APSC Prelims Exam 2013 Analysis, Cut-off mark etc.

On December 29, 2013 Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) successfully conducted the preliminary stage of Combined Competitive Examination. The Assam Civil Service examination was held at 155 centers spread across 23 districts in Assam. A total of 70132 students were selected for the preliminary examination. But the attendance was low – below 70%. APSC Prelims comprised of two papers – Optional Subject of choice and General Studies. The Optional paper was in morning while General Studies paper was in afternoon shift. Here we will discuss the patterns of the two question papers and also the possible cutoff mark.

APSC 2013 Optional Paper:

We talked to several students and examined some question papers. Majority of the students we talked to commented that the optional paper was easy. But it will be wrong to generalize it based on few comments. But we examined Agriculture, Economics, and Political Science papers. The question pattern was same as previous years. We rated the question papers – average. Students with good preparation can easily score up to 90% in those papers. What about your optional paper?

APSC 2013 General Studies Paper:

Several students complained that General Studies question paper was tough. So, we examined the question paper personally. Yes, the paper appears difficult. But it was not a tough question paper. And if an intelligent student carefully approach each question, it is not even difficult. Civil Service examinations in India usually carries questions related to Constitution of India, Indian Politics, Current Affairs, Reasoning / Mental ability and Regional topics. APSC CCE 2013 was no exception. The question paper covered Indian constitution, Indian economics, general knowledge, geography, Assam history, reasoning etc. We think about 70% of the questions were easy for students with good preparation.

The General Studies question paper carried several Assam related questions (about 30 nos). We found that 10 questions were already answered on our Assam Answers section. So students who followed our site definitely answered those Assam related questions correctly.

APSC 2013 Cutoff Marks:

The Combined Competitive Examination (Preliminary) is divided into two question papers. Each paper carries 100 questions with 2 marks for each individual question. So, the total mark of the APSC CCE (Pre) exam is 400. Then what will be the cut off mark of APSC 2013? As there is no official announcement related to the cutoff mark, we can only speculate. We believe that APSC Prelims 2013 cutoff mark will be within 260 to 280 marks.

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  • Saurabh jyoti Dutta on

    Sir, when will our APSC 2015-16 prelims examinations?

  • apsc prelims 2015 notification will come out or not ??

  • @billal’268(oc)’240(sc)’238(stp’ obc)

  • Can anyone plz tell me d cut off marks of prelim 2014..

  • @Nisha ‘Mayt hobo boli sunichu Ki ba hoy.

  • upcoming mains exam ketia hobo baru…april/mayt hobo pare nki

  • Sakalu APSC aspirants k bhugali bihur hiyabhora olag jachilu .Have a sensational Magh bihu with abundance ray of hope

  • Guys ‘result is not likely to declare in January as case is pending in Guwahati High court

  • I clear prelim with 65%

  • when ll be the mains result out

  • Ha..ha..ha..mains result now in Jan 14,CC 2013 mains result is never coming up friends because the HC has barred APSC from declaring the mains result because of the wrong answer keys in the Preliminary Questions and the whole process has been scarpped.

  • C.C. Prelims 2014 result mid of Dec, process going on. C.C. Mains 2013 result after Magh Bihu as tabulation of marks is not yet started pending submission of few answer scripts of optional papers by the evaluators which is not a fault on the part of APSC.

  • result kitiya dibo sir

  • vinay phukan on

    Those who approached APSC for wrong answers in G.S paper
    please share the feedback recieved from APSC.

  • vinay phukan on

    My score is 258/400.How fair my score is?
    M OBC male

  • Fnd plz wait.Mains results will b out last week of December14. CC(P)14 On last week of November14.

  • Mains result shall be out by 2nd week of dec(max) and prelims 14 by nov as per telephonic conversation with Apsc official.

  • wait till december 1st week results ll be out

  • Mains result not coming in Dec as per APSC exam branch…really something is terribly wrong with APSC..Nov,then Dec nd now MAY B IN the High Court interfering with the CCE-2013 due to cases filed a few candidates claiming that there were wrong ans keys.

  • Chao Siddharth on

    Let APSC do as per their schedule…better not to rub your ass by involving media shit in this matter…stay calm mains result coming up in December.

  • @guys dont worry about mains result its coming by next month………..

  • I rang up APSC office,n they informed Mains result may declare on January/15.Guys something horribly wrong wid APSC,any body know media please raise d issue.

  • Friend please send the correct law answer key of law q’s no.4,32,58 TO APSC document must be zeroxed along with supportive document

  • which writs is available against decision of administrative tribunal is prohibition

  • mains result kitiya dibo

  • Guys
    Chill yaar

  • @Arjun aspirant for APSC will be selected on merit basis(cut off basis).It is not an academic basis examination to be selected on fixed mark basis.

