same doesn’t happen to you when you fail to clear d mains..anyway I m from need not worry for your treatment after d results..I’ll book a seat for you..

  562. animesh on said:

    @ Babul
    Sorry i have no more information to share.
    My sister who also appeared in the preli, failed to qualify. But she was quite confident after the exam that she would score more than 75% in the optional paper which was her own subject. Actually she was wrong and had done some minor mistakes which let her down. Two of my friends also failed to qualify for the mains, both were sure to score more than 70% in the optionals after the preli, but now realises that they have made some minor mistakes. Another friend said that he would score 50-52%, but he qualified for the next stage(OBC).

  563. niru on said:

    @debojit: thanks for your spirit lifting comment. If prelims are cancelled, I will also move to the court. I sacrificed almost an entire year, an now I have cleared. I will also join thousands like you. In case they think those who could not clear are only equipped with the legal machinery, I am sorry for them !

  564. Hengul Kakati on said:

    hate speeches everywhere..

  565. BABUL on said:

    @hey guys apsc board is not a made one to re conduct a huge time bound expensive prelims once more this is never possible in apsc history so guys dont worry and keep studing with full swing .Main will started by hard and anything valuable regarding apsc MAINS is most welcomed to discuss and somone plz upload the mains cut off 2009.

  566. Manas on said:

    hey everybody please stop all this irrelevant chaos, apsc is not going to withheld exam it will be according to their schedule may /june 2014. so gear up your socks…..

  567. udoy on said:

    is it possible to write apsc mains exam papers(expt english) in assamese medium??

  568. Sunita on said:

    is it almost certain that tomoro d apsc shall upload the mains application forms ?

  569. jit das on said:

    itz a gud platform 2 discuss issues.but constructive issues should b discussed from where all can b benefited.those who could nt clear this time should nt feel downgraded,itz just a matter of luck n to a extent ur unsuccessfull candidates can learn from us we can also learn from them,successfull candidates has nt done any tremendous performance as cut off was just 60% for gc 50% for reserved.

  570. sudhir on said:

    Will under Rti my answer sheets be delelievered to me in my address…?? Or I have to gol to the institute to obtain it..

  571. niru on said:

    @sudhir under RTI your answer sheets won’t get delivered.

  572. sudhir on said:

    What will I get then?? Copy ??

  573. niru on said:

    you will get the marks

  574. sudhir on said:

    Will they send me the marks or I will have to go to institute to obtain it

  575. saurav on said:

    after every exam result there are controversies … regarding corruption and reservation whatever it is CAT/SSC/APSC…so friends who cleared mains dont be demotivated… study for mains.. it will held in may/june… and those who could nt clear.. try hard for the next exam.. best of luck..

  576. BABUL on said:

    @2010-LIZA TALUKDER…….ALL d toppers r female dominating why guys?

  577. tushar on said:

    Women’s also top in HSLC & other board, university exams so this is no surprise.
    How much was mirzana’s score? Does anyone knows?

  578. Rupanjalai on said:

    So,the award for the topper of APSC CCE 2013 goes to Priyanka,another female for the third consecutive year..and the award for 2nd topper to Neel…..plz give a big hand..

  579. jit das on said:

    Cut off for mains 2009; gc 679,obc 603, st 595

  580. any info abt the marks of the last rank (or cut off) in the final stage?

  581. niru on said:

    dear rr cut off means the last buddy….cut off scorer is the last lucky bastar#…lol

  582. BABUL on said:

    @is it d clear picture Mr jit.

  583. Dear Niru i am asking the final cut off, nt for the mains….??? What was the score of the person getting the last rank in ACS 2009 which was declared in june 2013?

  584. bhanita nath on said:

    Notification out for mains.gud luck to all.

  585. niru on said:

    MAINS FORM FILL UP STARTS FROM 20.2.2014 Official link:

  586. Hengul Kakati on said:

    Any body with Education as optional please write me at so that we can have a discussion and find a way out of the next battle.

  587. Sunita on said:

    Dear Admin / Friends,

    I have two queries.

    1. Can my relative / friend, on my behalf, collect the application form for me by submitting the Admit Card photocopy ?

    2. Filled – up applications to be sent by POST or in PERSON or through either mode ?

  588. Debajit Goswami on said:

    Hi Admin and friends,

    The notification says “All documents must be attested by the candidate under his/her own signature”.

    Though obvious, I need an assurance from you all. The documents must be self attested; NOT by a GAZETTED OFFICER. Right?

    Please advise.

  589. BABUL on said:

    @ya debjit u r right its d self attasted documents by u only.

  590. BABUL on said:

    @sunita ya u can collect through ur realitive one and application sending mode is in person only not by postal.

  591. BABUL on said:

    @dear friends this time cut off may be raise to GC-870 OBC-830,SC-750,ST-725,PH-695.

  592. No online submission?????

  593. Rashmi on said:

    Babul how did u knw? Ppl havn’t even sat for the exam.

  594. Sunita on said:

    @Babul ! Thanks for the Information. You gathered it from a reliable source. Have not u ?

