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APSC Prelims Exam 2013 Analysis, Cut-off mark etc.

On December 29, 2013 Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) successfully conducted the preliminary stage of Combined Competitive Examination. The Assam Civil Service examination was held at 155 centers spread across 23 districts in Assam. A total of 70132 students were selected for the preliminary examination. But the attendance was low – below 70%. APSC Prelims comprised of two papers – Optional Subject of choice and General Studies. The Optional paper was in morning while General Studies paper was in afternoon shift. Here we will discuss the patterns of the two question papers and also the possible cutoff mark.

APSC 2013 Optional Paper:

We talked to several students and examined some question papers. Majority of the students we talked to commented that the optional paper was easy. But it will be wrong to generalize it based on few comments. But we examined Agriculture, Economics, and Political Science papers. The question pattern was same as previous years. We rated the question papers – average. Students with good preparation can easily score up to 90% in those papers. What about your optional paper?

APSC 2013 General Studies Paper:

Several students complained that General Studies question paper was tough. So, we examined the question paper personally. Yes, the paper appears difficult. But it was not a tough question paper. And if an intelligent student carefully approach each question, it is not even difficult. Civil Service examinations in India usually carries questions related to Constitution of India, Indian Politics, Current Affairs, Reasoning / Mental ability and Regional topics. APSC CCE 2013 was no exception. The question paper covered Indian constitution, Indian economics, general knowledge, geography, Assam history, reasoning etc. We think about 70% of the questions were easy for students with good preparation.

The General Studies question paper carried several Assam related questions (about 30 nos). We found that 10 questions were already answered on our Assam Answers section. So students who followed our site definitely answered those Assam related questions correctly.

APSC 2013 Cutoff Marks:

The Combined Competitive Examination (Preliminary) is divided into two question papers. Each paper carries 100 questions with 2 marks for each individual question. So, the total mark of the APSC CCE (Pre) exam is 400. Then what will be the cut off mark of APSC 2013? As there is no official announcement related to the cutoff mark, we can only speculate. We believe that APSC Prelims 2013 cutoff mark will be within 260 to 280 marks.

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  • Bimal Kishore Barman. on

    Still confused with 3 GS Q’s-1.RUSA 2.Highest allocation in the 11th Plan &3.The Ahom king during the revolt of 1857…?????

  • is there any speculated negetive marking scheme for prelims of apsc…

  • Chao Siddharth on

    @ kishore. .thnx 4 sharing your views. Pl share if u get any updates. Wish u all the best.

  • @admin
    Requesting u to share ur views regarding possible cut off in mains 2013

  • kishorjit das on

    @Chao Sidhartha
    Considering d vacancies alloted for n sc this time n comparing them with past trends ..I put my cut off figure for mains this time(10 marks plus/minus) as follows
    OC 720
    OBC 620
    ST 620
    SC 640

  • kishorjit das on

    @Chao Sidhartha
    Result may declre in d last part of Novembr n regarding cut of this time since cut of depends a lot to d number of vacacies reserved for a particular category my own assesement is that since there r more reserved vacancies for obc dis time i.e 80 compared to 62-63 last time n less reserved vacancies for sc n st(it has been already seen in d prelims cut off this time that cut off for st n obc was same i.e 212 n for sc it was 218) the mains cut off for obc may not change by much…may b 20-25 marks more(603 plus 20-25 i.e 623-628)..n for oc,st n sc may b 30-40 marks more..this is my own view..others may chip in..

  • Chao Siddharth on

    @ KISHORE..thanks for the info..any update for mains result declaration and any expected cut off for this tym..

  • kishorjit das on


  • kishorjit das on

    @Chao Sidharth
    Last mains cut off-oc 679 obc 603 sc st 595

  • Chao Siddharth on

    Does Does anybody have the exact information regarding cut off marks in last year’s mains ecam for all categories

  • @Babul Thanks for the updation…, have you also given cce mains 2013.

  • Thank you Admin for your kind suggestion.

  • @ Animesh,
    You are referring to the famous passage (often appears in exam) taken from “Our Own Civilization” by C. E. M. Joad. In our view, meaning of that line: fuel and care are essential for proper running of machines. We need to – provide fuel in the form of coal (fed with coal) or provide fuel in the form of petrol (given petrol to drink). We must also provide – motor oil for keeping the engine clean (oil to wash with) and keeping the engine cool (kept at right temperature).

    What’s your view on our explanation?

  • What should be the actual meaning of these phrases:
    (1) Fed with coal, (2) Given petrol to drink, (3) oil to wash with &(4) kept at the right temperature?

    Admin. kindly suggest.

  • law most answers are wrong… RTI is not a fundamental right but a legal right.. preamble was first considered as part of the constitution in Keshavananda Bharti case,
    Kesavanada Bharati Case has created a history. For the first time, a bench of 13 Judges assembled and sat in its original jurisdiction hearing the writ petition. 13 Judges placed on record 11 separate opinions. It is not an easy task to find out the ratio of the holding of the court in the same case. It was held in this case:
    a. that the Preamble to the Constitution of India is a part of Constitution
    b. that the Preamble is not a source of power nor a source of limitations
    c. the Preamble has a significant role to play in the interpretation of statues, also in the interpretation of provisions of the Constitution.

  • @manas 16 DECEMBER may be……………….

  • Guys any updates when APSC CCE MAINS 2013 will be declared????

  • Chao Myaseng on

    Some irritating person trying to confuse all of us by posting wrong law answers. Humble request to Mr Angshuman nath please don’t do that.

  • @Rajiv, u r absolutely right. I don’t understand why Mr Angshuman nath posted wrong answer and create confusion among other’s. If he doesn’t know the correct answer then what he want to prove.

  • Preamble is a part of the constitution in kesavannada bharati case.See 2013 previous year question number 3.u will not get any option about golaknath case

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