  • As per answer key provided by APSC my score is 67.5 percent in both paper. I belong to reservation category . I think i should be preparing for mains what do you say friend

  • @duke, is apsc going to choose aspirants on the basis of merit??????

  • @duke, if those apsc aspirants who secured 60 % marks then Apsc going to choose them all or not?

  • I have rang up APSC office today at 11.41 AM .The official who have received my call confirmed me that the mains result would declare in the last week of November or in the first week of December but prelims result would out within November before the declaration of mains result.

  • Bimal Kishore Barman. on dis for d Pol which year members of the UNSC was increased from 10 to 15…d names of d members r here yearwise..

  • General Studies Series D
    Q2) RUSA has been recently formulated to look after
    Right Answer: B) regulating standards in higher education.
    Explanation: RUSA was formulated with the goal of Improving the overall quality of existing state institutions by ensuring that all institutions conform to prescribed norms and standards.
    Q11) The largest source of power supply in India is
    Right Answer:
    B) Thermal Power
    Explanation: At current, the Indian power sector has an installed capacity of 2,07,006 MW, comprising of 66 percent from thermal, 3.7 percent from nuclear, 19 percent from hydro and 12 percent from renewable and alternate sources. Thermal power remains the highest source of power.
    Source: 1)

    Q22) Identify the continent of the world having the highest percentage of area under Plain.
    Right Answer: A) Asia
    Explanation: Asia has the largest plain area and The Siberian Plain, located in central Russia, is the world’s largest plain which is in ASIA.

    Q34) The first telegraph line in India was laid between
    Right Answer: Both B) Calcutta and Bombay and C) Calcutta and Agra
    Explanation: The successful working of this experimental line led to the construction of 4,000 miles (6,400 km) of telegraph lines connecting Calcutta and Peshawar in the north via Agra and Bombay.
    Q61) Who was the Ahom King in Assam during the Mutiny of 1857?
    Right Answer: D) None of them.
    Explanation: The last Ahom King was Purandar Singha. There were many contestant to the Ahom throne like Kandarpeshwar Singha, but none was the official Ahom King at that time.

    Q11) Playas are formed in
    Right Answer: B) low lying areas in the desert
    Explanation:Playas are the low lying areas in desert receiving the drainage of the surrounding areas and they act like seasonal lakes, becoming dry after the rainy season.

    Source: 1)Geography by Surender Singh
    Tata McGraw-Hill Education

    2)Physical Geography by Savindra Singh (Pg 306)

    Q17) Albedo is defined as
    Right Answer: Both A) and B) heat radiation reflected to space from the earth’s surface

    Explanation: The reflected of radiation from earth’s surface is called the albedo of the earth.
    Source: 1) Fundamentals of Physical Geography(textbook for class 11) , NCERT; Page81

    Q21) Active coal growth is seen along
    Right Answer: B) West Australian Coast
    Explanation: The majority of reserves are located off the coasts of the states of Western Australia. The Collie Basin is located in Western Australia.
    Q26) Lignite coal has carbon content in the order of
    Right Answer: C) 35%

    Explanation: Lignite is brownish-black in color and has a carbon content of around 25-35%,
    Q27) Match the following and choose the correct answer from the given Options:
    Right Answer: B)
    Malaysia>Rubber , Brazil> Sugar, Cuba>Coffee, Egypt>Cotton
    Explanation: Brazil is the largest producer of Sugar and not Cuba.
    Q30) The Largest exporter of tea in the world is
    Right Answer: A) China
    Explanation: Although India is largest consumer of tea but is the largest exporter of tea after China
    Source: 1)
    2) archive.php?id=3238&month=12&year=2011

    Q31) Transhumance is associated with
    Right Answer: D) Seasonal migration of nomadic people
    Explanation: Transhumance is not mere Pastoralism but is the seasonal movement of people with their livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures of nomadic people for eg: Gujjars, Bakarwals , Bhotiyas in India.
    Source: 1) Fundamentals of Human Geography(textbook for class 12) , NCERT; Page33

    Q34) Approximately 1/3rd of the world’s fish catch is obtained from
    Right Answer: B) North East Atlantic Ocean
    Explanation: North East Atlantic Ocean is the largest fishing ground in the world. Also, same question in General Studies paper(Q 23, Series D) has answer as North East Atlantic Ocean.
    Source : Geography of minerals of the oceans By Atar Singh Yadav

    Q44) When adjoining towns grow and merge together it is known as
    Right Answer: C) Conurbation
    Explanation: The term conurbation was coined by Patrick Geddes in 1915 when adjoining towns grow and merge together.
    Source : 1) Fundamentals of Human Geography(textbook for class 12) , NCERT; Pg 98

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