  595. jit das on said:

    Hi friends
    I went to apsc yesreday.cut off prelims as follows-gc 238 both male female,obc 212 both male female,sc male 222 female 218, stp 212 both male female , sth 208 both male female.cut off for obc is less than sc bcoz 10 seats are reserved for sc n apsc called 10*12 times for mains i.e 120 seats n 80 s eats r reserved for obc therefore 80*12 timese i.e 960 are called for mains in obc category.cut off for obc n stp r in the mains also cut for obc n stp ll almost all depends on number of seats resreved.more seats means less cut off n less seats means more cut 2009 cut off for stp was much lower than obc due to more seats.

  596. Sangeeta on said:

    hi frndz,

    we can collect forms thru others if they provide our admit card photocopy right ? and forms to be sent by post or personally ?

  597. BABUL on said:

    @jit das somone scoring more than d required cut off is treated as an open category so there is no restriction to any category regarding the total no of vacancy .Anyone with good rank can enter anywhere in the list its all about ur MAINS performance.

  598. jit das on said:

    yes,this prelims it is 238. Scores below 238 fall into their respective category.

  599. BABUL on said:

    @Rahmi its just my prediction n not d final figure u can also share ur scores .

  600. BABUL on said:

    @sangeeta according to d apsc source personaly collection of forms is mendatory butsending d fill up forms may VIA inperson/post with d seal prescribed as APPLICATION FOR CC MAIN.

  601. Samujjal Das on said:

    A request to everyone !!! Kindly stop this cutoff analysis. This is totally ridiculous . We haven’t yet appeared for the mains and here some people are busy discussing probable cut offs. Come on, you people are the would be bureaucrats !!! Lets make the discussions useful and beneficial , rather than full of rumor bombs and trivial analysis.

    For the time being kindly help me with the following info ::
    1) Is there any book (exam oriented) available in Panbazar for GS (mains) of APSC !!! If yes then name the book/writer/publisher.
    2) Where can i get previous years question papers of mains (both GS and Optional papers)
    3) Can I send my relatives / friends to collect the mains form ??? Mode of sending the filled up application form (Postal or in person ) ???
    P.S. I am staying in Bangalore, so totally cut off from the information available in Assam. It would be really helpful if u can put some light on above

  602. Samujjal Das on said:

    @ Mr Babul !!!
    Please don’t spread rumor if you dnt know properly !!! your post has compelled me to call APSC , and just now i have talked to them !!!! anyone (friend/ relative ) can collect the form submitting a copy of the admit card !!!!

  603. Sunita on said:


    The invigilators during the Prelims were not looking at the Admit Card holders face. I do not think APSC clerks at this point of time would do something different. Its a normal state govt office. So, in all likelihood, I feel, others can collect the forms for us provided they submit the AC photocopy. What do you all say guys ?

    Its is, however, my personal opinion only.

  604. Hengul Kakati on said:

    With all my common sense I understand that anybody can collect the mains form on behalf of others. It may be the case that they restricted to issue one form only per admit card. So one need to be careful while enrolling.

  605. bhanita nath on said:


    For gs mains books u cn go to ashok book stl,pnbzr,
    NAAC publications.

    U cn collect q paper frm infrnt shops of apsc ofc.

  606. Sunita on said:

    Ya Hengul,

    May be they would need an authority letter from the candidates after which they will place the candidate under FORM ISSUED category.

  607. Angikar Borgohain on said:

    anyone with history + sociology ..??

    history paper I can be referred from: ancient : IGNOU; medieval : Satish Chandra ; modern : Grover – S. chand publications
    paper II: ; history of modern world – arjun dev ;
    can anyone help me with the great britain history part please..??

    sociology : paper I : partly available in IGNOU booklets; can anyone help me with that also..??
    paper II : all topics are available in IGNOU booklets..

  608. Hengul Kakati on said:


    Simple history of England by Khurana is a good book. u can rely on.
    On sociology part I am also researching. Will let u know if I come across any good book.

  609. I am an outsider( from Odisha) and have cleared the prelim exam. Because of my job I’m not being able to go to guwahati and collect the main exam form and I’ve no one in guwahati to collect the form on my behalf. is there any other way the main form can be collected such as by post/courier ? Can anybody help me please ?

  610. Karishma on said:

    For sociology, will IGNOU notes be enough or one nd to study additional materials?

  611. tushar on said:

    @hengul, @angikar,
    have you appeared in apsc mains with history/socio earlier?? How is the marking pattern?

  612. Angikar Borgohain on said:

    @tushar, no buddy… 1st attempt in any civil services exam…

  613. Angikar Borgohain on said:

    @hengul ,, thanks comrade… i guess we have to struggle big time regarding gathering of resources… but i guess that ghy varsity grad curriculum books would suffice to some extent … and plz share any updated info about sociology paper I books when u come across any.. will do my part for sure.

  614. niru on said:

    Dear all, the cut off 870+ for General Category is out of 1600 marks including the interview or out of 1400 marks ( the written part only) of the mains exam ?

  615. niru on said:

    The cut off 870+ for General Category is out of 1600 marks including the interview or out of 1400 marks ( the written part only) of the mains exam ?

  616. anyone from guwahati who can help me please

  617. Sunita on said:


    Wat help do u need ?

