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APSC Prelims Exam 2013 Analysis, Cut-off mark etc.

On December 29, 2013 Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) successfully conducted the preliminary stage of Combined Competitive Examination. The Assam Civil Service examination was held at 155 centers spread across 23 districts in Assam. A total of 70132 students were selected for the preliminary examination. But the attendance was low – below 70%. APSC Prelims comprised of two papers – Optional Subject of choice and General Studies. The Optional paper was in morning while General Studies paper was in afternoon shift. Here we will discuss the patterns of the two question papers and also the possible cutoff mark.

APSC 2013 Optional Paper:

We talked to several students and examined some question papers. Majority of the students we talked to commented that the optional paper was easy. But it will be wrong to generalize it based on few comments. But we examined Agriculture, Economics, and Political Science papers. The question pattern was same as previous years. We rated the question papers – average. Students with good preparation can easily score up to 90% in those papers. What about your optional paper?

APSC 2013 General Studies Paper:

Several students complained that General Studies question paper was tough. So, we examined the question paper personally. Yes, the paper appears difficult. But it was not a tough question paper. And if an intelligent student carefully approach each question, it is not even difficult. Civil Service examinations in India usually carries questions related to Constitution of India, Indian Politics, Current Affairs, Reasoning / Mental ability and Regional topics. APSC CCE 2013 was no exception. The question paper covered Indian constitution, Indian economics, general knowledge, geography, Assam history, reasoning etc. We think about 70% of the questions were easy for students with good preparation.

The General Studies question paper carried several Assam related questions (about 30 nos). We found that 10 questions were already answered on our Assam Answers section. So students who followed our site definitely answered those Assam related questions correctly.

APSC 2013 Cutoff Marks:

The Combined Competitive Examination (Preliminary) is divided into two question papers. Each paper carries 100 questions with 2 marks for each individual question. So, the total mark of the APSC CCE (Pre) exam is 400. Then what will be the cut off mark of APSC 2013? As there is no official announcement related to the cutoff mark, we can only speculate. We believe that APSC Prelims 2013 cutoff mark will be within 260 to 280 marks.

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  1. ankidel on said:

    thanx@tushar it helped a lot

  2. Hriday on said:

    Cutoff for general could be in the Range of 680 – 740. It will not be more than that under any circumstances. OBC will be in the range of last years and could decrease by about 5 to 10 percentage points as more vacancy for OBC compared to last time. In 2009 it was 76 out of 290 and this time it is 80 out of 241.Thus higher percentage of reservation. Cutoff for SC and ST will increase by about 10 percentage points for sure.

  3. gaurav on said:

    Expected cut off for mains will be in the range of 750-780.

  4. DIGANTA on said:

    Fnd dowanload Admit card now CC(p)2014 frm Apsc web site.

  5. rajen on said:

    previous year large number of inspector of taxes were appointed and those officers have again appeared for the mains (including my brother) and this time most of them has really done well, so according to me this time d cut off may rise upto 770 for open category. what do u think frens?

  6. rajen on said:

    frens any analysis about the cut off marks for mains 2014? plz share

  7. pranjal Dewri on said:

    Myna ‘funny question without cut off how can there be competitive examination?prelims marks will not be calculated so far as mains is concerned it is only entry pass for the mains.

  8. Roshan on said:

    Frns im obc n expcting 730 plus.is there any chance to make the final list.

  9. myna on said:

    is there cut off in prelim? what was the value last time?

  10. Ritu on said:

    To Pratim

    Viva marks can be known by RTI after declaring the final result.

  11. Pratim on said:

    @ritu 55k applied for.. 2014prelims….hw did ur brothr got to knw about his mark ? Rti or is there any othr way ? …plz share

  12. Ritu on said:

    One of my brother got 172 in Viva last time but lost the chance of job by 18 marks.

  13. Ritu on said:

    I have seen almost 3 lakh registration no. range in the latest reject list. Is it means candidates for APSC 14 pre. exam more than 2 lakhs ???

  14. What was the highest marks secured in APSC Viva last time?

  15. can anybody tell how many candidates going to attend preliminary 2014?

  16. Tushar on said:

    All right Pranjal,
    That means exam is on track and will be held on 28th.

  17. pranjal Dewri on said:

    APSC has uploaded a list having not less than 10000 candidates whose candidature has been cancelled on various ground for upcoming 2014 prelims.

  18. Bikromjit kakati on said:

    Guys, getting 978 is very difficult, but possible. She must have scored very good in each paper. Any idea about the marks of the other successful candidates?

  19. Pratim on said:

    978 …..hw on earth is that possible..?

  20. OMG, 978 is a lot, it might increase this time…

  21. Tushar on said:

    Mirzana, last time’s topper, scored 978+158 = 1136 in total.Don’t know about other categories.

  22. nayan on said:

    Does anybody know what were the top scores in each category?

  23. chandana on said:

    Lets hope the results come with transparency.There is buzz in the town that many influential candidates are trying to buy good posts.We can only expect APSC does justice to one and all.

  24. Manas on said:

    Hello everybody ny updates when CCE Mains 2013 results will be declared.

  25. BABUL on said:

    i think this time mains cut off will be as earlier 2009, who will score 45 to 50% of writen exam might get viva calling but the final selection will be 52-53% of toatl 1600……….

  26. BABUL on said:

    i think cut off will be as earlier three is no need to be so much speculative ,who will score 45 to 50% they will get vaba calling but final selection will be on the 50 to 52% of total 1600………….

  27. Tushar on said:

    Please refer Gauhati University B.A Geography books for Assam Geography & North East Geography.

  28. ankidel on said:

    can any one please tell me where to get info of assam geography…pressurng on the industry sections and minerals …exam is on 28th september 2014 and i am very confused for the right approach towards assam geography..do help.

  29. bikromjit kakati on said:

    Hey guys, i found the GE paper a bit tough. Not only the grammar portion was tricky, the length of the paper was too long as well. I could not complete the paper and have left a lot of marks. The GS paper was not that easy, but not that tough as well. It however was a long paper, and here also i could not complete the paper. Had left many marks. Guys, how did your GE and GS papers go?

  30. Results might come out in last week of october or first week of November. And i don’t think cut off will shoot up that much.

  31. Pranjit on said:

    Cut off for sc st will be higher than obc….it was so even in prelims this tym…reserved posts for sc and st are only 8 n 26 respectively….while obc has 80

  32. RANAN on said:

    this time cut off mark in mains will be 780 for gen, 700 for obc, 650 for sc, 640 for st. this time many candidates have done good in exam. remember that there is no need to do good in exam by all 2500 candidate appear in exam. the only 486 will be selected for interview. so taking consideration of this fact the cut off mark will be high. because many serious candidate appear this time.

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