  618. niru on said:

    Please tel me, cut off 870+ for General Category is out of 1600 marks including the interview or out of 1400 marks ( the written part only) of the mains exam ?

  619. Pritam Phookan on said:

    RLK……you are from Orissa….there are lots of good oppotunities there….if you get a job here,one guy from state will be unemployed. Best of luct for your state PSC and other good exam….don’t take it otherwise….our assamese guys are in trouble for non-emplyment…please understand, rather it is a mutual understanding.

  620. pranjal dewri on said:

    Hi mob what is ur optional subject selection for mains .I have political science and history.Everybody comments that history is going to be toughest one ur comment please.

  621. @ sunita I’m from odisha and I’ve cleared the preliminary not being able to go there to collect the main exam form because of my job. I would like someone to collect on behalf of me and mail me if possible . Apart from that what about the treasury challan prescribed ? Can the challan be made online ?

  622. niru on said:

    @RLK…… body will give you job here….even if you clear, you will be filtered in the interview phase….plus i doubt anybody will collect your form and do the requisite things….student unions in Assam have already submitted a memorandum to select only local youths…check this link

  623. saurav on said:

    though in any spsc whetr it is up punjab or karnat.. chances fr outside state always very rare…they shouldnt be discouraged. i myself appld for mppcs and planning to appear there with my flatmate who is fm mp.

  624. sudhir on said:

    How to get my marks under Rti??
    I have applied

  625. @ Niru ..Thank you for your most valuable suggestions containing your implicit predictions..I’m really getting scared..after going through that link provided by you .What do you suggest now ? should I postpone my plan to appear in the main ?

  626. niru on said:

    best of luck to all……………….

  627. krishan on said:

    Hi all , any idea when next APSC exam will be held ? I heard it will be held again this year 2014 after 2 or 3 month later. Am i right ? Plz reply …

  628. Sunita on said:

    @RLK …. r u scared ? now dats a civil servant talking … cool !

    is not it Niru ? :P

  629. Pritam Phookan on said:

    RLK , you can appear to check your abilty by appearing…i mean you measure ur prepation. Whether situation allows here or not that is next chapter.However chances is very low as local union has taken it seriously.

  630. Rupanjalai on said:

    ae.RLK..tu jaldi se patli gale se nikal le..nehi to…teri M** ke…..

  631. @ Rupanjalai ..Thanks for your useful advice..I’ll certainly consider it at my convenience ..

  632. niru on said:

    @sunita….yep ! you have bitten the bullet

  633. jit das on said:

    @RLK,itz not only a matter of unemployment only,unemployment exists everywhere,but every state PSC has some policy some of which are open and some are hiden so that outsiders dont get selected. Open policy includes including paper of local language..Every state PSC tries to follow ” son of the soil policy”‘.Though all the states of India are poor but itz known to everybody that North-Eastern states are the most neglected one due to some unknown reasons.There is no dearth of talent in Assam,but we lack the opportunity.There r districts like Lakhimpur ,Dhemaji where train service is still not there…We hardly have IAS,IPS officer getting selected every year..barring a few in d allied services…bcoz most of us dont have the resources here,we are 15-20 years behind other states.You ll find not less if not more IAS,IPS officer posted in assam from Odissa than the combine pool of all the assamese IAS,IPS officer posted everywhere in India.Our own APSC conducted Civil service exam in the years-in 2001,2006,2009,2013(present one)….so in a span of 13 long years they could hold only 4 exams..due to dearth of funds,MOU with centre and such other reasons whereas other PSC hold exam at every alternate year and some conduct annually..I m not discouraging you but you are open to more opportunities than us..we have very few and APSC is one of them..

  634. @ sunita , niru, jit das & pritam phookan…Now friends after considering your suggestions , advises and also the prevailing conditions of Assam as described by you , I’ve finally decided to opt out of the main examination..Best of luck to all of you for the main exam..and all the best for the future..

  635. bhanita nath on said:

    Apsc should gv one compulsory papr on assamese ,thn the outsider participation wl b less.

  636. abhijit on said:

    what book to study for education

  637. pranjal dewri on said:

    Hey guys can anyone give me about the using of white fluid eraser in the mains application form becoz i have already done the mistake. can it lead to the extent of cancellation of my application ? please inform me or may i have another form from APSC office?

  638. niru on said:

    @ pranjal…friend get another form from the office, don’t use whitener

  639. tushar on said:

    What documents have to be attached with the main application. Please tell. Thanks

  640. pranjal dewri on said:

    Tushar’ following documents should be attached along with ur form …….one self sign photocopy of ur prelims admit’ self photograph on the top right corner is to be glued not to be stabled another two copy of photograph needed to be attached in the form . educational qualifications certificate HSLC onwards’ HSLC admit for age proof .two character certificate from two different gazetted officer.treasury receipt is to attached.all documents except treasury receipt are to sign by urself.if u belong to reserve category u must submit caste certificate in support of ur claim .For corroboration u may look into the instructions attached with the form.

  641. tushar on said:

    Thanks Pranjal for your prompt response.

  642. animesh on said:

    Character certificates need not to be obtained from gazetted officers only. It was clarified by the PCE of the APSC when I asked him, they may be any persons like school teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc. of your area/district.

  643. niru on said:

    @ animesh,pranjal and all…. This is regarding photographs: one photograph 3.5*4.5 has to be glued ans signed below (that part is ok). We need to send two more. right? (even that part is ok)
    But should we sign ABOVE/ACROSS THE TWO PHOTOGRAPHS OR BESIDES IT? (mane uparat korim ne pisfale?)

  644. niru on said:


  645. Debajit Goswami on said:

    @Pranjal and other friends.

    I had a gap of one year between my HS passout and graduation admission. So do I have to submit a gap certificate as well?

  646. pranjal dewri on said:

    Niru as per ur advice i have taken another form thank u for ur advice.Regarding the sign on the photograph there is no specific mention in the instructions so u may send 4 photograph with two kind sign on each two .Frist two having sign on across bottom of the photograph with no deformation of ur face.Another two photograph signing on the backside . I have attached photograph as per aforesaid manner because between the two sort of signing photographs APSC will itself select what type they need.Attaching 4 in place of 2 photograph not necessarily lead to the cancellation of ur application.

  647. pranjal dewri on said:

    Debojit Goswami it is better for u that u should submit ur gap certificate because documents are going to be crucially scrutinised so there should be no hiatus in regard to ur documents my friend.

  648. dimbez on said:

    i am going for socio and education,i in my first attempt have no idea about mains questions,can’t study and concentrate,when would be the mains?please advise and what about syllabus for it the same as prelims?what books to digest please offer tips.

  649. niru on said:

    dimbez….don’t worry bro even I am attempting first time….just keep it simple read newspapers and some basic G.S. books from panbazar…some of the students i know are attempting for a second time and one of them even cleared the mains last time has advised me to read graduation level books of gauhati university.

  650. Simanta on said:

    I was cautioned by some of the past students that POLITICAL SCIENCE IS THE LOWEST SCORING SUBJECT among humanities and last time the highest in each paper was 130 only? Please share your view points.

  651. tushar on said:

    130/200 is a very good score 65%. If any one scores 65% in all papers then he will be the topper. Have you done comparative marks analysis of humanities subjects or have you just heard this from seniors?? Which subjects score good marks among humanities??

  652. dipannita on said:

    can any1 plz tell me what r the documents needed 2 submit with mains form…..?plz help

  653. Simanta on said:

    Hi tushar..history was 151 and the topper in optional had taken agriculture.I don’t know about others but yes, not less than 1000 + students take pol sc. Some say you can score well in pol sc. provided your test booklet does not go to professors having classical outlook. I mean I have heard it from many and thus it increases my anxiety for real. I have checked some of the earlier question papers & pol sc. 1st paper seems a roughneck . All suggestions/criticisms are welcomed.

  654. Sunita on said:

    hi guys,

    any idea about the tentative mains start date ?

  655. Diganta on said:

    Any fnd infrm me last year cut off Mains(1400).Gen n OBC .plz

  656. tushar on said:

    We have no control over our answer sheet going to prof with classical outlook.
    What is the top score in socio and geo?? How many candidates appear with history, socio, geo etc??

  657. W Subhani on said:

    A genuine Doubt:
    Going through the previous year’s paper in GS, assam history was included but in main’s syllabus this year nothing about assam history is explicitly mentioned as incase of prelims. What should be done? Anyone…throw some light on this matter

  658. Sunita on said:

    W Subhani,

    Prepare assam history.

  659. Simanta on said:

    @ tushar. History does not attract many students. Sociology does, it is the second popular subject, while Geography is again taken by students having aptitude for it, who are not many but nevertheless a high scoring paper. One note about history: We have to answer only half of the questions i.e. we have to do just 10 out of 20. History had my curiosity but now it is gaining my attention !

  660. dimbez on said:

    5 rsr challantu unemployed hole nalage buli likha ase,employed holehe lage no?please clarify,moi job erilu agote.aru bahute je koi ase character certificate instructionat nai sun,plz advise.

  661. W Subhani on said:

    Sunita thank you for the response…. It will be challenging….

  662. dimbez on said:

    character certificae dukhan akou kio lage?kenekuwa hobo lage plse do guide.

  663. Sunita on said:

    Dear Admin,

    In the application form it is mentioned that employed candidates should submit the form through proper channel. Please explain this point.

  664. jit das on said:

    @sunita u have to submit in office where u work, they ll forward ur filled in application form along with all d relevent documents to apsc which were submitted by u with certificate permmitting u to sit in the exam.

  665. Standard format of character certificate.Hope it will help.


    Certified that I have known Mr/Ms ………………………………Son/daughter/wife of Shri ………………………………………, native of ………………, for the last ………… years ……………..months and that to the best of my knowledge and belief he/she bears a reputable character and has no antecedents which render him/her unsuitable for Government employment. He/ she is not related to me.

    Date: Name………………………………………………..
    Place: Designation ………………………………………

  666. islam on said:

    @Sunita, if u r employed in Govt. sector then the issue of application through proper channel has come otherwise not required… it is only my from experience….. not confirmed.

  667. Hengul Kakati on said:

    Again my common sense says that Private employed people should not necessarily applied through proper channel as private companies would not like to file a court case if u leave them and join govt. services. No body actually bothers here. Whereas if u r a Govt employee(not contractual), applying through proper channel is a must, because they want No Objection from within after u join as a civil service cadre.

  668. Sunita on said:

    thanks a lot islam and hengul. appreciate ur prompt response !

  669. sudhir on said:

    Have applied for rti for prelims but no response yet…what to do…???

  670. tushar on said:

    Has one month passed since they received your letter? If not then wait , else call the APSC RTI section and enquire.

  671. dimbez on said:

    I think there is no need to file rti for knowing prelims marks,anyone who visits apsc khanapara office if requests for the marks wthe prelims admit card,he/she is answered,also with the break ups like which paper had how many.Sharing from personal experience.

  672. crixus on said:

    Kunuba e Jane niki statistics ba engineering subjects lole calculator allow kore ne??statistics ot without calculator impossible.plzz jonabo joldi

  673. Pankhi on said:

    Can sm1 please suggest me as to which will be a better choice for optional subject.. pol sc or education.. and also suggest books on these subjects and books on the polity economy history geography of Assam..

  674. Pankaj on said:

    Hi ,
    Could anyone help me with tresury .I am confused whether I have to go to bank or i have to go to the treasury office for the challan.
    Kindly help me with this.

  675. Nandan on said:

    @ Pankaj
    At first, u will have to go to the treasury office and fill up the challan and get a seal on it. After that u will have to go to the bank and pay the fees. There will be three copies. One will be kept by the bank, the original one should be submitted to apsc and the remaining one should be kept by you.

  676. Pankaj on said:

    Thanks nandan,
    I will do the same.

  677. guys i need an urgent help.i am residing in delhi.can anyone tell me how to get treasury challan hardcopy in new i need to directly go to sbi bank or i need to download the form from somewhere.has apsc provided the form?i couldn’t locate tresury office in delhi.pls help its urgent as i dnt hav much time left for submission.i received the mains form only yesteray.

  678. tushar on said:

    Ideally the person who sent you the mains application form should have collected the treasury challan from apsc office (in triplicate), should have deposited the fee in SBI bank (the bank will keep one copy) and hand over the remaining two. Thus you will be left with the original and duplicate copy. Now you could fill the form and attach the original treasury challan and send it to APSC. Keep the third duplicate copy for yourself.
    I guess the treasury has to be assam govt’s treasury not delhi govt. Now time is less, I do not know how you will complete the process. If possible go to guwahati and complete the submission.

  679. Sunita on said:

    Treasury Office :
    Raj Nagar, Ghaziabad – 201001

    This is one option.

  680. oh i see,seems the person who sent me the form missed collecting the treasury receipt.can’t blame him though as my friend(whom i befriended at exam centre) himself was in shillong and askd one of his friend to collect and send me the same.thanks for the info tushar as i have been to 6 banks till now and asking them about the receipt form made me hear the same answer tht apsc shud hav provided it and this was confusing me.
    Seems i won’t be able to submit the form now.there is only one way tht it can be done…if any fellow aspirant of apsc who is in guwahati/assam who can give his address to me today so tht i cn fill my form and send it to him,and the kind soul can collect the treasury receipt on my behalf and take the pain to submit the money and then the form.Is this possible??cn anybody pls do me this favour or maybe i m sounding too illogical.jst remembering the pains i took to go to guwahati by 25hr delayed train(almost 50 hr journey) .damn my luck

  681. Seems i won’t be able to submit the form now.there is only one way tht it can be done…if any fellow aspirant of apsc who is in guwahati/assam who can give his address to me today so tht i cn fill my form and send it to him,and the kind soul can collect the treasury receipt on my behalf and take the pain to submit the money and then the form.Is this possible??cn anybody pls do me this favour and am really sorry for sounding desperate and illogical .

  682. tushar on said:

    Even If you send the form today (14th) before 3:00 by speed post then it will take at least 3-4 days to reach guwahati. 16th and 17th are holidays. So it may just reach on 20th. There should be some time left for fee deposit also as SBI and APSC work till 3:00 or 4:00 only. Thus all these will be too close for comfort. Suppose your speed post gets delayed then what?? So the best option will be to go to guwahati and submit the form personally. This way you will be 100% sure.

  683. yaar i cn courier it,DTC courier reach in 1and half days,i got the form thru courier in same time.
    and there is a reason i can’t travel ryt now,i hav a interview on 16th january of nicl at delhi.i am pressed against the wall where i can’t do anything.

  684. does anyone have an unfilled treasury challan,cn anyone attach the same here or email me,tht cn serve the purpose for me.

  685. pls smeone upload an unfilled treasury challan(triplicate)

  686. tushar on said:

    An UNFILLED treasury challan will be difficult to find because everyone got it filled in SBI guwahati. So those who have it will have filled up challan form.

  687. Sunita on said:


    catch d first saturday flight to assam . dats d only option u r left wit i feel . else m afraid u r a tad too late .

  688. Simanta on said:

    Avi will scanned copy of challan do? I can scan it and mail it to you. Are you an outsider?

  689. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Hey friends, any idea when mains will be held? I guess most probably in June because elections are till end of May. What do you people think?

  690. tushar on said:

    @bikromjit kakati,
    Mains may start from may mid or may end and run up to june just like last time. Elections in assam are scheduled on 7,12,24 April so APSC can start the exam anytime in may.

  691. bikromjit kakati on said:

    @tushar, thanks bhaiti, then it seems alop less time aase.

  692. Angikar Borgohain on said:

    Vote counting commences in May..and results are scheduled to be out on May 31.. so high probability that our honourable exams will be held after all the election formalities are completed, including vote counting and result declaration.. hence, its gotta be June !! … cant imagine myself studying in those months of May-June amidst the intense soaring heat and irritating power cuts. . . lookin forward to burn a lot of midnite oil ;)

  693. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Friends, any idea when the commission will publish the dates of the Mains in their website?

  694. ya simanta pls email me the scan copy of challan

  695. Simanta on said:


  696. srry so lame of me of not providing my email,my id is thanks a lot in advance @simanta

  697. @simanta,i had lost all hopes of submitting the form,am really thankful to u for giving me a ray of hope . cn i directly fill the challan and pay fees in sbi or visiting the treasury office is mandatory ?i am asking this because if i cn pay in delhi itself without having the need to visit treasury office then i wud directly courier the complete application form to apsc,else i wud courier the challan copy along with form to an unknown aquaintance who has agreed to pay the fees in challan if my courier reaches him before last date.

  698. Simanta on said:

    Went to the market. Shops may open late in the evening but as of now the whole of Guwahati is closed. Visiting the treasury is a must.

  699. @Simanta hav the shops opened there nw?

  700. Simanta on said:

    hmmm i think chances are grim now, does the courier service provider will be able to deliver by the last date?

  701. an important piece of update for future apsc aspirants who wud be filling mains form next year:
    if u haven’t got the treasury challan form or if u r in delhi and want to pay fees in delhi then don’t worry,just go to following address to fill and pay the treasury receipt at
    Assam Bhavan,
    Block X,
    Diplomatic Enclave,Chanakyapuri,New delhi( On Sardar Patel road).After this they wud ask u to go to SBI main branch,parliament street to pay the fees which is 5 km away frm there
    Don’t want anyone else to go through the ordeal tht i did.i hav paid the fees n couriered my form to a 3rd person who wud b delivering it in person at apsc as apsc doesn’t accept couriers(only registered post).

  702. tushar on said:

    Well Done. Your hard work and perseverance has paid off well.

  703. Mili on said:

    Great job avi ! I hope now it reaches Guwahati quick.

  704. Karishma on said:

    UPSC exam hobo august’t time table etiaia ulal. APSC’r he khobor nai.

  705. tushar on said:

    @Karishma, APSC tar agote hobo

  706. Mili on said:

    Last date for form submission extended up to 27.03.2014.

  707. Karishma on said:

    janu, xeikarone tu koisu, that’s the irony

  708. Rekha Dutta on said:

    Just come to know that AASU, the no.1 union of Assam has decided to take very strong stand so that no candidate who are non-resident of Assam will get chance in this exam. In a meeting held earlier it was also promised to them by top authorities. This will be very good for the local youth who /their parents waits long for a secured and dignified job in his/her state.

  709. sunita on said:

    hi admin,

    tentative mains exam start date plz .

  710. guys has apsc asked for school passing certificate.oesn’t class xth marksheet bearing the date of birth serves the same purpose?
    also regarding challan,although i submitted the original challan to apsc,they r saying it’s a duplicate copy.wot the heck.the assam bhavan treasury person had clearly told me that out of the three copies,two copies wud be taken by bank and one wud be returned to me which i needed to send to apsc.but now apsc says that the copy i sent is not original.m really fed up.anybody hav any solution?

  711. Mili on said:

    avi why will the bank take two copies? APSC is right. In any challan three copies are issued. One for bank, one for the examinations conducting dept./organisation and the other for the candidate. U should know this. You are also needed to show all your pass certificates. Are your SEBA or CBSE ? CBSE doesnot have DOB on mark sheet. You were already late, your luck they have extended it for another week. With due respect, who gets late in filing civil service forms?

  712. hitanga on said:

    Dear avi at treasury office the respective clerk stamped three copies of challan as ORIGINAL,DUPLICATE,TRIPLICATE.Was that or not and in general bank keep the triplicate one and returned the other two and in some cases they returned only one stamped as Original . At APSC you have to submit the one which is stamped as ORIGINAL.

  713. tushar on said:

    Deposit the fee again and send the original this time please.

  714. Rekha Dutta on said:

    avi, you ask you family hopefully who stay in assam to do this. If you are not a permanent resident of Assam, try for IAs. Let the APSC for their local candidates.

    @Mili, how will you feel when missed this exam by 1 mark (may God not do so) and Avi is in.

  715. Mili on said:

    rekha behenji…why are you talking about marks? have i mentioned in any of my comments except this particular one anything about marks? Who is going to contest for which exam? Well, constitution says everyone is equal not that I support outsiders, I am giving a legal deal here.

  716. @Rekha try harder next time if u r not in,and yes i wud b appearing for upsc but that doesn’t make me less/more eligible for any public service commission.the whole arguement of outsider/insider is childish and made by the unprepared lot so kindly don’t indulge in it and instead prepare better and take the competition in right spirit.India belongs to all.even u can appear for mppcs,hppcs,uppcs,bpsc,jpsc,kas,tnpsc,RAS…..states and its people should be inviting and courteous ,have a broader perspective .jst for the records i hav cleared 2/2 states pcs exams that i have given and i have done so on merit in general category and yes i couldn’t clear upsc in my first attempt,have u?i think the notion that many ppl have is that other state candidates are eating away the unsuccessful canidates seats.6 ppl went with me frm delhi to assam,out of 5 i was the only one who think it is a piece of cake for other states candidates(they were not my friends but we became friends jst chitchatting on our way back frm assam in same train),then the answer is no dear its not.the competition is tough and same for everyone,jst play and b governed by the same rules.instead assam or for that matter any states candidates are already at an advantage of getting around 30-40% questions frm their states itself but is that a complaining point,no its not as it is expected of a civil servant to knw the place where he wishes to serve.hardly 5-7 well qualified candidates would eventually qualify frm other states,but they are trashed with such comments that makes it really demotivating.Pls count urslf and everyone as Indian and see india with a broader picture.bring an end to discrimination and hate mongering.give peace a chance.i was really attracted by the picturesque beauty of north east and hoped to clear this exam and serve the people there.if smeone fails by one mark/ or 50 marks it will count as a failure(consult any rule book and in any exam),and although that can be disappointing but there is a thin line between being pitied and being encouraged and u shud be wise enough to pick the right option in life.

  717. my above comment is for anyone who doesn’t take competition in right spirit and instead give it a local/political/gender/caste/discrimination angle and try to create discriminatory sentiments among people.we all r friends n equals.lets jst share our smiles n sorrows on this wonderful discussion forum that we encounter during our preparation.nobody knows who is going to qualify eventually ,but whoever r preparing for this exam,best of luck to one and all,success becons u so keep preparing,keep improving and keep learning.

  718. Rekha Dutta on said:

    @avi…hats off to your true spirits as indians…..As an indian I am very much agree with you…sorry for hurting you…..but i am a victim of such racial issue….we are alwys insulted as an north eastern in delhi….You may not know the truth the fact is that Indian of this NE part is a 2nd class citizen….time has taught me these a lot…However we are educated / qualified and should be get out of such low mentality,I accept.

    Good Luck.

  719. Rekha Dutta on said:

    @ Mili Madam,forget about other states…just try to appear a state PSC at Nagaland /Mizoram /or maeghalaya… will not get even your admit card….

  720. Sandeep on said:

    When the mains is going to start?any inside information?

  721. Mili on said:

    Friends, are going to write on ruled or plain answer sheets ? Please share if anyone has an experience.

  722. Mili on said:

    Friends, are we writing on ruled or plain answer sheets ? Please share if anyone has an experie

  723. Manas on said:

    @mili, plain answer sheet according to last xam 2009

  724. Sandeep on said:

    Mains exam starting from?latest info?

  725. tushar on said:

    @Sandeep, hopefully within 2 months from today.

  726. Mili on said:

    thanks Manas, one more query for precis in english paper will we get stipulated/limited space only? A fellow said so, is it true?

  727. Sandeep on said:

    Thanks they conduct both papers of an optional same day.

  728. Sandeep on said:

    What ab the gaps betwn exams?

  729. Manas on said:

    @mili, well for precis seperate sheet with will be provided with boxes.

  730. Mili on said:

    @ Sandeep optional papers are not on the same date, there is considerable gap among them, however, GS and GE will be on the same day viz. morning and evening shift. Furthermore, both GS & GE will be conducted on the very first day of starting of exams. Our fate more or less gets locked on the first day itself.

  731. tushar on said:

    Go through last APSC date sheet, it will clear your doubts. Both papers of an optional will be on the same day.

  732. dimbez on said:

    just heard from a friend that mains is in June.Anybody having any update on this?

  733. tushar on said:

    When will they come up with date sheet? Is your info authentic?

  734. dimbez on said:

    Not totally sure but a friend who cleared last time just told ,may be because of hectic election schedules,so let’s see.

  735. tushar on said:

    In Assam elections are scheduled on 7,12 and 24 April and election result will be out on 16th May. So mains could be held in may or at least after the election result are out but this is what I think.

  736. Sandeep on said:

    Thanks tushar and mili.hey mili why did u say fate will be decided by Ge and Gs.any marking pattern u r referring?please throw some light on it.

  737. Sandeep on said:

    And guys whats ur progress in syllabus.what r u guys doing for Gs.anythng on Ge?any strategy?

  738. dimbez on said:

    that’s why i believe May won’t be the right option immediately after all the political “hullla-bullas”.But we don’t decide,do we! i am just having June 1st week as in my mind for the mains to begin.Let’s see.

  739. Sandeep on said:

    I am trying to finish optionals.nothng for Gs and Ge.only reading newspapers daily.

  740. dimbez on said:

    GS is too lengthy to complete,also with numerous topics you don’t know what to expect,GE is manageable ,my optional socio is not tough and education psychology part is pretty boring for me.

  741. tushar on said:

    How much score is easily possible in GS and English?? June will be a rainy and humid month, anyway we will have to face it, let it be.

  742. Mili on said:

    @ Manas what were your score in the previous main exam for GS, GE & optionals (only if you wish to give the details)? What was the cut off ? I have taken Political Science and Sociology as my options & a bit apprehensive already.

  743. anupam on said:

    hi.can anyone kindly suggest what to read for geography(assam & India) for G.S mains paper???also suggest the books.thank you

  744. Sandeep on said:

    Hey tushar,can you suggest me some books for world history.what r u reading for Indian History.

  745. Sandeep on said:

    Guys yu wil be using AD and BC or CE ane BCE.

  746. Sandeep on said:

    Current ncert books uses CE and BCE.No more AD and BC.CE=COMMON ERA, BCE=before common era.

  747. tushar on said:

    I am going through Jain & Mathur for world history. But this book lacks History of Great Britain. I think you can use either era.

  748. Sandeep on said:

    Thinking of using ad,bc.but Tushar if u knw others with hist optional then just ask them.we cannt take chances.dnt knw what Gu Du use.

  749. APSC has advertised 180 posts today .

  750. dimbez on said:

    akou ad olalsun apsc prelimsr,aipine amar mains ketia hoi njanu aru.

  751. Naam Nai on said:

    23rd June if I have to believe one person from APSC office.

  752. Karishma on said:

    Its so confusing, shud we who got thru last prelims also apply, aru duwata prelim’r mains ki ekeloge hobo neki?

  753. tushar on said:

    Anyone can apply for cce-2014, those who cleared cce-2013 and those who didn’t.
    Mains will be held separately for cce-2013 and cce-2014.

  754. Karishma on said:

    Kintu hobo ketia??

  755. Samujjal Das on said:

    Any idea about the dates of mains exam ? Exams like SSC, SBI PO etc will be coinciding with the APSC mains since it takes entire month. I am confusion and dilemma since I am now staying in Bangalore and my centre for SSC is in Bangalore. Besides I don’t know what to do about the centre of SBI PO.
    I don’t why they haven’t yet come up with the routine till now when the exam is supposed to start from next month. On the other hand they have come up with advertisement of 2014 prelims (was it that much necessary now ??? )

  756. Hengul Kakati on said:

    Samujjal, I heard from a reliable source that it may start from 23rd June.

  757. Sandeep on said:

    Why r they delaying the mains exam.any specific reason?when r they going to conduct acs14 prelims?

  758. tushar on said:

    Main exam date sheet will be available in apsc website one month before the actual start of exam, also they may come up with a notice of exam start date one week prior to full date sheet.

  759. Ankur on said:

    What was the cut -off for OBC Candidates in APSC Prelims held last December ?

  760. Pari Kalita on said:

    Hello friends kindly guide me for taking Geography as an option in preliminary, 2014.
    Last time i took geography as preliminary 2013 as my option and couldn’t qualify and the reason was due to the critical geography paper set in preliminary, 2013. I am really confused about taking geography option again!!! Please guide me should i stay firm with geography paper or i need to change my option to some other paper to atleast qualify in preliminary, 2014!!!
    Your comments will be really valuable for me. Kindly help!!!!!

  761. dimbez on said:

    just heard mains in june,what do you say folks?

  762. Liza Bhuyan on said:

    @Dimbez and Hengul.. Is it confirmed that mains are going to be held at June ?

  763. tushar on said:

    Who told you?? Whats the starting date, if you know?

  764. dimbez on said:

    somewhere in between 23-26 june,but i am telling just what i heard friends.

  765. Sunita on said:

    @Friends … are candidates allowed to answer questions in a random order in the mains ?

  766. Sandeep on said:

    @ankur 212 @pari better change it.

  767. tushar on said:

    @Pari Kalita,
    If you have done reasonably well in pre 2013 and not qualified then stick to it. But if you have scored average marks then change your optional.

  768. Nandan on said:

    @ Pari…..since you have time for the next prelims, take pol science as your optional subject bcoz its the best optional subject for prelims and it will help you in the gs paper too.

  769. madhumita on said:

    can i appear acs exam in Assamese language?

  770. pranjal dewri on said:

    Madhumita u can even appear IAS examination with Assamese as medium of instructions it is only APSC .Medium is not matter of concern key point is ur depth of ur knowledge on particular subject and ur feasibility of expression and exclusiveness.

  771. Pari Kalita on said:

    Tanx @tushar, @nandan for the helpful comments. Best wishes!

  772. tushar on said:

    Mains Date Sheet is now available in site. Mains from 28th June to 24th July.

  773. anupam on said:

    Hi…plzz help na mentors and friends…can anyone kindly suggest what to read for geography(assam & India) for G.S mains paper???also suggest the books.i m really confused how to stdy geo frm g.s…thank you

  774. Abijit Kalita on said:

    Hi friends , I had applied for Apsc perlims 2014. Where do i get books for peraration bcause i stay in bangalore. Plz helps guys…

  775. Liza Bhuyan on said:

    Guide books are available only in Assam.

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